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November 22, 2006

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Alaska Middle School Teaches Gun Safety

Last month, sixth graders at one of Juneau’s two middle schools completed an outdoor education course that included instruction in safe handling of guns and firing rounds from .22-caliber rifles. According to principal Tom Milliron, it’s better they learn how to handle a firearm safely than to hurt themselves through ignorance.

How do you suppose this program would go over in the lower 48? Here's the story.


Kristine Shreve

I think this is a great idea. Why shouldn't kids be taught how to act responsibly around guns? Especially in areas where they are used quite a lot.

Personally, I'd like to see outdoor education, including gun safety, added to more educational programs.


Three cheers for Milliron: somebody had to be first into the water. Should be mandatory if I am to believe all the screeching about gun violence. No matter what position you take, at least gun stupidity will be much more obvious.

Isaac R

Every middle school in America needs to do this. Where schools don't educate, students still learn, but from less reliable sources. Too few people have ever actually held a gun in their hands, and these people are the first in danger of becoming anti-gun through ignorance.


I love the idea of gun safety being taught in schools. I'm a hunter's education instructer in Indiana and it amazes me how many kids are in total awe when I let them hold a gun in class. I know things will never be like they were in the good old days where every kid grew up with their father hunting and trapping to help make a living, but youngsters still need to learn about gun safety. If a child is used to being around guns and knows how to handle them, then there won't be any problems if they "accidentally" find one in their friends house.

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