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December 12, 2008

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And Now For Something Different In The, Uh, Shooting Sports

My thanks to regular blogger JB, who sent this in. It seems the Canadian Women’s Biathlon* team has posed nude for a calendar they are selling to support their efforts at winning Olympic gold. The calendar went on sale in early November, has 14 months’ worth of photos, costs $25, and takes 2 to 4 weeks for delivery. You can order it at boldbeautifulbiathlon.com. The young women seen here are, from top left to right: Zina Kocher, Megan Imric, Sandra Keith, Rosanna Crawford and Megan Tandy. These are the bare facts, as it were.

However, the calendar raises certain questions.

*There is a U.S. Womens’ Biathlon team. If you buy the Canadian calendar, are you aiding and abetting the competition? Should lechery trump patriotism?

*The Canadian Womens’ Curling team and Womens’ Rugby teams have also posed for nude calendars. What happens if the women shot putters and the weight lifters decide they want one?

*Could Ms. Elisha Cuthbert, who is Canadian, be persuaded to take up the Biathlon?

Have at it.

The biathlon is a combination of cross-country skiing and .22 rifle marksmanship. It requires a nearly preternatural degree of physical fitness and you have to be able to shoot good, too.

And if you want a sneak peek at the calendar photos, click here.


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Hey, anyone want some Janet Reno nude pics I got from a truck stop holding a box of matches?

Ed J

"a truck stop holding a box of matches?"


Clay Cooper

"nude pics of “Janet ""Inferno"" Reno” with a box of matches?" Since we are in the third stage of the Clinton Administration, I wonder who’s taking her place??!?


I ain't takin' my clothes off (too damn cold out here) but I love cross country skiing and marksmanship. I had a notion of a "new" xtreme sport...Blackpowderbiathon.
It would be similar to regular biathlon but participants would use BP smokepoles. I figure one would start out with a loaded - unprimed rifle (caliber of your choice) sling it on your back, ski the course then cap 'n shoot quick while the heartrate is up, reload (except for primer) Ski then cap 'n shoot again. Rinse and repeat. The range shouln't be too hard, 50 yards maybe and the course shouldn't be too long, half a mile maybe. I ain't worked out all the details, but hey if we get the weather as forcast Friday, I'm likely to finish up blackpowder season on skis anyway!
By the way we got flattened here in Mass by the ice storm. Ain't had power since last Thursday. Put the Kibosh to the last week of shotgun season it did but oh well...we carry on.


This guy was written up in this illustrious Magazine Field and Stream way back in 1979 and he is still going strong and an award winning fine young man who enjoys the fabulous world of fishing and all the incredible fishing enthusiasts who have followed him all the way to his home on Maui in Hawaii so I hope you enjoy this fabulous and most unique entertainer for the ages ...ENJOY THE VIDEO NOW!!!!

Del in KS

Come on Bella what's a little cold weather to a tough girl like you. Still waiting for that pic.

Do your Biathlon with flintlock longrifles and I'm in.

Guys I don't drink much and was sober as a judge the day I fell.

jackrabbit, 700yds....


somebody been in the white lightning again...

Jackrabbit, 700yds....who's in the w.lightning now.

Dave Petzal

To Ryan: Listen to Clay Cooper; I agree with just about everything he says. You want the varmints to run? Try an 85-grain Nolser Ballistic Tip at 3,300 fps.

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