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November 26, 2008

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Petzal: A Few More Words About Politics and Targets

On Thursday, 11/20, we were treated to the edifying spectacle of United States Senators rising to applaud Ted Stevens (R-AK), who is a convicted felon (and was, it should also be noted, a very good friend to gun owners). You’d think that someone in his position would clean out his office at midnight and leave without a word, but this is the Senate, and if you’ve done enough favors for enough of your colleagues, you could be caught molesting domestic livestock in the Capitol Rotunda at high noon and someone would rise to praise your kindness to animals.

That is why I’m rooting for Al Franken to beat out Norm Coleman for the Senate seat from Minnesota. Franken has all the charm of Michael Moore and is ideologically leprous, but he was a professional comedian, and reasonably successful, and that is what the Senate needs most right now.  They’re all comical, but it’s accidental, and Franken could upgrade things.

And then there is Majority Leader Harry Reid. In every class in an NCO academy or at OCS, there are always a couple of poor dorks who are washed out for “lack of command presence.” That is Harry Reid.
And so, as we bow our heads over our Thanksgiving gruel, let us give thanks that our destinies are in the hands of these dedicated public servants.

About the targets: I checked all the websites you recommended, but the one that paid off was the source suggested by Jerry G. The National Target Company of Frederick, MD, picked up the license to make and sell NRA life-sized targets after the NRA dropped them. The life-sized targets are not offered online, but National has ‘em nonetheless; all you have to do is ask. They are invaluable for teaching, and for shooting at long distance, and for checking bullet drop. Prices are reasonable, and National Target is a pleasure to deal with. The phone number is 301-874-4767.

A thousand thanks to Jerry G. May all your bullets go where you want them to. And to all of you, a Happy Thanksgiving.


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Happy Thanksgiving and all I have to say about our Congress who have a 16% approval rating, but a 96% re-election rate is??

Term-limits, Term-Limits, Term-Limits!

Happy Thanksgiving again Dave,



Chad Love

Hi Lowrecoil,

Both, actually. But the Tikka shoots the factory Remington Core-lokts so well I didn't see any reason to fart with a load right before deer season.
After season's over I'm going to chunk the factory rings, put the 6x42 in a set of Talley lightweights and then try to work up a good 100-120gr. coyote load.

Scott in Southern Illinois

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I ate waayy too much, and considering mailing the leftovers to hungry people in Africa. To have our Senate celebrate corruption does not surprise me. After all, some in this country just elected one of them to the office of President. As for the rest of us, we should practice the old duck-and-cover routines during our daily activities. It seems the rest of the world is vying to be the first to test Mssr. Obama's mettle.
To YooperJack: I would think you should prepare wolf like you would any other soft tissue animal. A little salt and pepper with some bacon grease and flour in a skillet over low heat. To quote Mel Gibson: Dog is a fine meal. Kinda tastes like Spotted Owl...;)


Paratrooper Dave:
I leave near Escanaba, on Lake Michigan. Ishpeming is up near Lake Superior. That's north about 60 miles. I've worked up there alot. Lots of maple, with bird'eye, very hilly hardwood terrain and hemlock swamps. Neat area for buck tracking, except a lot of the corporate timberland is being chopped up and sold for residential and hunting camp sites.

Thanks for the cooking tip. I think anyone in the U.P. can use that. Tracks everywhere and deer are way down throughout the peninsula.

ban nock

They got Al Capone on tax evasion. And besides Ted did very poorly in front of the jury. Had that attitude like I am entitled to have my home done over, look at all the welfare I bring my state". Now I know Alaskan's love welfare but there are honest ways of coming about it, and getting convicted of 7 counts of felony is hardly a good record to almost win a senate seat. Alaskans gota luv em, you betcha.


