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July 18, 2006

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Hunting-Tourney Backlash: Sportsmen take aim at World Hunting Association

Early last month, in this blog, we called the World Hunting Association’s plan to create a competitive hunting tour potentially apocalyptic for our sport. Since then, a growing number of sportsmen and members of the outdoor industry, including Bass Pro Shops, the NRA, and the Pope & Young Club, have also taken aim at the start-up association. According to The Birmingham News outdoor columnist Mike Bolton, original WTA sponsors Carbon Express Arrows, G-5 Outdoors, and Gorilla Treestands have now withdrawn their support due to the public backlash, and it looks more and more like the idea of tournament hunting may be shot down before it gets legs.
Phew! The end may not be so near after all. http://www.al.com/outdoors/birminghamnews/mbolton.ssf?/base/sports/1153042040280520.xml&coll=2


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