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November 26, 2008

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Petzal: A Few More Words About Politics and Targets

On Thursday, 11/20, we were treated to the edifying spectacle of United States Senators rising to applaud Ted Stevens (R-AK), who is a convicted felon (and was, it should also be noted, a very good friend to gun owners). You’d think that someone in his position would clean out his office at midnight and leave without a word, but this is the Senate, and if you’ve done enough favors for enough of your colleagues, you could be caught molesting domestic livestock in the Capitol Rotunda at high noon and someone would rise to praise your kindness to animals.

That is why I’m rooting for Al Franken to beat out Norm Coleman for the Senate seat from Minnesota. Franken has all the charm of Michael Moore and is ideologically leprous, but he was a professional comedian, and reasonably successful, and that is what the Senate needs most right now.  They’re all comical, but it’s accidental, and Franken could upgrade things.

And then there is Majority Leader Harry Reid. In every class in an NCO academy or at OCS, there are always a couple of poor dorks who are washed out for “lack of command presence.” That is Harry Reid.
And so, as we bow our heads over our Thanksgiving gruel, let us give thanks that our destinies are in the hands of these dedicated public servants.

About the targets: I checked all the websites you recommended, but the one that paid off was the source suggested by Jerry G. The National Target Company of Frederick, MD, picked up the license to make and sell NRA life-sized targets after the NRA dropped them. The life-sized targets are not offered online, but National has ‘em nonetheless; all you have to do is ask. They are invaluable for teaching, and for shooting at long distance, and for checking bullet drop. Prices are reasonable, and National Target is a pleasure to deal with. The phone number is 301-874-4767.

A thousand thanks to Jerry G. May all your bullets go where you want them to. And to all of you, a Happy Thanksgiving.


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Dave... you're forgetting there were more than two candidates in that particular senate race in Minnesota...

Pete Hansen

Well, is that any worse than 50 Senators and Congressmen gathering in front of the Whitehouse and applauding Bill Clinton after the vote for impeachment after purgery and other crimes? Had I, as a Government employee and manager been caught diddeling a female employee on goverment property, I would have had to arrange for someone to mail me sunlight and air to my cell! But, apparently, once they're elevated to little Gods and given the perks they feel they should be entitled, nothing removes the golden mantel they receive when elected. Frankly, I was surprised when Randy Cunningham was sentenced to prison. There must have been a lot of stuff not revealed in his case.


Granted, Stevens probably did something wrong. The oil contractors apparantly remodled his home, or a portion thereof. Why then, is it legal for a slumlord to pay a portion of another Senator's home (Barack Obama) or a mortgage company to give a sweetheart mortgage to a Senator (Christopher Dodd)? How about the esteemed Congressman from Loisiana (William Jefferson) who was caught with $90,000 in marked cash from a bribery sting? Dave, you disappointed me with your Frankin endorsement. He has unpaid taxes in 17 states, has failed to pay benefits to employees and is in general, a shcmuck. If elected, he'll fit right in.
On another note; got my 30.06 LH Tikka. Mounted a 2.5 X 10 X 42 Nikon Monarch scope. That combo shoots unbelievably well! Unfortunately, U.P. deer are rather scarce this year. Can you tell me if that company also makes life-sized timber wolf targets? Tracks everywhere! I mean across the entire peninsula. I've heard that you can't even kill them to defend your dog.


You gotta remember with Government and Military Staff….image is paramount.

This fact was impressed upon me by a USAF major when I questioned how a captain needing to make major was put into the training shop. An exceedingly odd move since this captain who was pleasant enough chap never could get a handle on the weapon system. In short, he screwed up by the numbers.

When I brought this fact up, the major replied, “Yes, but he looks good doing it.”

This is something I always keep in the back of my mind when I deal with staff and bureaucrats, especially presently watching our great and glorious leaders running shit-ass scared. It behooves my fellow blogger-mouths to remember that major’s reply also with economic-socio-political-ecological collapse looming for 2009.


I, too, rise to applaude Ted Stevens. I have known him since AK became a State both personally and as a Senator. His case reminds me so how the BTF has ruined decent people who may not have filled out all the paperwork. Anyone who followed the trial closely knows of the many instances where the Judge seriously reprimanded the Prosecutors (Democrats) for misconduct. The appeal may well tell a different story. Regardless, timing the trial for immediately before the election had the desired result; we now have another Democrat Senator. While Begich may not be anti-gun, per se, he will have no choice but to go along to get along.
Yooper J - if Dave had his tounge any further in his cheek in his Franken endorsement he would have swallowed it whole!!


I kinda figured that. I just think that I would vote for ANYONE who writes here before Frankin. I really don't like him! I'm glad you're around, though. How do you cook wolf?

