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November 05, 2008

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Some Random Thoughts on the Election

“And I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, ‘Come and see,’ and I looked and beheld a pale horse, and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.”—from The Book of Revelation

“It is already dark in Moscow, and soon it will be dark here. I wonder: shall we see the light again in our lifetimes?”—Freidrich Wilhelm Kritzinger, in the movie Conspiracy

*It could have been worse. We could have gotten Hillary, and with her the same politics as Obama plus that voice braying at us for four years. On the other hand, I will miss the excellent antics of Bubba turned loose in the White House with no one in charge of him.

*Obama says he respects the Second Amendment.  And I am Ferdinand, King of Romania.

*We are probably not going to see any gun legislation for a while. Obama and Biden will have their hands full with the coming depression and our two wars, plus energy, plus who knows what else. Also, it will take Congress a while to figure out who is who in the pecking order, who gets to steal what and how much, etc.

*Eventually, however, they will get brave and propose something really hellish in the way of gun legislation. This may not come until Obama’s second term, assuming he gets one, but it will be a doozer.

*When it does come, if there is a fight over it, we can take some small comfort from the fact that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are two of the most ineffectual people ever to suck on the public tit.

*A gun dealer friend called and said that this past Saturday was the biggest day he has had in over 30 years in business. Much of what he sells is black rifles in one form or another, plus Class III goodies. “All the liberals who voted for Obama are scared to death they won’t be able to get guns once he takes office,” he says.

*In the weeks to come, we are likely to see an unprecedented run on any semi-automatic or quasi-military gun, plus magazines, ammo, and anything else that Joe Biden may not want us to have. As I’ve said before, hoard now and beat the rush.

*At the suggestion of one of our more intelligent contributors, I am appointing Ms. Elisha Cuthbert the Official Gun Nut Babe.

*Smile. What else can you do?


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I think Mr. McPlenty is actually Red Blade back for more.


To Tyler (NC),

There is nothing wrong with buying at the gun show, just know what you want and how much you are willing to pay before walking in. One perk from the gun show is that you might get out without paperwork, which considering the election could be a great thing. I don't know the laws of your state and or local jurisdiction, but look into it before carrying while off duty. Being a LEO won't get you out of trouble if some one wants to use you as an example.

As far as revolvers go, I love my S&W snubbies. All of mine are in 38 special, but 357 gives you a little more spunk and you can still practice with 38s. At gun shows in my area (Washington State), you can get a S&W snubbie for 350 to 450 depending on model and such.

If you want something extra concealable and are willing to risk a little punch, go with the Kel-tec 380 or the new copy of it from Ruger. I love my Kel-tec, and it can be carried anytime anywhere. They sell here for 250 to 300 new, have yet to happen across a used one.

Good luck, and don't be afraid of the nervous and twitchy guys. After all Obama did win.


I think the Whigs are ready for a resurgence, Dr Ralph.

Jim in Mo

Your correct, don't be intimidated at gun shows, after all they aren't the only game in town. Just be careful. I've made one purchase at a 'show' (Rem 760) and I offered less. Good thing I did, three weeks later I used that savings to repair the gun.
I too own S&W 357 (Mod. 60), great gun, lifetime free repair, and concealable. I like it. But I would never stear anyone away from Ruger. Tough as nails and same warranty.

Big O

To Tyler(NC) As for a back-up wheel gun the old man(Sheriff Dep for 12yrs) swore by S/W hammerless Dective spec. stubby, light weight, and nothing to hang up on clothes

Jim in Mo

I did purchase that gun without paperwork. That surprised the hell out of me but the guy wasn't a dealer he just rented a booth. Thats what you have to be carefull about.

Jim in Mo

Big O,
Great choice.


Tyler(NC) I can't add much to what has already been said as I also own and shoot some of the pistols and revolvers mentioned. One caviat I will mention is that in the event that an assailant takes your weapon from you he can more easily turn a revolver or pistol on the order of a Glock against you. On the other hand using a compact 1911 requires more training and practice. With that said I would choose a small J-frame Smith loaded with .38 Spl Plus P in whatever configuration you prefer. That's what I did in 1968 and have never regreted it.


Tyler (NC): you don't need one handgun, you need two. A Smith & Wesson snubby (their hammerless jobs are really nice) in .38 Sp. (some good loads have come out for this lately; http://www.buffalobore.com/ammunition/default.htm#standard38 )
and if you don't want to shoot yourself in the foot with the .38, another revolver in .22 Long Rifle to learn to shoot with. Handguns are hard to shoot and hard to hit anything with. You will need instruction and hundreds or thousands of rounds before you are even somewhat proficient; that's .22 land. Once you have sight alignment and trigger squeeze (yes, you squeeze a double action trigger on a revolver) covered, you can then go on and fire the .38. Me, I'm still a lousy shot, although I think I can handle room ranges. Hope I never have to find out.

Jim in Mo

You just brought up another great subject. Ammo. I practice with .38's but I carry the old Highway Patrol round the Rem. .357 125gr SJHP. It does penetrate.
Nowadays ammo manufacturers really make some great stuff. Cor-Bon/Speer is one. I haven't tried it yet but they've got stuff specifically for 2 1/2 barrels in .38 or .357


Ok Folks

The election is over and Obama won. Which ever one you supported now is a new time, a time to work together to make America as Great as we always boast that it is!

In the indomitable words of John Wayne: "I didn't vote for him but he is My President now and I hope he does a good job!" Spoken in 1960 after John F Kennedy beat Richard Nixon whom The Duke had supported.

