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December 08, 2008

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Petzal: Suggestions for Santa

“Christmas time is here by golly,
Disapproval would be folly,
Deck the halls with hunks of holly,
Fill the cup and don’t say ‘When.’
Kills the turkeys, ducks and chickens
Mix the punch, drag out the Dickens,
Even though the prospect sickens,
Brother, here we go again.”
—A Christmas Carol, by Tom Lehrer

Let’s come to an understanding. I will pretend that you can seriously consider buying at least some of what follows. You will pretend that you are not scared plain flat pissless of what 2009 holds in store, and will read all this with your usual avarice. Note, however, that the rotten situation we’re in does not detract one iota from how good all this stuff is. Some of it is new; other items I have used for years.

KNIVES:  The Cold Steel Canadian Belt Knife is a copy of the Russell Canadian Belt Knife, which is one of the great all-around designs. It’s stainless, with a polypropylene handle, and comes with a very good nylon sheath. You have to sharpen it a lot, but so what? It costs only $19. Cabela’s Bell & Carlson Gator, at $90, is the best factory hunting knife I know of. They did everything right, and then some. At the semi-custom level are the five DiamondBlade knives; four fixed and one folder. I don’t know of anything that comes close to their ability to take an edge and keep it. $250 and up, depending on handle material. Gerber’s E-Z Out DPSF is a small folder that was designed for the military. It will cut anything, and for only $67.

Anything made by Wiggy (actually, Harry Wigutow). Wiggy has developed his own insulation, called Lamilite, which will not absorb moisture and will not lose its loft, I don’t care what you do to it. If Wiggy happens to answer the phone himself, don’t get him talking about Hillary Clinton. It’s not good for him.

SCOPES: Trijicon TR20-2 AccuPoint 3X9X. Comes with fiber-optic-illuminated pointed post or mil-dot reticle—and no batteries. A super scope in all respects. Nikon Monarch 2.5X-10X. An absolutely first-rate all-around scope in the medium price range. If you want to shoot stuff in the next county, try the new 6.5X-20X Monarch with Nikon’s range compensating reticle. Nightforce 1X-4X NXS. Most of what Nightforce makes is big, heavy, and tactical. (Nightforce scopes are almost standard equipment among .50 BMG shooters; they are among the few scopes that can stand up to the big guns.) This little scope is idea for much big game hunting, and it is a true 1X, which gives you a huge field of view. How tough are Nightforce scopes? A gun maker friend of mine was visited by a Nightforce salesman, who made this point by banging on the desk with one of them. “He wrecked my desk,” said the gunmaker, but the scope was not harmed in the least. Nightforces scopes are not cheap.

G.I. SURPLUS RUBBERIZED NYLON LAUNDRY BAGS:  Has it really come to this? Why not? They are cheap (around $6-$7) each, and extremely useful. You can pack your clothes in them, stick them in your duffle, and because they are waterproof, when the ramp apes leave your duffle bag out in the rain, your clothes will stay dry. You can store your wool stuff in them for the summer, or you can actually put laundry in them. I got mine at Brigade Quartermasters, but they appear not to carry them any more. The source I can find is schooluniforms.com, and the code number is Roth 2576.

More coming.


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Auburn Hunter


Interesting article on Obama's influence on the gun markets. Though I don't trust him any more now than I did during the campaigns, it is interesting none the less. Same goes for the following article detailing how the libs are getting mad at Obama for going back on his word on a number of issues including appointees to cabinet positions.


WA Mtnhunter

Auburn Hunter

You hit the nail squarely on the head!

The liberals who elected Obama will soon enough learn why we conservatives don't like him, don't believe him, and don't trust him any farther than you can sling a dead mule.

We'll see how much all those Detroit UAW members that voted for him love him after their wages are cut or are laid off!

And I am not totally convinced that we would have been much better off with McCain.....


That Nikon Monarch is the scope I bought for my Tikka. Great scope but they might be jinxed. Maybe they can't show horns.
I'm with you 100 per cent. McCain would've been cut to pieces by MSM. BHO will be forced to do the same policies, but the press will still like him. I do see massive unemployment down the road. It's a world wide problem, and will require a lot more than POTUS to solve the problems.

WA Mtnhunter

Yooper Jack

I too have been eyeballing those Nikon scopes. The ocular focus ring is sure handy. Nice and clear. I just haven't bought a new rifle to generate the need. I did buy a SII Sightron 3x9 a while back. That is a very clear and sharp scope even in low light. It was on sale so I couldn't resist. It is on my old Ruger M-77 .257 Roberts.

I have not had it out hunting, but hope to next year. I was working up some Barnes TSX handloads for it, but didn't get them dialed in like I wanted before the Colorado hunt, so I left it at home. Just as well, since I did not see one deer worthy of a shot anyway.

How about you? Any deer this year?

Chad Love

How about a Tom Lehrer box set? I'd much rather have that than a rubberized laundry bag...


No I didn't. Hunted the first week with 94 Win. Saw one deer that could've been a buck. He was 150 yards out. After sighting in the Tikka, I never saw an antler. Lots of Wolf Tracks. They might have had some effect.
Oh well! The new rifle/scope is great!


