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John Merwin lives in Vermont, where, when he's not tying flies, building lures, or digging up worms with his backhoe, he writes the monthly Fishing Column for Field & Stream magazine.

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January 06, 2009

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Cermele: The Worst Fishing Video Ever

Originally, this blog entry was to be titled "What I did on my Christmas Vacation," and the video was going to showcase me and my buddies banging ling, cod, and pollack in the frosty seas off New Jersey. However, a bum offshore forecast and severe lack of fish changed the plan. Although I wasn't going to post this, I put the video together anyway as a documentary of real-life fishing, which so often results in trampled hopes and destroyed expectations that were high in the first place because of shear stupidity. Besides, if you want to see loads of fish being caught, go watch Bill Dance. I keep it real.

Two notes about this video: One, my favorite part is my friend Chris standing on a icy bow in 7 to 8 foot seas, in 25 mph winds gusting to 35, trying to hang on while also attempting to execute the dropping of an anchor I swear is heavy enough to hold a boat three times the size of the one we were on. We enjoyed this from the relative safety of the cabin. And two, I promise my feet were numb during the entire filming, and my optimism and vigor in the beginning while filming at 4:15 a.m. are just as genuine as my complete demoralization and extreme fatigue while filming back at the marina at 3 p.m. Give me an "AMEN" if you've had trips like this. Enjoy!




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Amen! Loved the video. I've had to many days like that, except maybe not that damn cold. Reminds me of being in Florida bass fishing a couple of years ago when a record setting cold front moved in and put the lows around 21. The wind was howling and the bass had lockjaw, but I did manage a few decent fish.


Amen ... on Lake Michigan. Caught some salmon but hypothermia, too. Doesn't stop me from trying again, though.


Mike...this won't stop me either. But you say crazy things when you get back to the dock. Kind of like how you swear you'll never drink again while you're slung over the toilet bowl.

Frank Fox

Great video. It reeks of truth. You get props for at least heading out and giving it a go.


Great video! - Where did you get the camera???

Wishn' I Was Fishn'

Sorry to use an old cliche' but...