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October 10, 2006

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Discussion Topic: Should Teachers Carry Guns in School?

From this story in the St. Paul Pioneer Press: "In the wake of school shootings in Wisconsin, Colorado and Pennsylvania during the last two weeks, a state legislator says he plans to introduce legislation that would allow teachers, principals, administrators and other school personnel to carry concealed weapons."

Good idea? Bad idea? What do you think? Let us know by posting your comments below.



Hell no. Half those teachers are crazier than the kids they're teaching. If you need personal protection, get some cops on hall patrol.


I'm all for personal protection, I even have a concealed carry permit, however, teachers carrying concealed is only going to spell trouble. If ill-intentioned, motivated students know the Principal or a teacher is carrying, they can easily overpower them and gain control of the weapon that otherwise would not have been in the school. Unfortunately, metal detectors and police at every entrance are the only real solution.

Anthony Ligouri

Definately a bad idea. First, few teachers would want to carry a gun, let alone know how to use one. Second, there are a lot of teachers crazier than some of the students; i bet a month wouldnt go by without a student pushing a teacher over the edge and the teacher brandishing a Glock in retaliation. In my highschool, we had cops and a highly overfunded, yet very watchful, security staff patrolling most of the day. End result-no shootings


If this legislation were to pass in my state, I'd have to reconsider home-schooling. The whole idea is asinine. Do we really want our children caught in a crossfire between crazed student-killers and vigilante teachers? Hello?

Russell G Stoute

no guns or weapons of anykind should not be allowed in any kind of school, only in the hands of the law and they should be examined often to see if they ain't nuts. Give the teachers a paddle the right to issue a good ole fashion ASS woopin after it has been reviewed by a panel of parents and if the parents, student or the ACLU don't like it, then let them take their kid and keep him at home, there are to many kids that want a education to allow a few to come into school and shoot up the place.
Russell Stoute
[email protected]


It's a shame our schools are turning into prisons. lock down, security guards, metal detectors and now arming teachers. Bad idea. What if a student takes a gun away from a teacher, then hell really breaks loose. I feel the police, outside security companies and school administrators should be working on realistic security solutions. Having guards in every school is not financially feasible or desireable. There are solutions to this problem and they start at home. Parents need to more vigilant about the kids behaviors and that of their friends or classmates. Kids talk, we need to listen and contact the approprate authorites with our concerns. The police need to listen and try to act on these tips and stop this crap before it happens. The Amish nightmare wouldn't have been stopped this way, but maybe some of the others would have been. Maybe the police could have officers specially trained to handle these situations and try to secure the schools without a huge amount of police presence. The professionals in these areas need to speak out and help all of us protect our children.


I teach Industrial Arts. I have no problem with students carrying pocketknives etc. I have a real problem with parents and others that do not teach the young people responsibility. If a student in my classes pulls out a reasonable pocketknife to use it is ok with me as long as they are using it with common sense. No weapons in school is a big joke. If they do not have a pocketknife I furnish razor sharp utility knives, screwdrivers, saws, planer blades, etc. Teach responsibility and we can stop worrying so much. And stop letting illegal aliens into our country. If they want to come in let them go through the steps and become legal and follow our laws and learn our language.

Warren Meek

The idea of having teachers in the classroom with firearms is absolutely absurd. Most teachers have no want to carry a gun, much less the training or mindpower to use it only when necessary, and be able to make the decision to grant life or death. Yes trained police officers being armed in schools is a good idea, but no easily overpowerable teacher should have access to a gun in a classroom. There are far better ways of addressing this issue than arming teachers. Even as a student now, I don't feel as this is the proper solution.

Guy Miller

Should teachers carry guns at school? No. Should qualified, properly trained teachers carry guns at school? Still, probably not.

Patrick Stickler

I would support adults at school being permitted to carry firearms (whether teachers, administrators, staff, it really doesn't matter); however I would expect the same stringent process required for obtaining a concealed carry permit, including training, background check and regular renewal and training, with the same restrictions and penalties for abuse -- perhaps even stiffer penalties for abuse given the context (e.g. brandishing a handgun to intimidate a student grounds for immediate dismissal, etc.)

Clearly we shouldn't hand out handguns to teachers and staff without the same kinds of checks and training required for other citizens, as it seems most folks posting comments here seem to imply.

Josh Rader

I am a college student, and even as a gun owner, hunter etc I would not feel comfortable if I knew some of my professors were carrying firearms. As bad as it would be in college, where students are typically more mature, it would be a hundred times worse in high school. To me that spells potential for problems that might not otherwise amount to anything. Either way, if a crazy student is hellbent on doing something nuts, at most schools he could probably get weapons into school.