I hope Santa will bring me a bushmaster carbon-series A3 .243 AR-15 with a 20'' barrel, birdcage suppressor and backup mangonel iron sights.

I'll meet him halfway and put the bayonet/scope/laser on myself.


That is a good start on Christmas gifts Dave. Guns, knives and ammo are always in good taste. Might I suggest a 22 rifle or a 20 gauge shotgun for a child along with some shooting lessons.

Dick Mcplenty

Agree with you dave on most every item except the harry widgetlow.Wiggy bags are some of the most overated crap out there.Wiggy likes to pimp his product,but in the field it doesn't perform like he says it does.Try western mountaineering for a sleeping bag.Feathered friends also makes twice the product that tool wiggy makes.

Dr. Ralph

Three phases of a man's life. You believe in Santa. You don't believe in Santa. You are Santa. Unfortunately the Santa thing is getting old now that the youngest is 17 years old... worse than the giving and the expense is that I'm actually beginning to resemble the jolly old elf, and nobody ever gives Santa presents. Bah Humbug!

Jim in Mo

Thats why I don't feel bad giving a present to myself rather than waiting. You wouldn't believe how elated I was in '06 when I found out I gifted myself an 18 ft. riverjon.

O Garcia

If Santa would be so generous as to convince Remington to make a LEFT-HANDED MODEL SEVEN, I would never ask for a Christmas present again.

And there are a lot of lefties I know would be equally happy.

Maybe even Mr. Petzal, esp. if it comes in 7mm-08 and .350 Rem. Mag. (a.k.a. the original .325 WSM)


My wife purchased the giant hunting story book advertised by Mr. D.E.P. A very good book. D.E.P. neglected to say that one of the contributers was none other than David E. Petzel. Very self serving, but a very good story. My copy came from Amazon, and cost under $17 delivered. The best buy she has ever made. She says at the rate I'm going, I will have it completed before Christmas. So maybe she'll buy that new rifle for me for my Christmas.(fat chance)


Don't be a big lummox -- buy all your Christmas stuff after January 1! Way better deals than Black Friday and you probably won't get trampled to death!

Richard Grimes, Troy NC

My Christmas present this year is the Randall Knife that I ordered 49 months ago. It's here, it's very pretty and I have it hanging on my belt at work!

Merry Christmas to all.


WA Mtnhunter

Why wait on a left hand Model 7? Get a used Weatherby Mark V Lightweight and have it rebarreled to .35 Whelen!

I'm drooling over a used (?) like-NIB Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight in .338-06 at my local dealer. Why the hell I need it is beyond me since I already have .30-06's and a .35 Whelen. But I am!

NH Philosopher

Santa brought me a Puma Duke folding knife with the stag handle. I have to tell you - it's one of the better made knives out there and it looks good to boot.

The only other present I ask Santa of one of his cronies for is the massive 12 point 5 year old buck that's roaming my friend's property...He's at least a 175 class and the deer of a lifetime...Please Santa - do a man a favor and have one of your reindeer tell mr. buck to grab a bite to eat during the day or roam for the post rut...I have gps coordinates for him as reference.

Dennis L. Crabtrey II

I believe "Bag, waterproof, clothing NSN 8465-00-251-6909" is the item DEP is describing. Inspect carefully for pinholes in the lining.

They ARE waterproof if packed per instructions. I've used one to float across a lake one time.

Dr. Ralph

Obama's Senate seat can be had for a mere half a million dollar donation to the Illinois governor's campaign fund... maybe Santa will be especially nice and look further into the fundraiser Blagojevich and our president elect shared.


Besides wishing for World Peace, if anyone out there knows a source for good quality accurate BULK ammo shooting decent SPORTING bullets, that's something for Santa to bring. The liberals may not wish to take on the 2nd Amendment, but they love to tax and they've been talking about huge taxes on ammunition for a long time now. They know, as do we, that nothing in this world is more useless than an empty gun. Stock up while you can.

Clay Cooper

Dear Santa

Grant my Grandson Alex and I a Mule deer and Elk hunt in New Mexico or Colorado and I’ll pay for the gas!

Nunya Binis

The finest scope I've ever owned is a Zeiss Conquest 2.5-10x50. Hands down the best scope for the money on the Planet.

I liked mine so much that I bought one and installed it on the wife's A-Bolt too.

Try it. You'll like it.

Steve C

The are a lot of good knives out there.

The best knife is one you can't lose or your buddies won't steal from you. My favorite came from a MAC Tools truck. I only got through one deer season before it went MIA.


I love my Buck Lite Folder, takes and holds a razor edge and is perfect size for gutting a deer, fits perfectly in the hand for zipping the belly open.
Anyone know of a good aftermarket grip for a Ruger Redhawk? Got one used, with the optional target sights, and came with a Houge finger grove grips set, problem is they are open backed and open up and pinch when shooting, I have some electrical tape wrapped around them to hold them tight to the frame but looks bloody awful.
Would prefer a closed back and finger grooved grip, is Pachmeyer a closed back design? Anyone know for sure?

WA Mtnhunter


My late father-in-law gave me a Buck Lite folder with the epoxy (?) grips years ago. It still holds a razor edge after gutting many a deer. Good knife.

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