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December 02, 2008

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Petzal: No Prison for Plaxico?

If you watch the ads that the NFL runs during commercial breaks, its players are a bunch of benevolent behemoths who spend their spare time playing games with children, rescuing kittens, and working for world peace. What the NFL does not advertise is that some of its non-benevolent behemoths spend their spare time engaged in mayhem, armed and unarmed.

The latest example of the armed variety comes courtesy of New York Giant’s wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who has not played much this year, but distinguished himself by catching the pass that won Super Bowl XLII. In the early morning hours of11/29, while at a nightclub, Burress shot himself in the leg with a .40 Glock handgun which was not legally his. (A question for Glock owners: How do you shoot yourself with one except by a long, deliberate pull on the semi-hideous trigger?)

Neither the New York Giants nor the Weill Cornell Medical Center, which treated Burress, called the cops, who learned about the shooting from news reports. However, the beans were eventually spilled and now everyone is making outraged noises, especially Mayor Bloomberg, who is beside himself. Burress is facing two felony gun charges, each of which carries a fine and jail time of 3 /12 to 15 years.

Looks grim for Plaxico, right? Well, here’s what I predict will happen: His trial date is March 31, which gives everyone 4 months in which to work out a deal. Burress will not serve a day in prison. His felonies will be bargained down to misdemeanors. He will pay a fine and do community service. He will be traded to another team. He will not be a convicted felon. Mayor Bloomberg will not have a thing to say.

On the other hand, if Burress had dropped that pass, he would now be arguing with his Attica cellmate over who should take the top bunk.


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the gun was falling and when he grabbed the gun he pulled and shot himself


Bella ,. ususally I try not to say anything about anything to anyone ,.. unless im being to flap my mouth.
Friends and aquaintences being the exception. But Im even carefull in that venue,. unless I reallt trust em,.. and that aint or but a few.

As I have found that people who may be transvers to my opinon/ position but don't know what I;m thinking because I havet said one way or the other are essentially neutalized.
And I am given,.. many times the edge by just waiting for them to talk in the attempt to draw me out ( silly people ) This of course is good in a business venue but not as effective in personal relationships .

On this blog I / we are relatiely nameless and faceless ,.. so I pop off (a little) from time to time,.

But I gotta say if I spent 20 minutes thinking about what to say with regard to Palxico the pant leg pistoleer ,. it would be what you said
yuk yuk
Good one !!


fisrt off, take a look at his picture. Doesnt exactly look like the sharpest knife in the drawer does he?
Secondly, he had a CC permit from florida for it. It wasnt unlicensed, it wasnt licensed in NY. Cant say as i would blame him too much for that, as far as im concerned, only gun license you need is called the 2nd amendment.
Thirdly, hes a multi-millionaire who wears lots of bling. The less-fortunate thugs are going to be jealous of said bling, and might decide to relieve him of it, possibly at gun point. If i was a bling wearing thug, id carry a glock also.
He was carrying a gun because he was wearing alot of bling and carrying an excessive amount of cash and was concerned about being robbed. but yet he was wearing sweapants??????????????


Oh ya almost forgot ,.at my Dentist today (who is upper 70's )

He's diggin around in my mouth talking about the Cape Buff he shot and leopard his buddy shot (wounded) in Namibia just lately.
The same leopard it turns out who did a realtively good job redecorating the PH the next morning.

Asked him what he thought about Palxico the pistol packin behemoth,

His (old school died in the wood republican) take / opinion was this.

Why the hell not carry a gun in NY ?
All the bad guys do ,..

He did however allow as to how Mr Plaxico should learn the function and operation of the damn pistol
so as not to wound himslef in a more sensitive area.Like maybe his foot.YUK YUK

Yup,.. send em to school, give em books ,. and what do they do?
Rip out the pages ,. make papaer airplanes,. play football ,. play with them seleves ( if they get to doin that rap tuff ) and play more football ,..
Later go to Ny and shoot himself in a bar.
Was laughing so hard,.. had to have him stop for a minute.

And as Herr Petzal says,.
likley no jail time with
Bubba and his cheerleaders.



I wonder if anyone mentioned his blood alcohol leval? So now we add a firearm while intoxicated on top of his other charges. These guys have no regard for the rules and think they are above them. They should throw the book at him and make an example for the rest of the thick skulled idiots.


well, you nailed that one right on the head. money talks, and lets the famous (at least the rich ones) walk.

