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October 30, 2006

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Discussion Topic: How Will You Vote?

With midterm elections a mere 8 days away, sportsmen face a familiar dilemma: Vote for conservation? Or vote for guns? Ok, so there may be a few other issues on the table this year. But either way, you need to get to the poles. “Hunters have the numbers to affect elections and influence policy,” says Rob Sexton of the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance. “It makes a difference when sportsmen vote. They must make their voices heard.” The USSA urges outdoorsmen to contact campaign offices and ask specific questions to learn where candidates stand on issues important to them.

So first, will you vote? And second, how will you vote—for continued Republican leadership in congress or for change?



I've been voting Republican all my life, but this administration and congress is an abomination. Something has to give, and it's going to start with my allegiance--if only to restore some ballance so our crazy president won't continue to get a rubber stamp from his equally crazy and currupt cronies.

Don't lose faith. Yup, our prez is a little nutty. He's taken the party too far right and maybe out of the mainstream. But don't change allegiance now, 'cause if you give the Dems a long enough leash, they will take your guns.


I too have voted Republican in the past, but enough is enough. I realize that the gun issue is a major downfall for the dems...but I also know that not all dems are anti-gun. But, it seems that all republicans are anti-working class! I put in long hours in a hot factory and would like someone in the congress and senate to take notice of those of us that do.
And as far as gun control goes? Well, so far the constitution protects that right...but, either the dems will ruin it, or the republicans will add something to the patriot act to take away those rights....neither party is very reliable nowadays.


I too am a Republican, but have had it. I've come to realize that "gun control" does not necessarily mean taking away MY guns. My shotgun, rifle, and hand guns will be safe. I don't mind safetly locks, waiting periods, or registering. I don't and no one else needs automatic weapons in order to pursue their outdoor passions. The Repbulican party (especially our current President) has so many sportsman scared by the so called "Democrats will take your guns", that Sportsmen turn a blind eye towards the President's environmental devistation and opening up our conservation areas up to the highest corporate bidder.


Have you heard the comment by John Kerry insulting our troops intelligence? This traitor was almost our President! The reason W has some of his own party having doubts is that he is not far enough right, not too far. I work for a living also, I kind of like the tax breaks the Republicans give us versus supporting some corrupt union boss. If you think your guns are safe with the Dems in charge, you need to put your pipe down.


I share your anger and frustration at the environmental policies of President Bush and the current Republican leadership, but I think it is a mistake to turn a blind eye to the Democratic party's dismal record concerning firearms. You seem to think that the Democrats will limit themselves to such "common sense" proposals as mandatory safety locks, waiting periods, and firearm registration when history shows quite the opposite. Remember, the Democratic party is still led by such staunch defenders of the 2nd Amendment as Charles Schumer, Ted "never met a firearms restriction he didn't like" Kennedy, and last but certainly not least, Senator Dianne "Mr. and Mrs. America, turn 'em all in" Feinstein. Does anyone here honestly believe that the party that gave us the Brady Bill and the so called "assault weapons" ban has somehow changed its stripes in the past twelve years? Just one more point before I go...John you mentioned not needing automatic weapons to enjoy outdoor pursuits. I am going to assume that as any outdoorsman knows, automatic weapons have been effectively outlawed in this country since FDR was president, and that while many liberals insist on refering to the "assault weapons" ban as a ban on automatic weapons, it actually has no bearing whatsoever on automatic weapons.


There have been many democratic administrations and congresses in the past and none of them have taken my guns, but many wilderness areas and clean air and water have gone away with republicans in office. All the guns in the world do me no good if there is no where or nothing to hunt.

Cliff B

If you feel you must vote for a democrat just make sure he or she is pro gun AND pro hunting!! So many on the left [including some republicans]support animal rights zanies. They are very influential in the democratic party. More important than any of these issues is border control and countering the islamic jihad against our nation and culture. Choose politicians who are determined to protect us no matter what party!!!


I'm a longtime sportsman, a staunch defender of the Second Amendment, and a proud democrat. Believe it or not, you can be all three. Yes, I have had to withold my support for some dems because some are indeed too blatantly anti-gun. But when it comes to the environment, republicans (especially this administration and congress) are an absolute abomination. (And as John noted, I want my party to be one that actually gives a crap about the working class.)
I hate to see our country in the fix its in, but if there's an upside to Bush's horrific leadership so far, it's that his environmental record has been such an unmitigated disaster that it has opened the eyes of many sportsmen to the fact that gun rights are not the only critical issue to our sport's future. It's true, we have to keep a close eye on where individual dems stand on gun control--but many are realizing how much that issue has hurt them with us and are starting to come around.
Any way you look at it, it sure beats what we've got going now.


Remeber, voting Democrat puts Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. If this happens, you haven't seen anti-american yet, but it will come.

c miller

All you people who think the demos will respect gun ownership and access to federal land should think again. So far no dem in California gives a hoot about the above. They have introduced ligislation to, limit access to federal lands, inscribe ID numbers to hand gun and it ammo-each bullet and case. The Feds here close public land by installing locked gates on roads into the forest. Reasons given- fire hazard, flood damage, too much snow. Road access is on the decrease due to steel gates across them. Come to Calif and see for yourself. IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU.

Dennis Bender

I will vote for a republican congress because the Hillary and Calif. crowd is backing our rep.

I will also back our dem. gov. because she has signed every gun bill that has come to her desk.
Our repub. gov. cand. has chosen an anti gun cand. and is anti public land. I will not vote for that.


Isn't it strange that the
Republicans have had the White House, the House and the Senate
and have totally dropped the ball?
However, I shudder to think what
would happen if Benedict Kerry and
his ultra-liberal America hating
bunch were in charge. If the
Dems gain control, you better have
guns because the terrorist are going to be packing their bags and
heading this way.


I agree with "Gene" and most of the comments above. I lived in southern CA for 13 years -- in general, they are NUTS!

The one disagreement I have is voting for 'change.' Forty years ago there was a saying: "Fighting for peace is like (having sex) for chastity. I see no difference.

I am not totally pleased with our president because I think we are 'overpopulated' in this country. And he is NOT helping in any visible way. He is consistant and so much better than the last president from that state! I don't know what to expect from a Texican.

Finally, If you all really want significant change... run for something. If you make sense, people will vote for you. Change CAN come from the bottom up.

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