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February 28, 2006

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Making Poachers Pay: Missouri bill would make whitetail poachers reimburse property owners and the state

With the backing of The Missouri Department of Conservation, Missouri Bowhunting Council, Whitetails Unlimited, and private landowners, the Show-Me state is trying to hit poachers where it counts--in the wallet. Missouri Senate Bill 665 would make poachers of whitetail bucks pay restitution to private property owners for damages and would allow for the development of a process by which a convicted poacher would also pay restitution to the state based on the deer’s Boone & Crockett score, a figure that could be as high as $7,500.


Smith W. Dewlen


The increase in fines MUST apply to ALL game and non-game animals.

As a Missourian, I want and will support much higher fines, confication of firearms or fishing equipment and vehicles, as well as JAIL TIME for offenders.

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