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November 05, 2008

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Some Random Thoughts on the Election

“And I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, ‘Come and see,’ and I looked and beheld a pale horse, and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.”—from The Book of Revelation

“It is already dark in Moscow, and soon it will be dark here. I wonder: shall we see the light again in our lifetimes?”—Freidrich Wilhelm Kritzinger, in the movie Conspiracy

*It could have been worse. We could have gotten Hillary, and with her the same politics as Obama plus that voice braying at us for four years. On the other hand, I will miss the excellent antics of Bubba turned loose in the White House with no one in charge of him.

*Obama says he respects the Second Amendment.  And I am Ferdinand, King of Romania.

*We are probably not going to see any gun legislation for a while. Obama and Biden will have their hands full with the coming depression and our two wars, plus energy, plus who knows what else. Also, it will take Congress a while to figure out who is who in the pecking order, who gets to steal what and how much, etc.

*Eventually, however, they will get brave and propose something really hellish in the way of gun legislation. This may not come until Obama’s second term, assuming he gets one, but it will be a doozer.

*When it does come, if there is a fight over it, we can take some small comfort from the fact that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are two of the most ineffectual people ever to suck on the public tit.

*A gun dealer friend called and said that this past Saturday was the biggest day he has had in over 30 years in business. Much of what he sells is black rifles in one form or another, plus Class III goodies. “All the liberals who voted for Obama are scared to death they won’t be able to get guns once he takes office,” he says.

*In the weeks to come, we are likely to see an unprecedented run on any semi-automatic or quasi-military gun, plus magazines, ammo, and anything else that Joe Biden may not want us to have. As I’ve said before, hoard now and beat the rush.

*At the suggestion of one of our more intelligent contributors, I am appointing Ms. Elisha Cuthbert the Official Gun Nut Babe.

*Smile. What else can you do?


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This white gun owner [pistol, 6 long guns] voted for Obama, and was proud to do so. I've voted for a white person in every election in my life: this is the first time I've ever been accused of voting for someone because of their race.

Any change in the ruling party from Republican to Democrat can be laid squarely at the feet of Republican leaders, who spent eight years screwing this country up.

As someone at redstate.com put it: We love socialism when it's for the people we like: Iowa ethanol farmers, corporations, etc. We hate it when it's for people we don't like: inner-city minorities, etc.

As for guns: President Obama will have a heck of a lot more to worry about that gun legislation.


I suggest all of you go to the Transition web site of BO and JB. They have already laid out their agenda on firearms and that agenda very plainly says your firearms are gone. To those who say his hands are full of other problems, well the way to do things like banning all firearms is have to something else on peoples minds... like a bad economy? Prepare to become a serf of those who won't work. don't want to and believe that that as long as they have their NFL and beer then that is all that matters. You can go to youtube and watch the big ass women of color talking about how with BO in office she don't have to make her mortage payment or car payment anymore. I am sure you can find some big ass people of various color all saying that. BO pulled a real PT Barnum on America along with the news media and the rich. Both parties have so badly warped the system that I doubt that we can ever recover our freedoms that are now gone. Ron Paul was the answer and people just couldn't accept the responsibility of taking care of themselves.


The man's skin color has nothing to do with my problems with him. I agree the Republican leadership has screwed up. This race was won by Dems before the first ballot was cast. I've heard more hateful and untrue rhetoric from our Democrat leaders publicly toward Bush than anything ever said bad about Obama. The Republicans screwed up because they did not govern as conservitives as they were elected to do. Now we are EXPECTED to give Mr. Obama a grace period from any criticism that Pres. Bush was never given even after this country was attacked by radical Muslim fundamentalist. Nevertheless, I hope and pray Mr. Obama well in his presidency. The country needs some repairs, but socialistic and communistic ideas have always failed. Conservitism when applied always works. If Obama tries too much radical change in the first two years, Congress will turn back over to the Republicans as it did in '94. If Obama is smart he'll lead from the center, but I don't think his radical backers (Soros and Co) or the Dem leaders will allow him. Pelosi, Reid, Durban and the Barney are the most inept group of liberal party hacks that have ever darkened the halls of Congress. The media should hold what they say and do to the fire but they still get a free pass. I believe you won't see any radical gun legislation until after mid term elections or Obama's 2nd(gulp) term. See what has happened to the reasonable gun owners of Austrailia and the UK. "Those who give away their freedoms for security shall have neither"- Ben Franklin

Jim in Mo

I too have heard similar statements in person. These people will soon have their eyes opened when they find out 'change' doesn't mean a free ride. Thats when people like Jesse Jackson will resurface and get back in the spotlight stirring up trouble. He will try blackmailing Obama to get his way much as he does large corporations. They give in just to get him to shut up and go away. Obama will have names like Uncle Tom thrown at him. He's not going to have an easy time, I hope he doesn't cave.


