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December 19, 2008

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Petzal: More on Plaxico and Christmas

A judge of my acquaintance--a regular reader of this blog and a hard and pitiless man to whom the mere mention of mercy is a mortal affront--takes issue with my prediction that Plaxico Burress will skate because of who he is. There are, says Ye Judge, ways around mandatory sentences, but the uproar over Burress’ Glock groping has eliminated them, and he is surely looking at prison.

Whether I am right or the judge is right, what Burress gets will not be justice, but public relations, and the whole wretched business points out how capriciously gun laws are often enforced.

Anyway, back to greed and covetousness:

Vero Vellini rifle slings. I have no idea who Vero Vellini is, but he makes the most comfortable rifle sling I know of. It’s heavily padded, has just a little spring to it, and best of all, does not slip off your shoulder ever 7.5 seconds. Depending on model, $20-$50. Widely available.

HSM rifle ammunition, sold by Cabelas. Much cheap ammo is loaded with bird droppings and melted-down T-34 tank hulls by people who subsist on cabbage and other cheap, gas-producing vegetables. HSM is loaded in the USA by people who go to Taco Bell to get gas, and it’s extremely good stuff that always shoots well, and sometimes spectacularly well.

WheelFrom Battenfield Technologies (battenfeld.com): Wheeler Engineering’s 72-Piece Screwdriver Set. In terms of quality and versatility, the best I’ve ever used. It’s $81, and if you need to get the sideplate off a Velo-Dog revolver, there is the 89-piece Professional version for $116. A couple of years ago, I mangled a bit from my set, and was sent the correct replacement, plus a couple of extras, at no charge. This is very encouraging.

Wheeler’s Professional Scope Mounting Kit contains scope ring alignment bars, ring-lapping compound and rod, a torque wrench with 10 bits, thread locking compound, a reticle level, and a DVD that shows you how to mount scopes (This is a good idea, as the directions that usually come with scope mounts vary between worthless and useless.). I’m not so sure about the lapping; it’s a quick way to wreck a perfectly good set of scope rings and is very seldom needed. The kit is $130 in 1-inch or 30mm versions.

Caldwell Shooting Supplies’ Stable Table is a good, solid, simple shooting bench that anyone can assemble (I did it in 15 minutes, and was not hauled away foaming at the mouth.) for $320. It is not so infinitely adaptable as the RCBS Rapid Acquisition Shooting System bench, but it is cheaper, lighter, and breaks down smaller for transportation.

Hornady ammo generally, and the Hornady SST bullet in particular. The ammo is first-rate, and the SST is a super-violent-expanding polycarbonate-tip slug that is very accurate, carries well at long range, and does not cost a fortune. SST stands for Super Shock Tip, and trust me when I say that Hornady is not kidding about this.

CsLansky Professional Crockstick Knife Sharpener comes with medium and fine ceramic rods and a handguard (which takes some of the adventure out of the experience) and is the best device I’ve seen for getting and keeping a shaving edge on a knife. Only Bill Heavey has been unable to use it successfully. It will bring a very dull edge back from the dead, but the process takes forever. That is about its only drawback. $28 from knivesplus.com.

RWS Diana Air Rifle. This is a very fine air gun that comes in .177 and .22, has a 19 5/8-inch barrel, and excellent fiber-optic sights. The stock is walnut, and can be used by either a right- or left-hand shooter. There are no bells and whistles.  It is very accurate, and very, very powerful. If you haven’t used an air rifle before, or have been embittered by a lousy one, the Diana will show you the light. The price is $430, which is an investment, but the ammo is dirt cheap. The Diana is available from umarexusa.com, which does not carry it on their website (they swear they will get it up there), but they have it nonetheless.


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I'm a grinder of sorts.

If my knife is hollow ground, the first thing I do is get rid of that miserable bevel.

 Kevan Peeling

Can't seem to find that Stable Table on Caldwell's site...is it known by any other name ?


I carried a Mark X Mauser with a Bell and Carlson stock for several years with a Vero Vellini sling. The rifle with scope was around 9 lbs, but with that sling it felt considerably lighter, and Dave's right - it never slipped off my shoulder.

Cliff B

re: Plaxico.....Yes he is a lot of things and committed a stupid illegal act. However a lot of this uproar is about the Mayor grandstanding,making an example of some dumb celebrity,while gangs and organized crime [and plenty of them] freely roam NYC with illegal handguns. And yes I am a Giant fan.

Duck Creek Dick

Remember the pop rock group Milli Vanilli and how they were torpedoed when it was found out they were just lipsynching the lyrics? Could they have gone into the rifle sling business under the Vero Vellini name? Coincidence? I think not.
Del in KS- "Shh" about Alaska. Let folks believe that Washington, etc. is God's country and keep them in the dark. Oh, it's Muncho Lake, not Mucho. Merry Christmas, muchacho.


New knife with good steel + 1 whet stone + 30 minutes of hard work = razor edge that only needs dressed up on occasion.

Now, while it is true that illegally carried guns are just that, here is a different view (that most of us could appreciate) on the Plaxico thing from Alan Korwin; and I quote:

"Sean Taylor was killed last year during a robbery at his house. Darrent Williams was killed in 2007 outside a nightclub. What makes these two events related is that Taylor played football for the Redskins, and Williams was with the Broncos.

