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October 31, 2006

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Discussion Topic: Should Canned Elk Hunts Be Banned?

From the Jackson Hole Star Tribune:
Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer has joined Wyoming’s chief executive in calling on Idaho lawmakers to ban wild game farms and private hunting reserves to protect the health of Yellowstone's wild elk herds.
“In Montana, we said it’s a bad idea to pen up a bunch of elk, feed them oats and have fat bankers from New York City shoot them while they’ve got their heads in a grain bucket,” Schweitzer said Wednesday during an interview in the Boise offices of The Associated Press.

Do you agree? Post your comments below.


K. Blanc

A "Canned" hunt is as challenging as fishing from an aquarium! Anyone who must prove his manhood in this way is a disgrace to hunters who must use great skill in their pursuits.

Darn Right they should ban "canned" hunts--of ANY kind!

Bill Dawnschi

all new york bastards should die

Aaron Pape

Anyone can shoot an elk while sitting in a blind set up next to the feeder and the elk simply eating and minding his own buisness. This isn't hunting;this is target practice.

Dave Hurteau

Hey Bill,
Just wondering if that includes editors from Upstate New York?

A. S. Moeggs

Of course not. Do you really want those type of guys on the same ridge or camp with you?


Hey Bill,

You are the reason hunters are given a bad name with comments like that. You have really shown your ignorance. Hunting is a major part of New York's heritage.

Chet  Andersen

I think they should ban all canned game hunts. Also I think we should
prevent land owners to charge such
A large amount Of money for or game, that we pay to care for thru
our hunting permits and sporting
goods tax"s.


If the elk was raised and owned by the landowner it is livestock just as a cow is livestock. While a canned hunt(and in texas some people shoot animals under restraint)is not as sporting perhaps if they could not be eligible fopr ther ecord books.) Some people have to hunt from blinds because of handicaps. PS your fat bankers are as likely to come from Montana.

Richie Robba

I believe in fair chase not shooting animals out of a fence.Thats like shooting fish out of a barrel.


The challenge of hunting wild game is the fact that the animals are in fact wild. Once you take fair chase out of the equation - you remove the inherrent challenge and skill required of hunting.

May as well go to the store for a good rib-eye.


I do agree. I also think they should ban all canned hunts! If you want to hunt, go buy a license and go hunting the way it should be done! FAIR CHASE! lazy bastards!

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