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March 22, 2006

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News Flash: World-Record Bass Update: Perry’s mark safe as Weakley decides not to submit giant catch to IGFA

Since Monday, when Mac Weakley’s already famous foul-hooked fish tilted the piscatorial cosmic balance by registering 25-plus pounds on a digital scale, the would-be world-record largemouth has made national and international news--and sparked a firestorm of controversy. Now, according to today’s San Diego Union Tribune, the man who says he landed the world’s largest bass has had enough of the hyped headlines, on-line polls, and chat-room debates that have ensued. As a result, Weakley has decided not to submit the enormous Dixon Lake sow as a world record to the IGFA, despite new information from that organization’s conservation director Jason Schratwieser indicating that Weakley’s failure to take length and girth measurements would not necessarily disqualify his catch if photos and video substantiated the bass' size.

Here’s what Weakley told Tribune reporter Ed Zieralski:

“It seems 50 percent (of the public) feel it should stand as a record and 50 percent say it shouldn't. That's why Jed (Dickerson), Mike (Winn) and I have decided not to submit it as a world record to the IGFA. We don't want to go out breaking the record with so many people doubting it. We want it to be 100 percent – or more realistically 90 percent – being behind it with no controversy. We plan to be back with a world record bass everyone will get behind.”

Weakley’s esimation of public support, by the way, falls almost perfectly in line with our poll at the bottom left of the homepage. Click here and vote to see the results.




Hey -

So now everybody in the world kows about this one bass in this tiny lake. These same guys are gonna go back and catch her in a week, is one possibility.

I assume she's carrying eggs, right? So she might not be a world record for long.


What i dont beleive is his reason for not submitting it. I think he is trying to win the crowd or their is some sort of catch. the whole thing is fishy. but why?

Outdoor Magizine stated once that the angler who catches the record bass could become a millionaire by advertising, public demonstrations, keeping the fish alive (alive!Dont forget this if you catch the record yourself)for display.
Why wont he submit it? Im not sure maybe i missed an important article or an important point,(let me know), or maybe its some understsnding you receive when you catch the big one and the best thing to do is to let it go.


So i found out my Question. It was foul hooked. The bass was foul hooked even though "IGFA rule states only that a catch may be disqualified if “intentionally” foul-hooked and several witnesses have already verified that Weakley did not snag the monster on purpose." And that it was not weighed on a sertifyed scale. So Weakley let it go.
But now everyone knows where the fish is and i wouldnt be surprizes if someone catches it soon, but like PaulfromMpls said it probably has eggs and wont weigh in at the same wieght. Its ashamed for Mac Weakley who in my veiw is the real keeper of the record and is a good man for letting it go (at least to the fact that he thought he caught it illegally). The lake will be swarmed with bass fisherman, hopefully Weakley will catch it again before some one else does after it lays its eggs lossing some important pounds, it may not be a record again when they catch it so hopefully they let it go like Weakley did so it does grow to be a record in the future.


Mac must know somthing we don't about the IGAF. There is something going on here that doesn't make sense. After all, we are talking about a million dollar fish here. Why not submit it just to see what happens.


My opinion is that the fish is not 25lb. The guy probably knows the owner of the private lake. Now they are going to cash in on all the publicity. There are probably only a 100 people in the world that would put that fish back. One of them was Weakly? YA right!

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