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November 30, 2006

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Discussion Topic: What’s Keeping Your State From Canceling Hunting Seasons?

If you’ve been following along on the New Jersey bear hunting saga, you know that hunters won a hard-fought battle last year to secure a bear-management plan that includes hunting seasons. This year, new Gov. Jon Corzine (who is openly opposed to bear hunting) along with new Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner Lisa Jackson decided to simply scrap that plan and effectively cancel the state’s bear hunt to explore “nonlethal methods.”

In what the US Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation calls “a perplexing decision,” an appellate court ruled in November that sportsmen did not demonstrate how they would suffer ‘irreparable harm’ if no hunt occurs this year. So sportsmen’s groups brought the case to the New Jersey Supreme Court to seek an emergency injunction to restore the hunt. Yesterday, Chief Justice James Zazzali said, "Denied," refusing to hear the appeal.

From a USSAF press release:
“The state’s black bear management policy was adopted based upon recommendations made by the Division of Fish and Wildlife,” said [Rick] Story [USSAF senior vice president] . “There were open deliberations by the Fish and Game Council, and input and approval by the previous Commissioner. A new Commissioner cannot simply toss out the policy because she does not agree with it.

Sportsmen argue that Jackson’s decision was arbitrary and ignored sound science. Jackson and Gov. Jon Corzine . . . are stopping the hunt because it goes against their political beliefs, not because of scientific reasoning."

What’s your reaction?



This scares me to death. Smoking bans, trans fat grease bans? Give me a break. Hunting and guns are coming, hopefully, I won't live to see it, but I'm only 23, so I will. Scares me...period...


This is NEW JERSEY, for crying out loud. this isn't indicitive of some great big consipiracy to do away with hunting. if this was happening in Montana, Pennsylvania or here in West Virginia, it would be worrisome. But NJ? whatever. breathe deep. everything is ok.



So Evan,
It doesn't bother you that the new Gov.--of any state--can waltz into office and strip hunters or their hard-earned rights?
Your fellow hunters lose their bear season and you think "everything is ok"?
I can't agree.

Aaron Pape

This is insane. Nobody can just waltz right in and cancel a hunt.I believe this is a warning of things to come.I come from Wisconsin where hunting has deep roots. But we had better watch out for crackpots like this.


Unfortunately, Aaron, they can and they did. I agree, it is insane, and it's not the only example. Just a few weeks ago, the question of dove hunting in Michigan was decided by the majority! Now that is truly scary. To quote founding father John Adams: "That the desires of the majority of the people are often for injustice and inhumanity against the minority, is demonstrated by every page of the history of the whole world”


They will never get away with taking our guns...Yea I'm scared Ill see them try, because Im only 20, but they arent getting my guns. And a hunting ban is far off, NJ is just a goofy state.


The last thing those queer liberals want to do is p*ss off a bunch of gun toting rednecks across this country. They did it in NJ because they could get away with it, they wont get away with it in many other places. Try that in say, PA, KY, IL, TX, etc. and see what happens

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