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October 27, 2006

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Buck Tracker: Biggest Typical Ever?

Long-time contributing editor and whitetail expert Scott Bestul has his finger on the pulse of the deer hunting world, and he’s always one of the first to know when someone bags a monster. He’ll be keeping us updated regularly, so keep an eye on this page.


Dave: This giant buck was shot behind a high fence, so it will never make Boone and Crockett's book. But the buzz is that he grossed 237" and netted 223". If that score holds up, it would make him the new typical world record for Safari Club International (SCI)!

To put his amazing mass and tine length in perspective, check out the second photo: the buck lying next to him in the truck is a true bomber, a buck of a lifetime for any hunter....



where the hell do you find these bucks


Incredible buck, but also a little freakish. I mean, what do they feed the deer on that ranch--and did they get it from Balco? It blows my mind that SCI--a very reputable organization as far as I understand--allows records from high-fence operations. Please . . . that ain't hunting.
I'll admit, though, that the mere fact that any whitetail can carry that much headgear is impressive nonetheless.

Fred B

In that truck photo. . .
If I shot the deer on the left I could die happy. If I shot the deer on the right I would die happy. I'd be so pumped, I'd fall right down and die.


This buck shows the problem with trophy whitetail hunting today. We are so obsessed with big antlers that we are actually trying to grow them ourselves. And it's not just high-fence operations but also regular hunters with big leases using food plots, QDM, food suppliments, etc. The more our hand is in the size of a deer's rack, the more artificial it is--and the less it's worth.


I have to agree with some of the above comments. A buck this size might cause me to fall out of my stand - from shear excitement. But if these monsters are being manufactured - I am not entirely sure the purpose in that type of large buck engineering.


What's up with the differences in colors, coat colors and rack colors, The larger buck almost colored like a muley and rack is definately colored like muley, Could this buck be an outcross ? We are seeing many Muley, Whites crossing in Oregon. Any thoughts ??

yah it definitely looks like a muley, gray coat darker rack. Could be a cross Though and who knows what the heck they "make" in those high fence frankenstein "labs".


Look at the brow tines..not a mule deer. It's a great whitetail and whether it was high fence or not....it's a hog.


this is sick.
gross .
i hate it.


these are some nice deer i ended up shooting a nice 10 point last year he scored 146 but i missed one about like the last deer in the second pic, he was tall wide and massive.. great looking deer, and good luck.

where was this buck taken???

wanted to know where it was taken rumor has it, it was taken by Pittsburgh this past fall.

Sean Zimmerman

wanted to know where it was taken rumor has it, it was taken by Pittsburgh this past fall.

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