I believe once again our politicians are missing the solution of a very serious problem by trying to do something quick and easy to make it look as if they are trying to do good for the citizens of this country. To quote Barney Fife, "You've got to nip it, nip it in the bud." In other words, if we continue to try and eliminate problems by doing something on the surface, rather than going to the root of it, it will only continue to grow back. A BAND AID WILL NOT STOP INFECTION FROM GROWING UNDERNEATH IT! With that said, I don't believe a man should gripe if he has no solution to offer..... The problem is in the homes across this great country. And it is not something new, this has been going on for many years and is only getting worse. It wasn't too long ago there was nothing open on Sundays. This was a day every family knew they could get together and everybody could be there. Try and have a family get together now. Nobody can make it because they have to work, or are just too busy. There is no family value any more. Family is where we get more education than anywhere else in the world. There is no respect being taught on the family level. How can we expect any respect to be given outside of the family. I am blessed to have grown up in a family where firearms were a way of life. The greatest thing I was taught was to respect every firearm, every life, and every person for who they are. Just my two cents.........


I agree with just about everyone above, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Teachers with guns have no bearing on wackos with weapons. Is a teacher going to shoot a student who brandishes a gun, probably not, and if they do, are they going to be held for murder, manslaughter, assault? Bad idea all around. If someone is bent on doing a bad thing, they are going to find a way and an art teacher with a 9mm is not going to stop them.

Eric Vanaman

Using the Amish school shootings as an excuse to let teachers carry guns is ridiculous. Even if is approved, n Amish school would ever allow it, they don't believe in it.
As far as having SOMEONE armed in the school, it depends on how stringent the training is.
Something needs to be done, let's not use a knee-jerk reaction as an excuse to be stupid.

Tom Bartos

The Isreali's do it and it works. They train the teachers(they had to because of TERRORIST attacks). The key is attitude and desire to PROTECT your charges. Something sorely lacking in our classrooms


Only in rare cases would I even think about this question. There are some areas in my home state that I would have to take good look at the whole picture and flirt with the idea. Would I want my grandchildren to attend a school where teachers are packing heat...I don't know. I am not totally opposed to the idea,but I'm not sure if this the answer.

Ralph the Rifleman

I believe that armed security and or/police are needed to patrol some schools,and in some areas of our country it already exists. I would not want teachers to carry arms; their vocation is to teach.
I hate to say that it seems if we bury our heads in the sand about an issue, it will seem to evaporate, but truth is we, as a society, need to prioritize our children, not argue about nativity scenes during Christmas, and when we say "God" our civil rights are violated!The shootings are end results of a bigger problem in a child's life, and while arming in schools may not be a panacea to the problem, I think it is a responsible move in protecting human life.

As an administrator of a South Carolina high school, there is no way I would allow my faculty to arm themselves. I feel that we have sufficient practices in place that would minimize damage if such a situation was to occur. I inform students that they are key in maximizing safety and need to report anything that they feel is suspicious. We lock outside and classroom doors to prevent access to the school after the a.m. bell rings. We also routinely simulate an intruder in the building so that all are familiar with procedures. Too, our school resource officer does an outstanding job of making herself very visible.

Steve Davis

Me myself would want my children grandchildren to go to a school with
armed teachers,or custoians then to a school with just signs saying no guns and the idea of students disarming a teacher they could also disarmed a cop. What does Israeli
deal with the promblem of sucide bombers or shooters,etc at their schools

Richard A. Smith

I am also a teacher. While I probably wouldn't carry concealed to school, I wouldn't mind anyone else doing it. In fact, the smartest way to implement this is to just drop the restrictions on teacher and administrator CC and let it be a mystery. Even if no one is carrying, the possibility that any teacher or administrator might be carrying and be willing and able to fight (shoot) back would probably be enough to make these wackos think twice about committing such atrocities.

However, I would also expect that person to be well-trained and responsible. At the same time, if that person were me, I would expect other teachers, administrators and students to do more than cower in the corner in the event of an attack. We should all be sufficiently dedicated to what's right to stand up to some nut job who wants to kill some harmless kids just to make a point because he hasn't the sense to do it any other way.

The school district in Burleson, Texas is doing just that, instructing teachers and students to take responsibility for their own safety and defend themselves. See:

It might also be a good idea to go ahead and teach karate, self-defense, archery and shooting in schools, too. We need to stop being afraid and stand up for what's right.

