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November 29, 2006

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Photos: Illinois Hunter Bags Five-Legged Deer

It being the first deer he’d ever shot, Tony Zajac wasn’t quite sure how unusual his buck was—despite the fact that it had a fifth leg growing out of its chest. Tom Micetich, deer project manager for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, on the other hand, was pretty clear: It is a freak, a rarity, a one-in-a-million find, he said. “Most of the freaks end up dying because some predator gets them. This is just one of those oddities.”

If anyone has seen a picture of this deer on the Web, please put a link in the comments space below. Here's the story.

Buckleg_474UPDATE: Tony's dad, Dena, just sent us pics of the deer. Here's one (below). See them all by clicking here.


Eric Bodart

i was just wondering when you shot that

Tony Zajac

This is Tony Zajac. I hope to get a bigger deer this weekend thanks

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