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April 27, 2006

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Gobbler Cafe Update: Mourners remember Rufus, vilify hunter

Rufus is dead, but his legend grows. The now apparently internationally beloved wild turkey killed on opening day of Idaho’s spring gobbler season near the Jacques Spur Junction Cafe is approaching folk hero status (I’m writing a song about him right now). Problem is, Rufus’ story is another black eye for hunters. Among the many letters sent to the cafe, from as far away as Norway, is a poem to the hunter that reads: “Hope you can sleep at nite (sic), hope you choke on every bite.”  What many of Rufus’ mourners may not realize is that many hunters probably share this sentiment.  So post a comment below. Tell us (and the world) what you think about anonymous “hunters” who shoot half-tame gobblers from diner parking lots and run.



Somehow it is hard to believe his State doesn't have a regulation prohibiting discharging a weapon within 100 yards of an occupied building without the owners consent or some regulation dealing with road hunting. This type of incident only makes things harder for the rest of us that are sportsmen. It is no different than whipping in some farmers driveway and quickly making a poor,hasty crippling shot at dear little Nellie's pet Turkey and then running back to the vehicle with it thrashing around for her to see; then quickly departing spraying gravel.
I'm sure it will do no favors for anyone asking local land owners permission to hunt in that area for sometime in future. Worst of all; the media has labeled him a "hunter" and therefore damned the rest of us at the same time.
I'd rather think it was poor judgement on the part of local law enforcement rather than hunting there is so poorly regulated as to allow that type of practice. I'm quite sure the real hunters in that State do not condone nor practice that type of thing. It may be what the media calls hunting; but to a real hunter dedicated to the future of the sport it definately is not.

Sherrill Philip Neese

To be succinct: Somebody ought to dropkick the turd.

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