Albuquerque Turkey

As a student i would say that it would be a very good idea for teachers to carry a firearm. I mean, they would have to pass the regular consealed carry cource, and mayby even a little extra training beacaue in a situation like that chances are, theres going to be other people in the room. And i completely agree with the idea of being able to carry a swiss army knife (Of cource, with a blade length restriction). Kids could just as easily kill someone with a good sized stone than with a pocket knife.

But back to the teachers, there should also be limit on the size of cartrige you could use. You woulnt want a bullet going through the wall into another classroom and hitting sombody. I think it should be nothing over .40 S&W.

G.L. Dwight/Pueblo

I've tried to promote this idea for years. I fully believe ANYONE qualified for a CCW permit should be able to carry everywhere without restriction and the majority of teachers, and other staff should be required to attend advanced firearms training courses as part of their teaching training. Then it should be up to them if they are willing to become a CCW permittee. Once they are, they should carry at all time's. I believe at least 25% of the school staff should be armed at all times.
The reason these killers, and idiots, etc go to schools, churches etc to do their killings is because they know no one else will be armed to stop them. IF they knew a good portion of the staff in every school was armed, and well trained in confronting such attackers, they'd find somewhere else to attack.

Another thing I preach and cannot understand is a whole football team and several adults just walking out and leaving a half dozen little girls behind just because a single 'attacker/hostage taker' says to get out. Why don't these guys have instructions?: "Sure, some of you can expect to be shot and possibly be killed, but, they cannot kill/shoot all of you. When this happens, the whole class is expected to charge this/these people and attack until they are subdued regardless of results.

There is nothing to gain by being cowards and hiding under a desk while this type person goes around killing/shooting them because they are afraid to protect themselve's and others. That's STUPID!!

I also strongly feel once a team of snipers has arrived, all negotiations should stop and the snipers should be put in charge, not some office boy, or politician be left to decide if and when they can shoot the hostage takers.
IF I was in charge, my orders would be: "you as a sniper are expected to take the first opportunity to kill who ever has taken others hostage. ""you take a hostage, you WILL die at the first instant possible."".
IF a sniper cannot/will not do this, they have no business being in that position.

Far as the deal in Bailey CO that over 6' tall guy hiding behind that 5' tall girl is nonsense. How could he hide behind her? What's the matter with head shots??

Damned incompetant officials in my opinion.


The legislator that is planning on introducing the legislation, is a represenative for the voting district that borders mine. Thank God he isn't my representative. He is a straight up knucklehead!Always has been, always will be. He votes party line, and loves half-baked ideas. As usual the Republicans are overreacting to the situation again. What's new? As the Republican party continues to become more and more ultra right-wing they have been busy making matters WORSE, not better! I can see the scenario now, Mr Peabody, the math teacher is carrying a Glock 9 and has the ire of the middle-line backer of the football team because he is flunking out. Mr. Pinhead, the star MLB doesn't have a gun at home, because his parents choose not to have them in the house.He decides to strong arm the teacher and starts shooting. Wow what a great idea for teachers to carry guns!???


It would seem most of the views expressed in this forum are from those failing to grasp the concept of CONCEALED! A properly concealed firearm is so well hidden from view that detection is extremely difficult, if not impossible. It is the 'not knowing' who is armed and who isn't that provides a deterrent to those that would prey upon school children and church-goers. As it stands now, those two classes of citizenry are all too vulnerable.
The issue of the firearm remaining undetected would necessarily be a high priority if concealed carry were to be allowed on a highly restricted basis. I have a concealed carry permit and my wife usually has to ask if I'm carrying my handgun. Just by looking at me one would have to be very observant to even suspect I am carrying a handgun.
Determined assailants may never be effectively prevented from targeting a school or church, but the damage they attempt to inflict can be greatly diminished.
If the carry privelege was reserved only for those in administration, that would only serve to make administrators the first in line for targeting.
The notion that a teacher cannot fill the gap is preposterous. A police officer carries a firearm only after an extensive background check and rigorous training. The same requirements could also apply to any teacher, administrator or custodian who is competent, motivated and can demonstrate the ability to perform in the same situation that a law enforcement officer is trained to do.
Those who fear 'teachers crazier than the kids they're teaching' seem to think that just about anyone can get a permit to carry. That is not even close to reality.


Guns is not the answer. God and displine is! At home, at school and everyday life. Just look at the decline of our country and schools since both topics mention have been taken out.

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