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February 27, 2006

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Federal Land Sale Update: White House faces backlash from outdoorsmen and others

Since the Bush Administration announced it’s latest plan to sell off federal lands (see http://www.bozemandailychronicle.com/articles/2006/02/21/news/01burns.txt), a diverse group of academics, environmentalists, individual hunters and fishermen, and sportsmen’s groups are lining up to oppose it. It’s not just the loss of public land that bothers them, but also what many see as a frightening precedent of selling off our national heritage to pay for budget shortfalls.



I have been in a state of perpetual amazement over sportsman's trust in the Bush administration ever since they came to power. It has been glaringly obvious from the start that the whole bunch have acted as point men for big oil and corporate interests, who have paid a little lip-service to sportsman's interests once in awhile, but who in fact, have been mainly interested in rolling back every environmental regulation passed in the last 40 years, so that they could serve their corporate buddies agenda. These folks in Washington are without doubt the most deadly enemies of our lands, waters and air in my 72 year lifetime. It pains me to see how gullible America's sporstman have been. All Bush and his handlers have had to do was feed them a lot of bull, cheer the 2nd Amendment once in awhile, be seen quail hunting, and U.S. hunters and fisherman just turned belly-up. Why, despite years of evidence to the contrary, do we still have people who support this sorry bunch of liars? Tom

Smith W. Dewlen


This applies to drugs, the sale of our hard gained federal lands and turning over our ports to the Arabs. Other things are sure to be added to the NO list.

Bush is making a mistake and it may well cost a lot of Republican seats in Congress and even loss of the presidency.

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