People, we know that some things aren't going to go our way (understatement of the year I think) but we have an America that we can still all be proud of. Let's make her as Great as we boast!


To jstreet. I'm one of those 20 something year old men fighting for you right now and I happen to agree with Mr. McPlenty (nice name by the way). I feel the majority of the younger voters are ill informed or simply ignorant. Our education system is in shambles, partly due to the people resposible for teaching your kids. People who cannot withhold their biased opinions in the classroom. Don't worry jstreet, the people fighting for your country are big boys and girls and we can speak for ourselves. A few of us have probably dealt with a little more stress than that provided by Mr. McPlenty.
Best reagrds,


Needless to say this whole Obama thing Sucks!


Sorry Silver Arrow, maybe he'll surprise me.

I find it difficult to imagine supporting this President, and I hope I am not pressed to do it before he shows what he's made of. I suppose I'll find a way to support him, but I don't have to silence my disagreement to prove my patriotism. If he wants my respect he will have to show some to me and my rights. You earn respect, often by giving it.

Speaking of respect, I am still "clinging" to my guns and religion and I hope I don't have a reason to be bitter in the next few years. Does it sound like he has any respect for gun owners?


Tyler, look up Todd Jarrett's of Blackwater videos on Downrange TV's website http://www.downrange.tv/player.htm and check out the video links. Or you can look him up on Youtube also. He'll show you proper grip. I did and I noticed a huge difference in my groups at 25 yds with my 1911. I doubt you'll have to burn thousands of rounds through it to get proficient, but it is always fun. And expensive.

Clay Cooper

“Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no Constitution, no Law, no Court can save it...Where do you stand Citizen?”
-Judge Learned Hand (1961)


Yea Nuts!

Scott in Southern Illinois

To quote Slim Pickens in Blazing Saddles: "I am depressed."
I'm well on the way to finding the bottom of my whiskey collection.

the military did not get to vote.

Scott in Ohio

Silver Arrow,

I am impressed by your comment. I really didn't like either candidate but now that it's decided, everyone grab a paddle (and stock up on ammo).


It seams Tyler(NC) has answered his own question...


Gotta echo Silver Arrow: I don't like Obama, and didn't vote for him, but this is America and he is now our President-elect. I will disagree with him more than I will agree, but this is my country and this is the way we do things - democratically. Other countries have violent revolutions. We have elections. France elects only white Roman Catholic men to lead. Canada can't decide which language they are going to speak. We are the envy of the world, whether Bush or McCain or Obama is our president.

I hate that mainstream news media are so blatantly biased, and that may be a place where citizens can have a greater impact. We can vote in the perpetual election in the marketplace by spending our dollars on products advertised on more conservative (or balanced) news outlets.

In spite of a horribly unpopular sitting president, a faltering economy, and an unpopular war, Obama received only 52% of the popular vote. That is not a mandate. Most of his campaign promises were empty, anyway, and his more radical attempts at governing will be met with resistance - and in two years we can change the balance of power in Congress.

America will be fine.


To believe any thing said by a man trying to gain that which he desires is(foolish).. To believe a man with the Anti-gun record he and his counterpart has demonstrated, that he will not interfere with our second admendment,is foolish. We are afoolish people aren't we?. Don't look for any great move yet, wait until we all get comfy, then lookout.

Thos. B. Fowler

This is to Tyler...
Thanks for the bravery to ask
"The Question'...but know that this is a campfire question, and gun lovers like us, of varied civilian and police backgrounds, have a million opinions, that we hold passionately. And, likely, you will join our numbers, with your favorites. I think you need to ask yourself what purpose you have in mind for the second gun, and how badly you want stopping power. The advice about a .38 wheelgun snubby is probably pretty sound, for most situations. Other considerations are: 1. is it likely that you will have the piece in your car and home too, for a go-to gun? If so, is it big enough to end the fight, right there? Consider the effectiveness of shooting through car doors, or wooden ones, as well 2. Is this purchase likely to be something fun that you could take hunting, as well? 3. Are you a big guy, and can you easily hide a big carry weapon? 4. As has been recommended, go and shoot different pieces, and read up on what they are designed to do. 5. Join the rest of us, and don't limit yourself to one backup-carry-all-purpose-fun gun. Get a couple, and enjoy them, friend. Enjoy them, and take your wife and children shooting, too. As was recommended, a .22 handgun is always a good idea...include one of those, too.

Oh...didn't make specific recommendations? Practically, on the snub-nose side, anything S&W or Colt that carries SIX ROUNDS, not five. Six. Count them. Why extend a bad situation when you may need to end it with another round? For more serious stuff, the new concealable .45 1911 clones are great...Jeff Cooper was more right than wrong, more often than not. For fun and home protection, .45's again, in revolver [even single action], and I love the .45 Long Colt, as it will shoot through the little barriers creeps might hide behind. Good on rabid animals too. Good with snake shot, too.

Dave will probably pick up on this, as it is a great blog consideration. [Thank you Dave, for your blog, and your erudite musings.]

Good shooting, Tyler.

Tom Fowler


….Think DP has it right on what’s about to occur when Obama Admin takes over. I can see the turf battles forming already Obama’s proposed Chief of Staff wants Pelosi’s Speaker of the House job.

I believe the honeymoon with Obama will last to summer. The fit will hit when “Hope” and “Change” comes up against the Economy, other pressing domestic issues, and the wars of Islamic Extremism. The disappointment and disillusion will be greater than any time since LBJ years of the 60’s.

BTW, GOP has to change. You gotta admit these last eight-years under Bush Admin sucked. The White House was trumped by people and events it shouldn’t have been trumped by if they had been running a first-string team.

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