Pelosi, Reid, Durban and Barney are indeed going to be the Obama Admin's sources of major problems, not the GOP. Obama's likely been already told to go to hell by those people, they're going to press forward their radical agendas.

I give matters 'till summer '09 then it'll be a repeat of the LBJ years of '65 to '68.

It ain't gonna be pretty.

Walt Smith

I know that I've probably made some bad statments about obama in the past. I'm not a racist, I'm a realist. I look back over the history of black leaders in the U. S. and I cannot get past the outcome of their outspokeness. Martin Luther King, Farakan, Malcom X, Tupac, all assinated. If I was obamas's wife I would be scared shitless, for my husband and my daughters. I really hope that he can do everything good that he has promised, otherwise there will a lot of pissed off people in the U.S. Given the history of this country, In reality I don't see it happening.


If the pro-gun establishment is so anti Democrat, how come they REFUSED to publicise the fact that it was the CLINTON-GORE administration, assisted by RUTH BADER GINSBURG that undermined and destroyed an important environmental law,thus exposing the "liberals" as HYPOCRITES? See the court case "Weber V. Pena,1993" case # 93-0712 US District Court for District of Columbia.In it the Clinton Gang implied that the justice who wrote the famous OVERTON PARK decision of the US Supreme Court, 1971, was a senile old idiot who didn't understand what he was writing. The Justice was THURGOOD MARSHALL.


Clay, you made go to the fridge to get a beer after that enlightening, thoughtful, accurate history lesson

Elmer Skelton

The people have spoken - and apparently they're tired of freedom. Don't get me wrong, I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed. I thought this country would last longer than 230 years. That's it, folks, America is over. At this point, we might as well just give it back to the goddamn Indians.

Skeeter Keith

Welcome to a world where the Constitution gets trampled by an army of terrorist clones, created in a stem-cell research lab run by homosexual doctors who sterilize their instruments over burning American flags. Where tax-and-spend Democrats take all your hard-earned money and use it to buy electric cars for National Public Radio, and teach evolution to illegal immigrants.

The Goat

To Elmer Skelton
You know before the white man, this was a very good country. Using some of your words...you goddamn so called intelligent white skins, come here and infest our country with your deseaaes and your dumb ass ways of running a country.You bring religon and with that comes murdering thousands of inocent men wemen and children, taking our natural resourses and destroying everything that was good because we socalled goddamn indians are ignorant and cannot survive without your dumbass rules. This was a majestic land with pease and harmony. you try to enslave us and when we put up a fight you call us savages, but tell me this, you were the savages. Just think about this, you whites are the reason obamabinladin is pres now.you brought slaves here because you were too damn lazy to do your own work. so dont talk trash about NATIVE AMERICANS. I dont like this dude either, but dont you dare speak about my heritage like that. Lets keep the native americans out of this, we had nothing to do with this. I am sorry for stupping to your level.

Jim in Mo

The Goat,
I kinda thought the same thing and am embarrased I didn't say something. If anyone deserves reparations it should be Am. Indians.


well, once again the american public never cease to amaze me. they vote for obama, and then RUN to the gun store to get everything they will no longer be able to get once he takes office. where in the hell are their brains! what were you thinking?!?its like putting the devil in charge of handing out angel wings. you just know that no good can come of it. as i see it, obama respects nothing of any value to the american public as a whole. i do not know why he won the election, but he did. so maybe now we should run an ad in the washingto gazzete. "wanted, man with enough stones to be commander in cheif"! obama certainly has no buisness doing it. how can you run the military if you hate everything about guns. can you imagine if some country actually gets the nerve to attack us. obama would be up there telling the generals to throw candy at our attackers, not shoot bullets. well, we USED TO BE the greatest country in the world. now, we are all DOOMED! "ya better strap in, its going to be a hell of a ride!" now, this is it, now, is the time to act. THIS IS A CALL TO DEFEND YOUR ARMS! if you want to preserve your rights, and keep your guns, you had better get off your duffs, and join the NRA . AND, you will NEED to GET INVOLVED, NOT JUST PAY THE DUES, AND PUT A STICKER ON YOUR TRUCK! we all need to get together and fight for a common cause (keeping our rights and our guns). if we, as a whole fail to do this, the gun grabbing liberals will systematicly take away most of what you now enjoy and take for granted. if we fail to mobilize now, it will take many, many terms to regain the ground we now have. we need a HUGE, UNITED FRONT to combat this. and i believe that we need to at least double in size the NRA, and every individule needs to get invovled at our local level somehow. if you work many hours, contribute funds, if you have a few hours a week, donate your time to help the cause.

