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John Merwin lives in Vermont, where, when he's not tying flies, building lures, or digging up worms with his backhoe, he writes the monthly Fishing Column for Field & Stream magazine.

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December 03, 2008

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Merwin: Yet Another Crankbait Winner

So neither Michael Nix nor Jesse Cornell have responded to  being named winners in our free-crankbait contest. Never have I  worked so hard to give away good stuff!          

To get this closed out, the winner now is someone who not  only posted a very credible answer to the crankbait question, but who  is also a frequent poster here and an all-around good guy: Dr. Ralph!          

Ralph, please send me your snail-mail address at [email protected]   and I'll get your lures in the mail. And thanks again for being such  a great participant on this blog.


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If for some reason Dr. Ralph does not respond (he could be in Africa fighting the latest Ebola outbreak) I would like to be next in line to receive the lures. I was the small boy pictured holding the bass I caught on a Jitterbug and that Jitterbug is about worn out.

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

What about me?

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Sorry, for got to add, im 13

Alex Pernice the 13 year old fly rod winner

What about me?

Alex Pernice the 13 year old fly rod winner

What the heck??? sorry triple post...

Dr. Ralph

Merwin the Magician...


Well, here's hoping that another set of crankbaits, or some other new product just has to be given away sometime John. I will keep posting as I have looked forward to your posts.

John Merwin

Dr. Ralph has stuck his head above water long enough to contact me, and his lures are on the way. Mel, there will be plenty more tackle giveaways over the winter. I'm just going to wait a bit until the limerick frenzy dies down. So stay tuned...