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November 05, 2008

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Some Random Thoughts on the Election

“And I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, ‘Come and see,’ and I looked and beheld a pale horse, and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.”—from The Book of Revelation

“It is already dark in Moscow, and soon it will be dark here. I wonder: shall we see the light again in our lifetimes?”—Freidrich Wilhelm Kritzinger, in the movie Conspiracy

*It could have been worse. We could have gotten Hillary, and with her the same politics as Obama plus that voice braying at us for four years. On the other hand, I will miss the excellent antics of Bubba turned loose in the White House with no one in charge of him.

*Obama says he respects the Second Amendment.  And I am Ferdinand, King of Romania.

*We are probably not going to see any gun legislation for a while. Obama and Biden will have their hands full with the coming depression and our two wars, plus energy, plus who knows what else. Also, it will take Congress a while to figure out who is who in the pecking order, who gets to steal what and how much, etc.

*Eventually, however, they will get brave and propose something really hellish in the way of gun legislation. This may not come until Obama’s second term, assuming he gets one, but it will be a doozer.

*When it does come, if there is a fight over it, we can take some small comfort from the fact that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are two of the most ineffectual people ever to suck on the public tit.

*A gun dealer friend called and said that this past Saturday was the biggest day he has had in over 30 years in business. Much of what he sells is black rifles in one form or another, plus Class III goodies. “All the liberals who voted for Obama are scared to death they won’t be able to get guns once he takes office,” he says.

*In the weeks to come, we are likely to see an unprecedented run on any semi-automatic or quasi-military gun, plus magazines, ammo, and anything else that Joe Biden may not want us to have. As I’ve said before, hoard now and beat the rush.

*At the suggestion of one of our more intelligent contributors, I am appointing Ms. Elisha Cuthbert the Official Gun Nut Babe.

*Smile. What else can you do?


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January 20, 2013: Obama's last day in office.
Until then, gird for battle.


Last I heard, the Calgary-born Ms. Cuthbert was keeping company with a Flame.

Perhaps Gun Nuts who are particularly distressed by the glorious outcome of Tuesday's balloting might want to look into emigrating to Alberta (very conservative culture) and lacing up a pair of Bauers. Where there's Elisha there's more. Just look at the Calgary Sun's SUNshine girl some time.


I am so appalled and depressed .... Just amazing how a biased media and personal charisma mixed with voter ignorance, gullibility, and personal pain can affect political outcomes. Luckily, like you say, there is too much else going on for Democrats to concern themselves with much of their agenda for awhile. I think we are about to witness some pretty outlandish abuses of power in the next few years. Would expect no less from a lawyer who think nothing of lying and deceit and (mis)using the law to get his way. Backlash and buyer remorse should kick in before the next round of Congressional and Presidential elections. But then again, the negative effects of liberal changes usually don't rear their ugly heads for a decade or so, just in time for Democrats to blame the problems on a new Republican administration.

And, yes, the semi-autos and handguns on my desired list have moved to the front of the to purchase as soon as possible list.


Gotta agree. I found my wife in Alberta. Great women up there. Guaranteed though, that Ms. Cuthbert cannot hold a candle to my wifes Honey Rye bread and Sweet and Spicy pickles! Oh yeah baby! God bless the farmers daughters!!

Tyler (NC)

I posted this in mr petzals blog but seems more apt to get a response here.

After obamas win I have decieded to go and get a handgun, since there is a gun show in town and im sure that this is the time to go for it. Im thinking a revolver, any suggestions?

again I am LEO and paid as such. Thanks!

Dick Mcplenty

Obama's win is a prime example of what the media can pull off.I've yet to see a single still photo of his fan fare that wasn't predominantly black overweight female and a mix of white skank trash.There's a good reason why 20 somethings shouldn't vote,we end up with dogshit like this in the white house.



Assuming you are legit and not a troll or plant...

Go to a reputable gun dealer with a range and sign up for the NRA basic pistol course. You will likely be offered the use of their inventory in order that you may learn the proper safety, use, feel and maintenance of various handguns.

