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September 08, 2006

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Minnesota Trapping: USSAF files suit to protect sportsmen

Right now, animal rights groups are making the legal argument that because Minnesota holds a population of endangered Canada lynx, all trapping should be stopped in order to prevent incidental catch. The US Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation, of course, isn’t buying it and has now filed to intervene in the case on behalf of sportsmen. Says USSAF senior vice president Rick Story, “This is a backdoor attempt by animal rights groups to not only ban trapping in Minnesota, but to establish legal precedent to ban a wide range of taking of wildlife.” click here for story


craig j. curtis

wow kind of lonely in here , but being a neighbor to minn. i hope sportman are diligently watching this , because back door is just the beginning. these loosers are ruthless and wont stop at one challenge they"ll find an insect that could be stepped on and endangered by hunting keep your guard up always for these fenatics and they get tired and move for an esiar target.

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