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April 07, 2006

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The Gobbler Cafe: Rufus the wild turkey finds easy meals and local fame

A wild turkey, know as Rufus to the owners and patrons of Culdesac, Idaho’s Jacques Spur Junction Cafe, has been making a good living and gaining notoriety by charming diners out of their leftovers in the eatery’s parking lot. But with the state’s turkey season starting in a week, Rufus had best stick close to Jacques. That is, as long as he doesn’t come inside, cook Kristie McDaide told the Lewiston Tribune. "I'd throw him right in my pot."



Find the shooter put him in the parking lot for a few weeks fatten him up then open a season on him, and put a little turkey shot in his BUT. Then I bet you would really see this low life run. He is not much of a hunter, probly some low life sleeze ball that will brag about his big KILL, never admitting as to where he killed the bird.

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