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November 28, 2006

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BuckTracker: Mother and Son Trophies

Long-time contributing editor and whitetail expert Scott Bestul has his finger on the pulse of the deer hunting world, and he’s always one of the first to know when someone bags a monster. He’ll be keeping us updated regularly, so keep an eye on this page.

Hey Dave: Here are a couple of beautiful bucks taken by the Kisky family from southern Iowa. This 140" buck was shot by teenager Kaleb Kisky.

His mom Kandi followed suit shortly after with this gorgeous 8-point she shot on her birthday.




What does the mom's buck score? Although it's only a main-frame 8, it appears to have better mass and width than the boy's 140-inchy 10. I'm guessing it's over 150. Am I in the ball park?


Good Stuff, I have always check Dave Petzal's Gun Nut Blog and everyonce and awhile I check yours and the gear hound. You and Petzal are by far doing a good job keeping your blog updated!

Keep it up! Tell gear hound to start posting. There are a ton of topics out there!





Ronny: You're darn close. According to Kandi, her buck scored 145". She didn't specify whether that was net or gross. It's a beautiful 9-point!


Why would you want to kill an inocent deer that has done nothing to you and is terrified of you and you go hunting after it and it tries to stay with it's family but NO you have to go and kill the beautiful animal. AND DO WHAT with it? Put's it's head on your wall to show how CRUEL YOU ARE? Yea yea if you kill it you eat it! Ok; so; tell me; would you like to be chased out of your home when YOU are desparately trying to survive and of course you have loved ones and maybe kids and have some COLD-HEARTED monster come after you and hunt you down for NO REASON. What you do is wrong and you KNOW IT! I bet you couldn't even name 10 GOOD reasons on WHY you would ever kill a poor animal and because it's "fun" isn't one of them! HOW COULD YOU!? You should be ashamed of your cruel-minded self! If you die I hope you know what it will be like to be hunted if you come back as a deer as punishment from god. You carless people make me SICK!


the kisky family rocks

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