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February 24, 2006

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Hunting or Killing?: New Hampshire bill would allow shooting of farm-raised game

On Wednesday, the New Hampshire House of Representatives passed a bill that would allow hunters or other game meat buyers to go onto a farm where elk are raised, choose their animal, shoot it, and take the carcass home for meat. They are calling this “hunting.” We ask you: Is this hunting?


Greg Russell

This is a sad commentary about not only where "hunting" is going to, but what politicians will do with situations they know nothing about. It falls in about the same catagory as sitting at home and shooting an animal on your computer screen by the click of the mouse. This is only more fuel for the animal "rights" folks, and in this one instance, I would agree with them. This borders on being sick. And the politicians keep talking about the economic impact of allowing this killing. In many ways using this killing to boost these farms is a form of prostitution. We all know it`s wrong, but if the money is good enough....
Shame on anyone who even calls this hunting, it`s nothing of the sort.

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