There is no need to be embarassed when walking into a gun dealer's shop and admitting ignorance about handguns. You are a customer and everyone I have met at the local dealer in my area delights in teaching people about firearms, whether for hunting or protection.

First time owners / buyers really should not transact business at a gun show. Looking- fine. Buying - nope.


Dick, 20 somethings make up a bulk of the military are you saying they shouldnt be able to vote? From the sound of it you are saying so.


So why is a LEO aka cop needing advice on a backup handgun?

Most departments have guidance on this subject with an authorized for carry list and provide more training than the NRA Pistol Course for basic police certification.

Something is wrong here....



Here's something that F&S should promote:

Band together and boycott these celebrities



Supporters of The Brady Campaign…not another dime of my money will ever go to these people if I can help it…

Let’s band together and let them know we are boycotting them! Get the word out…why in the world give these people money and have them turn around and support those who take away our right?!!

Anyone volunteer to look up their contact details to send letters and e-mails?!

Hollywood stars Will Ferrell, Amy Brenneman, Jeffrey Ross, James Whitmore and Peter Weller all turned out for the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence event at the home of Shelley and Frank Litvack on Sunday, November 11

The evening honored Joan Hill, Brady Center Board of Trustees and David Hill, Chairman/CEO Fox Sports with the Sarah Brady Visionary Award. John Walsh, Host, America's Most Wanted, and Tim Heyne, President, Union Entertainment Group and President, Ventura County Brady Campaign Chapter were also presented with awards honoring their commitment to a safer America. Los Angeles County Sheriff Leroy D. Baca was presented the James S. Brady Law Enforcement Award.

Also participating in the program were Chairman of the Boston Red Sox, Tom Werner, Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton and Peter Read, the father of Mary Read, who was tragically lost in the Virginia Tech massacre. Comedian Jeffrey Ross performed a hilarious routine at the end of the evening.

Brady Center President Paul Helmke gave stirring remarks, and Senator Ted Kennedy and Victoria Reggie Kennedy sent a video message of congratulations to their friends, Joan and David Hill. Guests enjoyed cocktails, hors d'ouevres and desserts as they participated in an exciting silent auction. Special thanks to Event Chair Sheila Walker for all of her help with the event and auction.

Tyler (NC)

im not a cop, parole officer and honestly our department does no "ok" back ups but if its between me and a bullet in my ass then im going to carry one.

i am certified to carry my duty weapon and know all about semi-autos but i dont know a whole lot about revolvers.

sorry i asked for opnions.

by the way attitudes like this are why people are afraid to ask


after the results I had a couple belts of VAT69 and loaded up 50 rounds of .223. Anyone want to shoot those with me?


Well Mr McPlenty I'm sure the young men and women dying for your freedom certainly appreciate that last post.

The Republicans lost the election because their main voting base is old, grouchy, white guys, rich, old grouchy white guys and gun owners (many who are old and grouchy, too).

Unfortunately for the Republicans, the abovementioned groups are in decline.



Tyler(NC) wrote:

"sorry i asked for opnions.

by the way attitudes like this are why people are afraid to ask"

The tenor and content of your original post suggested ignorance about handguns but claimed employment as a LEO. One ought expect some cynicism when conflicting information is presented.

My suggestion remains (modified): Get thee to a gun dealer and show them your ID. I'm sure they'd be happy to let you test-fire some revolvers.


Ditto what Jack said. Take a course before buying anything. When I took the concealed carry course many moons ago, I could have taught the technical part (this is the muzzle, this is the magazine, pull this to make it go bang) but anyone buying a handgun should take the philisophical (for lack of a better term) facet of the training, the part that reminds us of the tremendous responsiblity that goes with firearms ownership and the possibility of, Heaven forbid, ever having to use it in self defense. I'm am the last one who would support registration or things like that but am all for training for those less experienced. As to hardware, agreed, go to a reputable dealer and if possible, take along someone experienced that you know you can trust. DO NOT buy junk but you also don't have to buy the most expensive piece in the store either. Your first car wasn't a Ferrarri, was it? Just personal opinion here but think about a Ruger or Charter Arms in .38 Special. Just because Dirty Harry welds that big model 29 like a flyswatter doesn't mean everybody can. Welcome to the family, and good shooting.