to The Goat, what our forefathers did to you guys was horrid. in my opinion, you had the right way of living. and yes, we came and screwed it all up. you were right, we were wrong. it is that simple. the problem now is, how could it be fixed. you need to come up with a plan to beat us at ur own game. so, find your most intelegent leaders, get to gether and make a plan, then implement it. it is not going to happen overnight, it will probably take years. maybe even generations. but if you are sucsessful, it would be worth the wait. i am serious, DO IT! it would be great to live in a country that was ruled by honor, honesty, and wisdom! instead of lies, deceipt, and theivery.


The goat;

White men wrote a lot of treaties with red, and most of them were broken. But do not have the idea that the Americas or the world were some sort of paradise until the white men came. The Indians put up such a good fight because they practiced on each other before the white men got here. The Aztecs used to cut the hearts out of thousands upon thousands of prisoners of war in the name of their own religion; the Mayas threw them into wells for the same reason, and not a white man in sight. Western civilization, motivated by Christianity, is what has virtually abolished slavery worldwide over the last two hundred years, with not an ACLU lawyer or Democrat in the slaves' corner. If you want to fix what's broke that's great, but leave the protest march slogans on the protest line where they belong.


Thomas Jefferson:

The country will need violent revolution every 50 years. We're a bit overdue...


Hey Everyone:
We live in the greatest country ever created! We'll survive this. It could be a rough period, but we do have a constitution that guarantees us inaliable rights.
Because of the current economy, BHO will be limited in what he can do. I doubt that he'll have much time to spend on Freedom of Speech (Fairness Doctrine) or Gun Control. Even his fair tax objectives might have to be shelved because of the unemployment issue. Also, because of alternative media, he might have problems getting ultra liberal judges appointed. Much as I liked McCain, he ran a lackluster campaign. The brightest aspect was Sara Palin.
BTW, someone was eventually going to discover the Americas. Just imagine the world today, had the Chinese, Japanese or Russians got here first.

Now da whitey gonna get his.


To Clay Cooper
I appreciate the wit with which you so graciously educated me with in your history lesson. You must have gone to a private religious school because it is much different than the obviously inferior public education that I was handed by our gov. It is also interesting that many conservatives that I know pride themselves on their superior work ethic and brains that they assume they have. Ego often lies to people in such ways. In reality, I am very liberal in my political views. I have never collected any money from the government and I do not believe in anything free. I own my own business. It is probable that I pay 3 to 4 times the taxes that you do and unlike you I do not whine about supporting my local schools, and shelling out a few grand every year to insure that there is someone there to keep the lights on for us. Many conservatives that I know are great people but miss the point that without the government (even with all those high power toys) they would all die very quickly. Pride yourself on all that "wisdom" that you have and keep teaching your gospel but don't expect anyone to believe you. In reality, we can see where it leads. I have lost more rights and freedoms in the last 8 years in the name of homeland security with millions of people protesting every inch of the way than I will lose in the next 4.


Hey Gritz, I'm also a small businessman. I can't, however, decide whether I'm a Liberal or Conservative. I've voted since 1972, but never for a Democrat Presidential Candidate.
You say you're for schools. Does it bother you that the dropout rate, in some districts, is 50 per cent, and even some of the graduates are functionally iliterate? Or are you satisfied that most teachers have excellent benefits. I've never yet heard a conservative complain about the school funding. I do hear a lot about performance, however.
As a liberal, you must be for the national health insurance that was promised. I guess we should expand that to include cosmetic surgery, dentistry (including implants)) because a persons's self-esteem is part of their overall health. All liberals want mortgage defaults suspended. Should we extend that benefit to auto loans and credit card debt, also? Another thought; should skin color be a consideration when the government guarantees these loans? You also alluded to your civil liberties. In the event that BHO rescinds all of the GWB wiretapping, and we suffer another attack, will you proudly eulogize the victims, as those who died with their civil liberties intact? Even a close relative/loved one?
Being a liberal means you have to bite the bullet. I'm not ready.