John from Louisiana

Just a thought: Even if said moron had a CCW he would have been in violation of the law by carrying it where alcohol is served. So the permit is essentially a moot point.

Blue Ox

Hey! I resemble that!
As a benevolent behemoth myself, I refuse to be grouped into the came category as Plaxico...
But money talks, and this Plaxico will most likely walk.
Sad but true...

Blue Ox



Breaking news: A Canadian hockey player was recently suspended for publicly dissing his former lady friend - none other than Elisa Cuthbert. This is a call to arms for all you Gun Nuts!!

Mick Wood

I don't care for football, or the money the players make; it's none of my business. It's a shame and somewhat stupid that he shot himself, but I agree that the only "permit" necessary is the 2nd Amendment. His size, occcupation, income, companions, wherabouts have nothing to do with it. Despite the laws, he has, and we all have the right; we're just unable to get our beloved leaders to understand that.

Clay Cooper

How does it go what the Marines say?

This is my gun
And this one is for fun!

Dumb ass couldn’t differentiate which one was which!

Edward J. Palumbo

The O.J. Simpson trial illustrated that we have the best legal system money can buy. I think Dave has accurately predicted the way this incident will develop. If Plaxico limps into court, shows contrition, promises to speak to teens about avoiding steroids (and perhaps handling firearms responsibly), he'll probably stroll out of the courtroom with little more than a fine and a lecture. It may depend on which team the judge supports, or the tailoring on his lawyer's suit as he plea nargains, but I doubt the defendant will be "seriously inconvenienced". This should be interesting.

Scott in Ohio

Clay, - Nice one!

Was slightly familiar with Plaxico when he played for the Steelers. He was bad-news back then and as I recall most Pittsburgers were happy to see him traded.

I'd really like to see him serve time, like he deserves.

Jim in Mo

I think the idiots going down. Remember who's won the WH and the congress. Bloomberg must be peeing in his pants.
I'm glad if he does go to jail, he makes us look bad. The NFL, like baseball and hockey spends and extrodinary amount of money educating these young men of what they can and cannot do. Not to mention the secrurity they provide. And yet the morons just have to show how cool they are.
This is an example to all professional people of how not to behave. Hope it sinks in boys


Just a dang rich idiot.

I like this blog, but I'm surprised by the spelling I see here.


Hey, at least we all remembered to put our names on our blogs.


Just a thought:
I know what he did was dumb. I believe that the cost to him will be in the millions. Might even end his career.
I'll bet he's an inner city kid. Where was his opportunity to take gun safety? Did his father or uncle ever take him hunting? Did his grandpa ever show him anything about safe carrying? I'll bet every bit of training he got was watching movies or TV.
I gotta feelfor kids growing up in that environment.

WA Mtnhunter

Bla blah blah. Just another rich brotha that will walk. Who cares? As far as I'm concerned, the 2nd Ammendment covers his carry. Yeah, I know the system doesn't think so.

Maybe next time he will shoot his balls off. That would certainly improve the gene "puddle" he's standing in.


No Name, In high school I got straight As in creative spelling. I realize that many people do not appreciate this skill, but it sure beats an anonymous entry on a blog. At least, everyone knows who wrote it. I figure if you can puzzle out the meaning, you'll be able to appreciate the meaning. Get a life.


Has anyone given any thought to the Heller decision in relation to Plaxico? CCW should be allowed almost anywhere.

Unfortunately this will end up with a guilty plea to reduced charges, CCW will still be effectively banned in NYC and the story will be nothing more than a page 53 story in the paper come April.

M May

What's a damn shame is that legal gun owners will suffer more attacks from anti-gunners because of some punk ass elitist narcissist. When we stop hero worshiping actors, singers and someone because they play a game then this country will be better off.

Scott in Ohio

Perhaps this is too academic but no one seems to have mentioned that he is damn lucky he shot himself and not someone else in the night club that was apparently filled with people. Others have already pointed out his tremendously poor decision making of carrying a pistol in sweats without a holster, into a nightclub where alcohol was being served (and he may have been imbibing himself). Makes you wonder if Gangsta Plexico confused his Right to Bear Arms with “sporting the sag” in his sweats and Bare(ing) his Backside with all the weight in his pocket?? Maybe he should purchase a copy of Massad Ayoobs’ book: In the Gravest Extreme, or get some training.


Oh, Dave, Plaxico is a big guy and an athlete. If he does any time he will just take the top bunk.

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