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February 28, 2006

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Iaconelli’s Record-Setting Disqualification: How bass fishing’s bad boy was booted from the Classic, for the second time

By now you’ve probably heard that Mike Iaconelli was disqualified from the 2006 Citgo Bassmaster Classic on Friday shortly after bringing two dead fish to the weigh in. Here are the details.

According to the story below, an ESPN video shows that upon finding the dead fish in his livewell, Ike lost his cool, destroyed a running light, and swore a blue streak in front of spectators.
"Once we saw the videotape, it didn't take long to make the decision," said a tournament official. Ike sees it differently, though, saying, "I totally feel like I'm targeted. I totally feel like I'm being sabotaged here.” Whatever the case, this is the second time Ioconelli has been disqualified from the Classic--an unofficial tournament record.


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