Chad Love

Off-topic, but Yooper my Tikka T3 stainless 6.5 shoots tiny little groups, too.
I've got an FXIII 6x42 mounted on it and the whole thing weighs 7.3 pounds with scope, sling and three rounds loaded. Pure heaven to carry.
I'd love that gun in a left-hand but the stainless 6.5s are rare enough. Doubt I'd ever find a lefty.
Mine took a pretty nice eight-pointer opening day of our gun season down here. It's got a couple more does to go through and then it's going to start chasing coyotes...


I have found that an AR 15 on rock and roll does a real nice job of preparing a wolf.


Sorry to stay off topic, but boy, there's a lot of LH shooters that show up here! You would think that every gun would be available in every caliber with all of us.
Anyway, I bought the wood stock model. I thought that the weight would make it more stable. Whether or not that's true, I think its true, and that's all that counts. I've got a client that has the synthetic stock. I believe itsa .338. He loves it and says the recoil is nothing. He's a big fellow, though.


The whole thing with Stevens was sad. The man spent most of his life in service for his country, and all they got him on was a contractor doing free remodeling to his home. What they should have done is have some one contact him, and ask him to not run for re-election.With all of the massive really dirty corruption in government, they could have done that. the guy is 84 years old, but no they made this a mess, the democrats got another senator, and watch, he will more than likely win his appeal.


Okay, as long as we're staying off topic...

Chad Love: As a fellow 6.5x55 shooter, I'm curious. Do you handload, or shoot factory ammo? If you go the factory route, what do you shoot? I've found vast differences in performance from one brand of ammo to another.


Happy Thanksgiving folks. Don't forget (not that anyone here would) why and to whom we give thanks.

Now let's see...

Kiss the dog,
scratch the wife,
count blessings,
subtract tribulations, and....

...well, at least it's a positive number. Could be worse.


Are you up on the Keweenaw?

Dr. Ralph

There's a ham that's been cooking since last night in the oven making everyone's mouth water and the biggest Butterball Turkey I could find thawing for tomorrow. My wife is now making cakes and pies and cookies etc... Blondie's chewing on my feet as I type and there are three kids playing in the living room the house is full of love. I have so much to be thankful for I can't even begin to express it in words. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

When I bow my head tomorrow I will make sure to include Ted Stevens because of his raw deal (in my opinion and with only a small amount of information available in the last half hour on the net and because if he's a friend of dickgun he's a friend of mine) and exclude each and every political leader trying to drive my future into the ground. We shall overcome. I know I will, been doing it for half a century.

lost my zero

Mr Petzal,
i read your tribute to Jim Carmichel in OL. Very well written sir!


No, I'm a wannabe. I hunt deer in NE Iron County, and Grouse throughout the U.P. I love the Keweenaw best because of the massive bucks. Also, because of the relative scarcity of deer there, you can actually track deer, assumming you have snow.

Happy Thanksgiving! We've all got much more than we truly deserve. Especially those of us that call ourselves Americans!

Jim in Mo

yoop, I almost forgot. Yes! Happy thanksgiving to all, and I mean it.


Ralph & fellow deer chasers.

Just back ,. touh season up to know ,.. in fact the first season in ,many many years I have no meat on the ground before Thanks Giving.

It's earn a buck where I hunted ,.in WI.
And of course you just know ( 1,2,3,4) just like clockwork.
Had a 10 point an 8 point a 6 point and the fatest forkhorn I ever saw ,.walk by so close I could hear them breathing,. but no does ,.can't shoot a buck until I whack a doe ,.. its maddening ,. but its hunting,.. and I love it.
Also one hell of an excersize in self control,.. cause the 8 point
was something special

And this ,.. end of the day on Monday after a snow fall previous night,..wind was tough,.. I was colder than a St Louis maddam's heart and stiff as pillar beded action when i started out of the woods ,..
Then with no chance for a shot at 125 yds ( I know the distance) accross a corn field, against a hill side ,. I saw the biggest deer ( in body) I ever hope to witness. Too far,. to thick and too dark to make out rack size ,.. but when I first saw it ,.I truly thought someones balck angus got loose ,..Then it dawned on me I was watching a deer move through the undergrowth.
It was so dam big it didnt even move like a normal deer
Simply amazing ,.. we all hope to see one of those ,.. but never expect to much les shoot one as I beleive that "ilk" to be totally nocturnal,..
Still as it stands I have counting this one seen two like that,
One was not far from the Badger Ammunition plant in southern WI many moons ago
( Barabou bluff area) and this one,.. location to remain sealed for now.
I mean fellas this thing ( deer ) was so big even at that distance,..it simply dwarfed the three deer near it which were of average size. 135 - 150 lbs.
To qualify this a little so I don't sound like Ive been into the cooking cherry I've been chasing the wily white tail ( this of course being no reference to a causacion house of ill repute) with some vigor now for about 40 years . So Im passed the bug eyed exaduration stage of younger hunters.
The sheer mass of the dam thing just stopped me in my tracks.
So,.. as cold and in need of hot drink as I was.Looking back on that moment it now appears to have posibbly been some kind of sign post ,.. certainly sureal and maybe,. possibly a moment of spirtualty ,..What ever it was it was something I will never forget.
There are things that mean something and then there is the rest ,. this I think was a sighn.Wait to see about what ,..
By the way I belive in signs would be pushing Daisies for sure if i didnt.

