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December 12, 2008

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And Now For Something Different In The, Uh, Shooting Sports

My thanks to regular blogger JB, who sent this in. It seems the Canadian Women’s Biathlon* team has posed nude for a calendar they are selling to support their efforts at winning Olympic gold. The calendar went on sale in early November, has 14 months’ worth of photos, costs $25, and takes 2 to 4 weeks for delivery. You can order it at boldbeautifulbiathlon.com. The young women seen here are, from top left to right: Zina Kocher, Megan Imric, Sandra Keith, Rosanna Crawford and Megan Tandy. These are the bare facts, as it were.

However, the calendar raises certain questions.

*There is a U.S. Womens’ Biathlon team. If you buy the Canadian calendar, are you aiding and abetting the competition? Should lechery trump patriotism?

*The Canadian Womens’ Curling team and Womens’ Rugby teams have also posed for nude calendars. What happens if the women shot putters and the weight lifters decide they want one?

*Could Ms. Elisha Cuthbert, who is Canadian, be persuaded to take up the Biathlon?

Have at it.

The biathlon is a combination of cross-country skiing and .22 rifle marksmanship. It requires a nearly preternatural degree of physical fitness and you have to be able to shoot good, too.

And if you want a sneak peek at the calendar photos, click here.


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SD Bob

The comedian Ron White said it best: "Once you've see one woman naked, you pretty much want to see the rest". Since I agree with his reasoning, I'm all for seeing these shooters in this pictoral state!

Since Miss Cuthbert was mentioned, I have to comment that she's known to have a thing for hockey players! That means I have a chance?

Jim in Mo

It makes perfect business sense for these ladies to promote themselves. Capitalism at its best. Hope the Am. women open their eyes and other things before we lag behind. The Swedish must be plotting their course of action as we speak. C,mon girls, USA USA USA

jersey pig

oh canada!


Dang! Naked women with guns, what more can the shooting man ask for!. I am sure Petzal was just kicking and screaming when they asked him to cover this story. :)


Upon reviewing the photos, numerous and fitting remarks crossed my mind. My fingers snapped the keyboard so hastily that I almost forgot that my spouse might read my comments.

Almost forgot.

All things considered, may God Bless Canada!


I'm saving my money for the "Naked Gun Writers Calendar". If the photos don't rid the basement of vermin, I should have 12 nice targets.

WA Mtnhunter



i had a question for you petzal i need a good varmint/deer rifle in whatever but it needs to be under
800$ with scope and the gun should be able to hit a coyote at 450yd so it need a more powerful scope
i just need your opinion


Ryan, depending on your location, I could help you out. I've got a NIB model 70 in .243 WSSM, with scope mounted by Winchester. It could be considered one of the ultimate rigs for what you are asking, as you can zero at 300 yards and hold dead on out to 400 with the 95-grain loads. Interested?

Clay Cooper

Think 25-06!

First of all the 25-06 is 100 fps faster than the 257WSSM. The 25-06 is like crossing the zip and trajectory of a 22-250 with the knock down power of a 270 Winchester. You can sizzle 75 grain at 3700 fps and 120 grain at 3000 fps. It handles the wind better than the 22-250 and 243 Winchester and the recoil is so mild or better yet unnoticeable that my light weight Grandson Alex last year at age 8 shot his first deer. This year, he shot a nice 5 pointer at 250 yards and a doe at 150 yards both with one shot each. Flinch factor is zero and the performance is outrageously awesome!

I’ve busted a many Jack rabbits to Mule Deer out in New Mexico and Arizona with the 25-06 out to 700 yards with it.

You cannot go wrong!!

With 120 grain Nosler Partitions, I wouldn’t give it a second thought in taking an Elk. In fact, it’s the smallest cartridge recommended for Elk.

And the ammo doesn’t cost you a arm and a leg like the 257WSSM, one of the biggest jokes on the market!

Jim in Mo

This has nothing to do with naked women shooting guns but I think for your needs, as you stated, the .25-06 may not be a bad idea.
At the ranges your talking of 400 yds+ you should think of a scope on the order of at least 10x to 14x top end power. Think Savage or Vangard for your price range.

Glad the Canadians are proving their depravity, and shame on the US team for doing so. Impressionable minds look up to olympians as role models...who has never at one time wanted to win an olympic medal? Sorry, honey, but you don't want to be like them when you grow up-there is nothing special about a bunch of lot-lizards who lost their honky-tonk and stumbled into the snow with nothing but squirrel guns!


Gosh, that takes the ice off! Experience has taught me to be careful about lusting for a woman that could drop me like a moose in the driveway... However, distance and the border patrol makes this look like one helluva deal. Maybe I'll just support the Olympics in general for now and muse about our team doing a guest apperance in Canada later on.

Dr. Ralph

Impressionable minds want the girls to put their clothes back on... now if Elisha could get her groove on with a squirrel gun I'd love to watch. Possibly even participate. Lechery always trumps patriotism unless a heart is involved.


Ryan; I agree with the above. There is no way you can beat the 25/06 for your purpose. Mine is very accurate, I have hit 1gal. milk jugs at 600 measured yards 4 out of 5 shots from the prone position. I would suggest, however that you check out the Marlin XL7 as well as the two Jim mentioned. I looked at one in .270 that a friend bought for $293 delivered, including the background cost. If I didn't already own a perfectly serviseable 25/06, I would have ordered one that same day. Also, he had mounted a Sightron 4X-12X scope on it that was as clear as any I've seen. But my best advice is look at several arms and scopes before you buy.

high plains hunter

the 25-06 gets my vote too. Hard to beat something that's been around long enough to be a grandfather. Dave ---hope you gun writers don't do a nude anything--- would look like a bunch of fall bears ready for the winter sleep--lolo----


I don't want anyone fooling around with my rifle or looking at my woman naked...come on fellows...


BOY, did we get off the subject here....


Lechery doesn't trump patriotism if you also make a contribution to the U.S. team that is $25 or higher. You get a calendar with the Canadian contribution, but the one to the U.S. team is pure patriotic support - how's that for justification.

Jim in Mo

That sounds good but a little skin ain't bad either.

Milton Burton

Dave, you're never going to make it with Miss Cuthbert, nor am I ever going to get to spank Meg Ryan. Let's give it up and quit torturing ourselves.

Paul Wilke

It's my understanding that the Olympics were originally done in the nude. Lets bring back the old ways, naked women skiing and shooting in the snow!
What could be better?
Must admit tho, that I was more interested in the rifles than the ladies. Old age, I guess.


I see an incredible danger to our national security, fellow blogger-mouths. I’m dismayed you don’t see it. WE ALL KNOW WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE LIVE NORTH OF US!!!! …Yet all of you are willing to donate funds to their planned military invasion’s cutting edge.

Why do you think the Canook’s are training these winter battle queens???

You may be laughing now, but when these innocent looking athletes are leading the first wave across our unprotected borders…it will be too late especially when their snowmobile armada follows!

Learn to mis-pronounce your “O’s” and end your sentences with “Hey”.

Where's Homeland Security when you need it???


Wow. This is kind of...dumb.


I'm disappointed.

We would see WAY more skin if they were sporting bikinis.

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