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November 21, 2006

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600-pound Black Bear Mauls Virginia Hunter

When 60-year-old Virginia hunter Thurman Hensley walked up to the 600-pound black bear he shot with his muzzleloader on Friday, he thought he’d killed the bruin of a lifetime. When the beast suddenly reared up and attacked, Hensley found himself in the fight of his life. His hunting partners emptied their muzzleloaders at the bear then used their gunstocks to beat the animal back. Hensley was airlifted to the University of Virginia Medical Center and was updated to “good” condition over the weekend. Here's the full story.



Serves him right! Bears, like humans, think, feel, and want to Peacefully co-exist with humans. If Hensley's ego is so low that he has to intentionally commit murder and bloodshed to make himself feel like a man, then he got what he deserves! It's a sick mind who kills for fun.

Big Buck Killer

To Elizabeth you have no idea what you are talking about. Hunters keep wildlife at the right percentage to prevent diseases and over population of wildlife. There is more game now than when we settled this land many years ago. Also, some individuals hunt to provide food for their families, due to low income. So before you speack think about what you are thinking.


I agree with the first comment made. The hunter got what he deserved! I hope he learned his lesson and never kills animals for "fun" ever again! What a loser! And as far as providing "food" for their families, remember this... there's plenty to eat without choosing meat. This guy should get a Darwin Award!


To Elizabeth and Melinda, peta sucks and so do you. All you tree huggin fools are the same. All animals are the same. Whether its the chickin or fish people buy at the store or the bear we shoot in the field. If you should be seriously injured in a car crash, should I say you got what you deserved for driving when you could have taken the bus.


Brent and Big Buck Killer, I couldnt agree more. People who are animal rights activists are so short sighted in opposing hunting. Hunting keeps game populations in balance while promoting the outdoors. If no one protects our forests and open spaces (hunters do more than PETA or vegetarians) then before long our open lands will be McMansions populated with future generations that will never know what a bear or a deer or miles of forest looks like.


Uneducated people are the problem. People who have nothing better to do than go to oposite minded websites to spill their ugly one sided views are the problem. People who like Mike said are too "short sighted", are the problem. I have never seen a vegetarian or PETA activist care for the well being of a wild animal. Park Rangers and other outdoor enthusiasts are the only people that truly dedicate their time to preserving natural habitat for wild animals. I could go on and on but I will leave you with this.

Melinda and Elizabeth - I BET YOU ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY THAT IF I WERE TO INVESTIGATE THE WAY YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE I WOULD FIND TONS AND TONS OF CONTRADICTING ISSUES. Example - Leather shoes (animal hide), cosmetics (animal fat), non organic food (produce fertalized with animal waste), and on and on and on. Hunters should be the LEAST of your worries.

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