While it's "only" two murders in a year, it calculates out to a murder rate of 118 per 100,000 (for pro-football players) compared to "only" 5.9 per 100,000 for the public. In other words, there is a 20 times greater chance of a football player being killed than you or me. It's higher than for even the highest risk group, black kids between 18 and 24...

Rich, high profile, easy-to-spot football players are a natural target of the same perverse maggots that prey on the rest of society. Instead of recognizing this and screaming for their civil right of self defense to remain intact, the corrupt media screams at the man who shot himself in the leg. Then it provides ad space, disguised as "news," for a fat white cat who campaigns to deny the civil rights of black men to keep and bear arms. You have to have sympathy for Mike ... Ditka, since he comes off as wholly ignorant of the issue he addresses, promoting the disarming of the innocent, just like postbellum bigots in the south.
Not a single news story discussed gun safety, how to avoid shooting yourself in the leg, what errors this man made in gun handling, how he carried or anything that would benefit the public and help keep us safe. According to leading experts, that surprised no one."


Dave Petza,
A safe and joyous Christmas to you and those with whom you share.

Del in KS

Duck Creek Dick,

You are right about the spelling. I camped there once about 20 years ago, beautiful place. There was a roadhouse just South on the Alcan Highway that had thousands of donated baseball caps on the walls and ceiling. IMO the lower 48 lacks the wildness and grandeur of the far North. Love the Northern lights. Back in Dec of '86 I drove the entire length of the Alcan (1500 miles or so) without stopping to sleep. It was cold for that trip.


Dave and all you great shooters in the USA,
a very Merry Christmas from the other side of the pond.
Keep fighting for all your & our gun right's

God bless you all.


You guys should probably just toss out all of these tools and gadgets. Go back and review Dave's video on using the ceramic sticks and let well enough alone. I am still waiting on his other video which I suggested concerning breaking mule colts for high country hunting purposes. Maybe it will be my surprise Christmas present from King Dave.


Dave Petzal,
A safe and joyous Christmas to you and all with whom you share. And the same to all the Gun Nuts where-ever you are.
With all the different grades of diamond from fine to coarse you can be delicate as well as tough.


Merry Christmas to you Dave. May the new year be a healthy, happy, and prosperous one. For myself, I would be ecstatic to find Ms. Elisha Cuthbert in my stocking Christmas morning, but that is not likely. However, if you have a custom rifle you're tired of, in the spirit of the season I would be happy to take it off your hands as my Christmas present.

Dr. Ralph

I'll just take my knife to Bass Pro and let them use their $5,000 machine to put a razor edge on my knifes before hunting season every year for free... shot another doe this morning. Forth one so far but I can donate the deer and get free processing and keep the backstraps and tenderloins. Feed the poor, help the insurance companies and have fun freezing your butt off and grilling the finest meat. The law says three doe's a day every day until about the middle of January around here. Another notch in the Ruger #1 7X57. Found a serious rub line and saw 64 wild turkeys. Damn it's good to be alive and living in Tennessee.

Tennessee Titans 31
Pittsburgh Steelers 14

Had a friend call yesterday and invite me and my wife to go to the Titans Steelers game today. I said my son is a Pittsburgh fan and I want to bring him, his name is Ben and he's never seen Rothlesburger play. He told me no Pittsbugh fans allowed and I hung up and went hunting. Good decision on my part...

Jim in Mo

You got a better donation program than we've got. Here you donate the deer and pay $25 to defer processing costs. You also don't get no cuts of meat.

Ralphael Resendez Ramirez


O Garcia

I don't see anything wrong with a handguard or any other safety feature on a knife sharpener. Takes the adventure out, yes. But I'd rather be safe.

It's one thing to suffer a skin cut and a little bleeding from capillaries. It's another to have a severed ligament or tendon or big blood vessel. Having one of your fingers paralyzed by a cut tendon isn't cool by any standards, it could easily be your trigger finger, and worse if you happen to be a musician (you need all fingers working with some instruments, ex. clarinet or sax).

Scope cuts, OK by me. Skinned knees and thorns in the foot while stalking, fine. Hand and finger cuts as a result of knife sharpening accidents, no. Avoid at all costs.

Del in KS

Jim in MO,

My group gives the donated deer to Special "D" meats in Macon, MO.
There's no charge but we don't keep any of the cuts either.

Del in KS

Almost forgot. Santa brought an early gift. Got a 1 yr old partially trained German Shorthaired Pointer with a long bloodline. She loves to hunt. We plan to eventually breed her to Billy's dog.

J. Michael Roach

Dave: Always appreciate the kind words about our products, and the mention of the website. I'd like to post a corrected address, though: www.battenfeldtechnologies.com

Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!

The Man

i sure hope i get that leatherman wave that i wanted for CHRISTmas

Scott Mahl

Dave: May I politely point out that there are several models of RWS Diana air rifles? Stating that they are great rifles is fine but it is like saying that all remingtons or winchesters are great. You may have been refering to the 460 magnum but I am not certain. Please refrain from such ambuiguity in the future or I will forced to send Rosie O'donnell over to your home for New Years.


Guess I'm old fashoned, I prefer the natural Arkansas Stones!
Got a set of 3 from Cabelas, a Wachita (super coarse), and a soft and a hard stone which came as a set. Seldom need the first one but the last 2 get alot of work, and when I'm done sharpening my knives they will shave hair. Biggest challenge was a Buck folder that some idiot sharpened (?) on a grinder, took a while to get that back into shape!

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