Tyler (NC)

thank you for an answer!

now let me ask this, we carry the S&W M&P.40 im kind of thinking about the compact since it will fire the same rounds and it cost as much as a wheel gun. Only problem is its not as much fun to practice with two identical guns.

Tyler (NC)

"Dick Mcplenty "

has gone over the line, please do something about this blatent racism and ignorance


I was leaning toward revolvers as they are simpler to operate, more user friendly to those less experienced and I prefer them. I didn't know you were familiar with autos. Suggest you might look at a Kel-Tec P11 9mm. American made, light, compact, priced right as well. Just a suggestion. Also, not all gun cranks are as rude as Dick McPlenty, sorry for that on behalf of those of us that had some raising. Again, good shooting, welcome aboard. P.S. Be sure to get your c/c permit.

coach ike

someone should compare the number of voter turnout in this election to voter turnout in the past elections. the news media said that this was a record high. is it because more people of color went out to vote than in the past? if so that is RACIST! you vote for whoever is running because you want to make a difference, you want change. you don't go out and vote simply because of skin color. and the media is largely to blame for that as well. personally i don't care what color he is as long as he gets the job done. and last jackass for the last 8 years has done NOTHING!


McPlenty, your first name suits you well.


Travis Smith

I know this is from a while back, but that Westley Richards you almost bought with the second mortgage? What caliber was it? And, if you were building your own, what caliber would you have it built in? I have been dying to know. Great blog...

Tyler (NC)

ive been reading and commenting for a while (changed the name recently because there is a tyler from TX) and didnt want to make it all that confusing. I already "own" 2 semi-autos (department issue and gift from father in-law both s&w and love them) and several shot guns and rifles but never bought my own handgun.

im shifting to the revolvers because its alot easier to operate (in my opnion) and i can only assume thats what your looking for when getting shot at.

not sure if i "need" a c/c permit since LEO are exempt, however being a parole officer im viewed more as a corrections officer (yikes i finally admited it) and now sure what the laws are reguarding that, big debate around the office. I plan on going with my future wife so she gets hers though.

Dave Petzal

To Travis Smith: It came with three sets of barrels: .300 H&H, .375 H&H, and .458 Winchester, all completely worthless in a double rifle. A double is something you use at very close range when negotiations have completely broken down, and if it were my gun, I would consider either the .470 Nitro Express or the .500 Nitro Express.

Dr. Ralph

At least Obama has made no promises that he can break. Pretty much he has said nothing... change is all I've heard. So are we pulling out of Iraq, how are we righting the economy, and what about all these people that can't afford the "too big house" that they are on the line for? Gas prices have dropped considerably as the global market adjusts to basically everyone being broke, and I'm afraid Obamessiah's answer will be to tax the living shit out of everything he sees. Dow dropped 500 today. Surprise, surprise, surprise...

To be perfectly honest I hope he has some answers but inside I am shaking like the market. His best bet is not to do anything drastic and I think he is smart enough to understand this.

Well W I hope you're happy with all your new not-so-citizens as the hispanic vote went 68% Obama. Whites are indeed the new minority and for some reason people of color seem to prefer people of color for that reason alone. I chalk this one up to a president (Bush) who pissed all over the party platform, spent money like a drunken sailor, and in the end ruined the GOP for those with character and pride. Kind of like what the Demo's have done to their party, left thier original constituency with no candidate.

Why is everyone so afraid of a third party? The first two have gone to hell and are in dire need of a serious ass kicking. Maybe when the real 21st century depression hits we will grow some balls...


Look for me at the next gun show. I'll be the wirey one with a nervous twitch and look of fear in his eyes. See y'all in the gulag!

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