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John Merwin lives in Vermont, where, when he's not tying flies, building lures, or digging up worms with his backhoe, he writes the monthly Fishing Column for Field & Stream magazine.

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November 25, 2008

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Cermele: Joey From The Dock

If you walk down 32nd Street towards NYC's Penn Station around rush hour, you will find the curbs lined with vendors selling a multitude of wares. These feature DVDs of films still in theaters, cologne and perfume that has either fallen off a delivery truck or been mixed in a Bronx basement, and Rolex watches that sell two for five dollars. Every day I pass this bazar without ever paying much attention to the merchandise. But while walking home last night, a table caught my eye and for the first time in four years of working in the city I stopped to check it out.

The table belonged to a graffiti artist named Spin 183 who was creating custom hats. Call it an impulse buy, but for some reason I decided then and there that a new one-of-a-kind fishing hat created by my boy Spin was a must. So he broke out the oil pens and got busy right there on the street. He created for me what he refers to as "vanity plates for your head."

Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking: the fish doesn't look quite mean enough and kinda resembles a dolphin. But give my man a break. He drew it up in 10 minutes in the dark in 36-degree wind chills. Besides, once I splash it with a little fish blood, all the suckas 'round the Jersey Shore will recognize that I'm still Joey from the dock. Think about it...would you mess with a dude with a tear drop tattooed on his cheek? I wouldn't. I think a dolphin splattered with a little bass blood will have the same effect. This hat will become legend.

Do you have any hats or T-shirts that have become your trademark on the water? You know, the ones the wife is dying to chuck but you never leave for a fishing trip without. Let's see who can represent.


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tim romano


Caption reads: Meat Without Feet and has an iconic image of a trout.


Tight lid, love the street art yo.

I'm not one to be a shill, but you served this up on a platter. Troutrageous has become my fishing alter ego, and I've got t-shirts I wear everywhere. It got to the point where other folks asked me to make some for them, hence troutrageous.com. I also have an Orvis cap I got for fathers day a few years ago, not quite Manny Ramirez's batting helmet nasty, but the ring of dried sweat is impressive. I will NEVER give it up!


Trout...I want one of your Troutrageous Ink buttons for my chest pack. Sweet merch, but why no hats? Or am I missing them?


Thanks for the kind words. Assuming since I have to type in my email address to post, you can see it (might be a bad assumption). Drop me a note with your addy, will send over a button gratis.

Not a big fan of the quality of the hats the company that does the printing offers, so don't offer too many of them.


Joe C,
You look like you could be an extra in Entourage. This was phenom, I had to immediately have my wife read this as I was laughing like a mental patient when I saw that picture. She got a good laugh too.
I don't have a pic of it, but a friend of mine from work that lives in westchester came down to fish and found a tee shirt in the local supermarket while looking for Heinekens to bring aboard the Filthy Animal. It read "Jersey guys rule" and had a cartoon picture stick figure guy with a marlin strung up on the dock with a beer in hand. We caught a bunch of fluke that day, and the next time I wore it, we caught a 120lb bluefin and 130lb bluefin on the Filthy Animal. Needless to say, I will wear that shirt again even though I need to lose a little weight to fit in it.


Branch River Air (King Salmon, Alaska)... Best in the Bush.

Matt Penttila

Mine represents my favorite river and organization in one, It's a baseball cap with a leaping brown trout on it and above it it says
"Trout Unlimited Miller's River Chapter 725"

I wear that one about 75% of the time, my Orvis wide brimmed guide hat the other 25% of the time.


Trout...no email on your site that I could find. Hit me up at [email protected]

Jesse E. Williamson

Here's one for you, Joey:

There once was a dude named Joey,
Who dressed somewhat showy.
He had two golden rings in his ear,
But when fishing for swordfish he showed no fear,
When reeling one in he never got doughy.