I can top all these examples of how corruption is rewarded.Former New Orleans Mayor "Slimy Sidney" Barthelemy caused the flooding of the city.When the engineers of the Sewage & Water Board protested that the "floodwalls" the Corps of "Engineers"(?) wanted to build along the drainage canals(which meant graft for Slimy Sidney) would never hold,Barthelemy got rid of them.Just as the veteran engineers predicted, those phoney "floodwalls" collapsed after Katrina had passed,flooding the city.By comparison,as a terrorist Barthelemy makes Osama Bin Laden look like St. Francis of Assisi,for corruption he makes Stevens look like Mother Theresa.He is walking around snickering about it, protected by his fellow politicians.


FYI - anyone interested. I found Gigantic Book of Hunting Stories at abebooks.com for $15&change plus bout $5 for shipping.


Hey, keeping off the topic as we are on this board, what is everyone's take on Sesame Street in the post Elmo era?

(Just being humorous)


Let's not forget the US House of Representatives. That is, Rep. William J. Jefferson (Democrat-LA) is a ninth-term member of Congress, representing Louisiana’s second congressional district. Rep. Jefferson’s ethics issues, for which he has now been indicted, stem from his business dealings and his misuse of federal resources. On June 4, 2007, Rep. Jefferson was indicted on 16 criminal counts, including two counts of conspiracy to solicit bribes, two counts of solicitation of bribes by a public official, six counts of honest services fraud by wire, one count of violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, three counts of money laundering, one count of obstruction of justice and one count of racketeering. The indictment stems from multiple instances in which Rep. Jefferson agreed to perform official acts for 11 different companies in return for bribes payable to him and his family members. The 94-page indictment outlines in considerable detail multiple bribery schemes in which Rep. Jefferson participated.

Of course, he is still serving.


Thanks to the lame-stream media, the Democrats get away with all kinds of shenanigans.


yooperjack, Didn't do much good here in Ky. this year yet,Muzzle season cones in in about two weeks. Did find a herd of elk numbering 130-140 free roaming elk here in Ky. Want to see them e-mail me at [email protected] you too clay..... Rockymtnhunter has already seen them.


I've noticed that the standard regarding bitching about politicians seems to be that we all like the pols we vote for and think all the other pols to be rabid weasles. Hence the 15% popularity of congress (filled with everybody elses pols) and the 95% reelection rate (we put the ones we like back in office). Therefore I excoriate pols from far away (whom I dislike) such as Mr. Stevens and that tool of the cultists Orrin Hatch (I think all mormons ought to be forced to go back in time and actually meet Holy Joe-then witness him boffing their wives/ daughters). Meanwhile other faithful Field 'n Steam readers wax perjorative about my Barney Frank (who I like a lot) or our Massachusetts Hero John Kerry. Hey, I understand, you antiliberals don't live on this side of the Hudson, you like the guys you keep electing, just like the cultists in SLC will keep putting Orrin in office till he mummifys and needs to be propped up in his senate seat.
On other notes I too have been given the SSS advice. We were having issues with a Fisher cat that developed a taste for our ducks and the towns animal officer suggested the Shoot, Shovel and Shut up tactic. As it was I managed to get within 30 yards of the kritter about 4:30am one day. I know he saw me, I heard that growl like ripping cloth, but it was pitch dark and I wouln't shoot what I can't see. At any rate He knew I was there and they know when a body is armed (reference the blog entry about intent). Even though I didn't fire a shot that Fisher cat didn't come back.
Our shotgun season starts tomorrow morning, I had no luck during archery season so I hope to be out with my old 12 gauge Ithaca Super Single. May Hern guide my aim.

WA Mtnhunter

bucstopper & alabamahunter

You two Auburn-ites have my deepest sympathy and condolences since the Tide rolled over your sorry butts 36 to ZIP!

Roll Tide!


