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John Merwin lives in Vermont, where, when he's not tying flies, building lures, or digging up worms with his backhoe, he writes the monthly Fishing Column for Field & Stream magazine.

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December 25, 2008

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Cermele: Santa Brought Me Instruments of Death!

Actually, it wasn't Santa, but my fiancee, Christen. You know you've got the right girl when she spends her hard-earned coin on a new AFTCO flying gaff for you for Christmas. So here I sit, Christmas morning in my jammies admiring this new addition to the ever-growing arsenal.
I don't expect anyone will read this today, but I was so excited, I had to share. On a side note, it's 60 degrees in Jersey this morning. Do I sneak out to the trout stream for a few hours before Christmas dinner? Or would that just be wrong? I can't decide, and that, my friends is my problem. I imagine normal people wouldn't dream of fishing today.

Merry Christmas!



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Jim in Mo

Oh surely you jest. I've been dreaming of nothing else. If only the ice flow in the river wasn't so heavy.


Of course you hit the stream. Whenever you can my man. Buy some fish on the way home and say you caught dinner.

Blue Ox

You GOTTA go fishin' today!!
I did!
Merry Christmas all!!


Even if you can't get out to go fishing today, dreaming of catching a nice fish is not a bad second choice!

Merry Christmas!


It was 50 down here in VA and I slipped out to the trout stream too, so don't worry your not the only one!

Matt Penttila

If you didn't go fishing, you should regret it for the rest of the year. If I could go, which I can't because of working at my government job, I would be there in a heartbeat. It was 47 for a high and 40 right now as I post this.

Merry Christmas


im gonna hit the lakes with my fly rod right now.


Wow...seven replies on Christmas day? I love you guys. But alas, I did not go fishing today. I figure, if there's one day I can give it up, it's Christmas. I earned brownie points. Plus, I'm off through the 5th. I'll find time to get out.

Alex Pernice 13 year old the fly rod winner

Jc, I have found it to be easier to beg for forgivneness than to ask for permission, so go live you're life to the fullest while you still got the chance. You're lucky, right now you are working for field and stream, my dream job.

Alex Pernice 13 year old the fly rod winner

Hell, blue, Ice fishing, lucky... I got my new instriments of death, a Ka-bar fighting knife for the fish that gets a little mean and dosen't want to go in the freezer easy, (and the more common encounter with some 100 pound test mono from the annoing Mexican fisherman) (not pointing fingers but there the worst at picking up trash) and a new muskie combo, wanted to try lure fishing need a new challange, no steelhead that i can fish every day. ( live like a 20 minuet drive from a stream that has steelies in it, just can't ride a bike there in the winter.) Yet, no fishing today.

Blue Ox

Special for the fish that won't go down easy- Santa brought me a Ka-Bar kukri and a box of 300 grain sledgehammers for my .44 magnum. And fresh blades for my auger! Yowza!!

You said can't!!

Alex Pernice 13 year old the fly rod winner

Fine blue, "its hard to ride a bike down a street with huge salt trucks and plows flying 3 inches from you're front right peg on you're bike"


We will no longer play Jimmy Buffett on the ride offshore to catch a few sharks but system of a down or metallica as we head offshore to penetrate a shark and Christen a gaff for the trip home during the right season this time.... Your friend, the Filthy Animal!