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June 19, 2006

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Monster Marlin: Angler lands first 1,000-plus-pounder ever taken in Bermuda during May

On Memorial Day, while fishing offshore from Bermuda with Captain Allen DeSilva, 46-year-old Texan Bill Elliott caught the biggest blue marlin of his life, a 400-pounder. Then, despite a common superstition among blue marlin anglers contending that bananas are bad luck, Elliot unpeeled that very fruit, ate it, and twenty minute later hooked not just the next biggest blue of his life, but the biggest one ever taken during the month of May in Bermuda. After releasing the fish, DeSilva estimated its weight at 1,100 pounds. Since then, according to this Dallas Morning News article, the charter captain  has been getting e-mails from marlin pros around the world who consider the estimate conservative.


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