Rocky Mtn Hunter

Appears all have and outstreached hand for a portion of the near Trillion our beloved Congress has agreed to give away with no strings attached, not even any accountability of who got wher and what for.
Suppose we all need to file a claim for a small portion for ourselves. Yep, I'd like to start a small business with about 4-5 employee's. About 2 Million would get it off and running. Now the Education system is asking for it's share???? and the list grows. Back when Japan and China and other 3rd world countries was flooding the market with a much better built Auto,where was out big 3 then. These other countries just built a bette mouse trap and it sold. Now the ig 3 crying foul. What Company earlier and now, guarantees your retirement for ever??? even if goes bely up. Best we make out own plans for retrement, as you cannot live on SS alone. l wish someone would give me the e-mail address of whom I contact to get my SHARE of the give away $$$. Times were back 20 odd years ago, that you had to have approved your plan , but that's history now. All you gotta do is go thru a Gov. agency and ask. Believe will ask, what harm can I do.? And4-5 new employee's put to work will surely help our economy, right? My new Bsiness will be a traveling van loaded with firearms and may stop near the major big-box stres r Bass, etc.You may think I;m idding about the Van, but I'm nt. Was in Craig, C0 in 93 and a guy from NJ was doing just that. He traveled all over the US, trying to stay abreast of the gun shows where permits not a MUST have, same as Virginia for their Labor Day Celebration.If any you guys knw whom I should contact, I will contact our Senator who was a pot and pan salesman before he kissed the right Horse's A--.For a couple Million, I will kiss the same Horse. Shot-um-straight and often. The Old Southern Gunslinger

Jim in Mo

Rky Mrn Hnr,
Japan and China never flooded our markets with better built products. They just floded our markets with the blessing of NAFTA.
Anyone thinks Toyota is great do some looking around. In '06 and '07 toyota had more recalls on there vehicles than they produced! Did the liberal media print that.

Dr. Ralph

Gators are going to CHOMP Alabama's Crimson Tide. Either way I'm cheering for the SEC in the BCS Championship game...


I know what you mean about the bucks being scarce in Da UP. Unfortunitly I have seen more dead deer along side the road then anywhere else. I was coming back from a run up to Cheboygan at the crack of daylight and wished I could have pulled my truck over and had a rifle with me. Out in a field was about 7 good sized Does. Unfortunity it is highly illegal to shoot right next to I-75 and on some one else's property. Ah well there is always next year. I have not had a chance to go deer hunting yet this year. My job has been keeping me out of State most of the week and when I am home I have things to do that keep me at home. I suppose I could have gone out on Thanksgiving Day but my wife said over her dead body. She had not seen me in two weeks and it was the only day she had off from work. Maybe I can go out for Muzzle Loading season. I have a nice left handed Thompson Center percussion lock that has not seen day light in a while.
Hopefully you will have good luck and not get too much snow too fast.

Tom the Troll


Hey Tom:
Sorry about the season. I'm hoping to get out with my TC New Englander. I've never actually hunted with it before. Didn't know they made LH smokepoles. Actually, I don't feel inconvenienced at all with the RH model.
Interesting season! We had nice bucks come into the feeder, usually around 2 AM. We have a game camera. We have no pictures of antlered deer at the feeder during daylight hours. Between the wolves and the "new rifle" jinx, I guess I was predestined to fail. Oh well. There's always next year.
BTW, I know a lot of drivers that haul Hdwd lumber. They probably would like to trade with you right now. Especially those that own their rigs. Things are really slowing down up here. I do feel for you though. We only get 15 days. If you can't make, tough. My son had the same problem on the sub. Much as don't care for fenced hunting, it's probably better than no hunt at all.


Yes they do make Smokepoles that have the hammer on the left. I bought one of them about 10 or 12 years ago when I was helping coach one the Michigan teams for the MYHEC or Michigan Youth Hunter Education Challenge. It was one the rifles that they brought/bought for the kids that did not have a black powder rifle to use. Then they sold them at the end of the challenge for around $200.00
With rifle season only being 2 weeks it is a little hard when you are sitting in Mississippi and Tennesee most of the week.
I have seen more deer down here munching on the grass on the side of the highway then any thing else. The deer down here are small compared to the ones we have up in Michigan.
I am about to make another 2 day trek back up to Michigan from Jackson, Mississippi.
Tom the Troll.