The Goat

To Eyeball
first of all, the aztecs are way south and obamabinladin gave roughly or is going to give amnesty to about 10 million yes that many condition and job stealing illegal aliens from the south wher your aztecs come from. Like most all my brothers i am NOT haveing ANY PROTEST MAARCH as you call it. I simply like my rites as do you. You can take your statements and stick them where your sun does not shine. I simply was stating a fact. sure we fought, we had to, but we did no sacrificing of anything other than for our way of life and our freedom.And for your chistianity, think real hard and look into YOUR past and see where if you did not believe in chist you where dead. This is in the other countries not mine. There is a spirit alrite and you cannot come and say it is your christ. He may have another name and just because you guys have a bible saying this doesnt matter, fabrication it could be maybe he was native american, whites lye cant tell. Enough of religeion. we as a whole have to do something about this before we lose every rite we have fought so hard for. Thank you Jim in mo. for saying what you did, not much but felt good.David S. I will take your words on do something good with them, and thank you all, not mad atya eyeball, just get facts straight and north and south. We are in for a big fight, lets do it togethet


Just out of curiosity how long does the FBI hold info from background checks on gun sales? Didn't Bush sign a law that required them to destroy the records after a short period of time? Something Obama is sure to do away with quickly


Hey, Goat!

I fear Eyeball has something on Native Americans although I must agree whites broke every treaty and agreement…..actually white gov’t did….made. However, I don’t agree Native Americans were helpless sheep and totally moral. If there was an Indian Genghis Khan, whites never would have made it. Something I always keep in mind.

I lived in three areas where particular Native Americans had an influence way out of proportion to their numbers…Blackfeet in Montana, Comanche in Texas, and the Iroquois in NY. Since I’m more knowledgeable of the Iroquois of NY:

-Reason we don’t speak French is because of the Iroquois.

-They were slavers. The Iroquois raided the Ohio Country for slaves, shipped their captives to the West Indies through Ft Oswego on Lake Ontario.

-Folks [red or white] got in the Iroquois way, they were wiped out. It was that way for 200-years.

-Iroquois sided with the British in the Revolutionary War.

They were not nice people, and very sophisticated and organized ass kickers….and after 300-years the Confederacy still is….. As is shown via the Cayuga Land Claims and at St Regis on the Canadian border. …Something I also keep in mind.

Guess that’s Karma. :-)


Individual indian warriors were superior to their white opponents in every way. They had strength, speed, courage, audacity, and stealth on their side. Unfortunately for them, their white enemies had superior organization and technology.

For what it is worth, the whites who usually spoke up for the Indians were the Christian missionaries. And the abolition movement (not to mention the Underground Railroad) was Christian as well.

Neat to see how PC has affected religious discourse. Time was, if you said Jesus was Savior, you were right or wrong. Now, you are intolerant (what's wrong with MY god?).

The Goat

You and I would probably make real good friends if we met. Its just alot of people dont realize we did not invite all this suffering and what not that got pushed of on the native americans. I myself love my rite as they stand and do not want a man that openly admits that he wont sport our colors, will not place a hand over his heart for the pledge, has not come forth with his proof of being born in america,says you do not have to like a country to run it, a wife that hates the usa, wants to take away our rites to bear arms. The history we speak of is history, all we can do as americans is to fight for what we stand for. Ita a never ending battle. I do not know anyones nationality but i feel we are all brothers and want the same thing, not to be striped or what we enjoy. Whats next on obamabinladins agenda? Marshal law? Prison for whats on your mind and thaking the 1st and second amendment from us? Its already starting as we speak. Its bed time for me now ,but i wish all my brothers out there to watch out for themselves and have a good one and will be back on tomarrow. May all of our gods smile upon us. nite all


Could you post the link for the transition site you mentioned earlier? I looked for it and was so deluged with Obamamania that I am now ill and must take therapy in a treestand tomorrow. I agree with most of you in that we should give Obama a chance and not condemn until he gives us a reason, but having said that, I still don't trust him or Biden and think they bear close watching. It was on the news this morning about the plans he already has for executive order actions to reverse some of the Bush policies. Watch out!!

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