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July 14, 2006

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Wolf Attack: Alaska woman uses outhouse to elude wolf

Unfortunately, outdoor headlines are relatively rife with dangerous bear, gator, and cougar encounters. You don’t, on the other hand, see many wolf attacks. Much rarer yet are wolf attacks thwarted by the use of outhouses. Nonetheless, an Anchorage woman who was chased down and bitten twice by a wolf last week eventually eluded the animal by ducking into a public loo.


Ross Hudson

The web address given for this story gets you no where. The web address I found it to be is: http://newsminer.com/stories/853#more-853

Wolves have attacked, killed and eaten people. Here is a web site that documents many wolf attacks on humans: http://www.aws.vcn.com/wolf_attacks_on_humans.html.

There are those who say that wolf attacks are rare and think they should be protected. But I say not even one wolf is worth the life any human being. Wolves should be kept to low numbers. The lower the number the less attacks on humans and livestock. Oh Yeah, and wildlife too.

If It hadn't been for the outhouse this woman would most probably have been killed!

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