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October 30, 2006

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Buck Tracker: Ohio Mystery Mega-Buck

Long-time contributing editor and whitetail expert Scott Bestul has his finger on the pulse of the deer hunting world, and he’s always one of the first to know when someone bags a monster. He’ll be keeping us updated regularly, so keep an eye on this page.

Dave: Don't know what's in the water this year, but it must be great for antler growth. This Buckeye State hunter--who remains nameless at this point--is holding a set of antlers beyond belief! There have to be more than 20 scorable points here, and incredible mass. Assuming this is a legitimate photo, we're looking at one of largest nontypicals that will be shot this fall.


I'd love to know how old this deer was! Truly huge non-typs are invariably older deer, and this has gotta be a greybeard!



Michael Stafford


Here is the link to the web site that gives some info on this buck.

Dave Hurteau

Does anyone know any more about this buck?


All I know is that it looks too huge to be real.

Dave Hurteau

Great link, Michael. Thanks.


aint no deer like that in arkansas


Aint no dee like that in a lot of places. What a buck!


This is an AWESOME Buck. I want ot get one like that.


I hunt in the area this guy got his monster buck


its alright....

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