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April 28, 2006

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Wrong Man for the Job? Bush’s Interior Secretary nominee worries conservationists and sportsmen

Many sportsmen were not unhappy to see former Interior Secretary Gale Norton go. Some even hoped her replacement might be a little less eager to drill, mine, develop, and sell Federal lands. But with senate confirmation hearings for President Bush’s nominee (Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne) fast approaching, any such hopes may be mere wishful thinking.

According to this Florida Herald Tribune story, “As a US senator, Kempthorne twice voted for measures that would have opened the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling and voted against increasing funding for renewable energy research in 1994. On at least three occasions, he was a proponent of plans to sell off some of the same federal lands he will be entrusted with managing if confirmed as head of Interior.” 

Floridians are especially concerned that Kempthorne will expand off-shore drilling in the once-off-limits eastern Gulf of Mexico.


David Adams

"Floridians are especially concerned that Kempthorne will expand off-shore drilling in the once-off-limits eastern Gulf of Mexico."

We should be less concerned about whether Kempthorne will push for drilling 150 miles off shore and be more concerned about Castro's announcement to drill 45 miles off Florida's coast.

Our competitors must be having a field day laughing at how we will not use the natural resources God has blessed us with while the Cubans and Mexicans have either started drilling in the Gulf or announced they will begin drilling. I don't recall hearing any environmentalists complaining when Vicente Fox stood on a drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico in March to announce the discovery of a large oil deposit but let us attempt to explore for new oil to relieve our dependence on foreign oil and they go nuts.


Well,what a surprise! Our sorry president has hired another shill for the interests that would pave over our entire country if a quick buck for his corporate buddies could be made from it. It's nice that this administration has stood up for our 2nd amendment rights, but don't doubt for a moment that they would turn against that too, if it was seen to be to their interests. Most American sportsman were taken in at first by this loathsome bunch, but I really believe that we are now seeing them as they really are; the greatest threat to our land and sportsmans real interests that we have ever seen. The only folks that refuse to recognize their true colors are simply in denial.

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