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August 29, 2006

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Great Outdoor Games Axed: ESPN drops late-summer competition

If you were looking forward to kicking back and watching a little hot saw, log-rolling, dog agility, and fly fishing on ESPN this summer, you’re going to be disappointed, as the sports channel has axed its Great Outdoor Games. According to this Huntsville Times story, ESPN Outdoors officials said it is “shifting its focus and will concentrate its energies and resources on B.A.S.S. and the Saturday Outdoors programming block.”


john kurtz

ESPN,whom at one time I regaurded as being the last word in sport shows just lost my respect when they mismanaged the great outdoor games into the ground. I mean really, who schedules outdoor sporting events in Florida during hurricane season.DUH. They used to be so good in the beginning televising grass roots sports. But over the last few years they have gotten away from what had made them so good to begin with. Now, they seem to have forgotten all about the people that watched them from day one, in favor of playing more and more "yuppie" sports, like tennis, and golf. God. theres way too much golf. And it didn't take them long to start stripping down the great outdoor games, when they did away with flyball after the second year, and the retreiver trails after Madison, two of the main dog events in the games. After all dog events and timber events is what the great outdoor games is all about. They say they dropped the games to concentrate on the other outdoor programing they have. If this indeed is true they have a long way to go with that, as Versus network, and the outdoor channell has much better outdoor programing than they do at this point. I'm hoping that ESPN wakes up and realizes that the vast majority of there audience, the audience that buys the majority of there sponsors products, will revive the great outdoor games. I live near Madison Wisconsin, where the 04 games were heald and there was standing room only for every event.True, the weather was hot, but we didn't have any hard rains and non of the events were washed out, like they were in Florida. You can't tell me that no one else at ESPN thought it was a bad idea to hold the games there. The person, or persons responsible for this should be fired. Obviously they no nothing of how to run an outdoor event such as this or they would have never put it in Florida in the first place.Reno Nevada, and Madison Wisconsin were perfect for an event like this. Both are in timber sport, and hunting dog areas with thousands of people willing to support the event. Like I said before, I hope the people at ESPN wake up, and fix the damage they had done to this great event and bring it back very soon. Thanks for listening John Kurtz

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