Jim in Mo

Last night you mentioned 'new rifle jinx'. Boy don't that seem to be the truth. Seen deer for years with my .35 then got an '06 and it seemed forever for them deer to warm up to it.

Eocky Mtn Hunter

Jim in MO: Seewhat the 30-06 does, ever scares the deer away.No doubt the 06 is a must sought after deergun, but many other calibers as well. To me nything from a 30-30 up is adeergun,but do prefer the 06 using l50 r. Scricco's, then usr l80's out west when hunting both Elk/Deer.My Marlin XL7 shoulfd be all set up by Sat PM. Leupold bases/rings and scope on tehn way. Was not happy with the 10-15 yr old scope had plannnd to use,. But today's Scopes farsuperior than of l5 yrs ago. Any one used teh Dusk to Dawn Banner by Bushelll? if so whats your opinion for early/latre hunting, Woods fullof acors, so deer can stay in the big timber all day. Had 2 come out tonight as ws getting my junk together to head home, Not sure of Sex, one appeared to be a small bucK//////Hopefully in the AM.

Del in KS

Last Sat nite My son got married in London. At the wedding reception my daughter got a text message that Kansas beat Missouri in the annual border war game. It was a nail biter but oh how sweet it was. The groom is a Jayhawk, his best man is a MO Tiger.
Jim in MO, Sorry we stayed only blocks from Holland and Holland's shop, but was unable to find time to visit.
You guys that aren't seeing bucks need to hunt in Kansas or Missouri. Both have great buck to doe ratios.
I actually talked to a couple of guys in London that are shooters. The UK gun laws are depressing.

Del in KS

Jim in MO,

Check you e-mail for the pic of very old match locks. Those must of been fun to shoot. Took the pics at the Tower of London. They had hundreds of weapons from the middle ages up to a WW II vintage cannon.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

Had not been satisfied wih my B/P hunting till this year. My firsrt kill asa a 4" oak tree. Scoped that Hunterbolt and now it shoots almost as well as my 06. Killed 2 Bucks this year, one at l70 yds and one at l40.Both fell in tracts. Now maybe can be another Jim Shockley and make many $$$ with B/P. After someone suggeted to moist a patch and run it down teh bbl after the fist shot, then a dry one, that it made loading teh 2nd field shot better,it does ,asi tried it twice.Now go to clen the gun up,which I hate.I use Rusty Duck supplies for that job. Works well. Us huntersnever satasfied, not I want a break action /P by T/C scoped with a Omega scope. But my Bunter bold with a Dusk toDawn scope is great even 2 mintes till dark. Going to Va for a few weeks after teh 20th as Rifle season closes here on the 20th,but last (B/P) season in VA closeson lst Satin January. I use l00-to l50 grs of Power Built Pointed bullets. is 2"high at l50 yds, and what a hole it leaves. Hardly any field dressing required, but can kiss the fore-end good buy.Any you gius got a short simple receipt for Deer/Elk please post. Got tome Elk Steaks in Frig now with some gook soaking them in.

Del in KS

Here in Eastern Kansas we have too many deer. The Dept of Wildlife and Parks would like hunters to harvest more doe. I deer hunt for the pure pleasure of being in the woods matching wits with a mature buck. We can take 4 antlerless and 1 buck a year. Nope my family wont eat the meat so I give it to a minister who gives it to people that need protein. We also deer hunt in Missouri and they have unlimited antlerless tags. This year my take was a nice buck and 2 antlerless from each state. All were tagged and given to others. All concerned are happy with this arrangement.

BTW NOS but you guys that bowhunt should check out the Rage 2 blade broadhead. It does an awesome job. Flys like a field point and makes a great wound with copious blood trail. Shot 6 arrows last 2 years and tagged 5 deer.

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