So Ralph,.. sorry to hear of the portfolio blood bath. Still
as you know I can't advise ,..
Solicited or un-solicited no formal relationship,.. no risk profile etc. And by now for many its kinda too late. Just hope the next guy in the white house has the brains and balls to get us back on track,. I would however (and have personally ) be looking to weed out bad erformers.
I typically track em for three quarters if under performing replace,. also loss selling before year end ,..
guess I can say that without shooting myslef in the foot.

Off topic as they say i saw this coming 6 years ago ,.. but there was nothing to indicate it through mormal channels in the secrities business.No one but insiders knew about the credit loss swap scam until recently. Or better put until our economy was ( and is by the way ) balanced on the cliiff edge of horrible depression
However as I still own a small real estate apraisal concern ,..
It was soon clear to me the lending practises i was whitnesing starting in 2002 were at best irresponsible and at the worst preditory and criminal

A whole boat laod of mortgage backed securities (billions) were being sold globally on the premise that they were of a GSE nature ( government sponsored enterprise)
when they were not,.. and that the US housing market would never go down.
Please ,.. you me or the next guy does not need a PHD to know sooner o later every market cycles. IE:NOTHING goes up for ever ,.. not even slick willies willie.

Congressional deregulation in 1999 and 2000 by a republican congress under Clinton was when we let the monster off the leash,..

With Oil prices being what they were. manipulated (in my humble opinion) under the guise of increased demand from china and other venues including the Invisible Kingdom of big oil Causing the beginning of core inflation and eminent resession as I saw in Feb of 2007
I saw no other course as of Nove 2007 but to start moving to stable value accouts,.. which is what I did. I was caught with some bank stock ,..( small banks ) that tanked too quickly so gotta ride that out,.. but on the whole I and clients who would listen missed the tremendous ass whuppin delt by the mutts presently in office. And I dont mwan congress ,. I mean essentially the main ocupant of 1600 Pennsylvana Ave viewd now by most of the rest of the world as the Bush sand box.

I have however begun to buy ,..
as i believe the there are some very goods deals especially in the "quality large cap markets"

So on the eve of my favorite holiday and what I also refer to as the "feeding frenzy" about to takle place ,..
Let us remember and offer short prayer for,..those who can't aford to hunt,..
for those who dont have a warm house and bird in the oven and nice glass of wine ( or my case 4 oz of Gods liqid,.. the being Scotch whiskey) ,. for the troops away from home,.. for the fallen and for the forlorn,.. They are amoung us,.. the invisible,..the homeless the
poor and the destitute ,.
for those who's dignity an self confidence has been stripped by the greedy in the name of profit and progress.
For all the people,..who with just a little help (hopefully through a new leader) will be sooner than later paying for groceries and rent and buying a car an sooner or later a home ,..
To all,.. not just the hunting brethren who are special to me ,.. but to all
God bless you and Happy Holiday

steve ferber

Bad politicians are just too hard to injure in any way. Officers in my beachmaster unit rotated monthly to shore patrol duty when we were in port. One reason I was drawn to the .45 ACP as my favorite semi-auto was the opportunity of seeing first-hand the damage a hardball round can do to a man.

I was called to the old Miramar air station outside of San Diego to investigate an attempted suicide. A once low-level county politician, who became a despondent sailor, put his .45 to his head apparantly, but had such a terrible jerk (why he was troubled with anticipation of recoil in that scenario I do not know) that he missed the target completely, and instead, put most of his left shoulder--bone, flesh etc., against the wall behind him.

When I arrived, I found the barely-deformed slug imbedded in a copy of the 'Air Almanac' in the next office. He recovered, I'm told, and is now probably serving in Congress.


The blind naivety of people who dont realize the deep corruption which has long rotted Alaskan politics(corruption is pretty deep everywhere but Alaska is awful) is unfortunate.

Dave Lamenzo  ("Paratrooper Dave")


Good Morning One & All !!!

And, a happy and blessed Thanksgiving as well and especially to you Dave.

Dave, you know when you talk about
politicians in DC who set our nation's course it is so sadly comical to witness what they do and what they don't do. Term limits need to be swiftly established for all who occupy seats in the Senate and in the Congress.

Yooper Jack, in regard to the wolf problem up at the UP, do what many of my rancher friends do out west in cattle country. Namely, they employ the SSS system - Shoot, Shovel and Shut-up. And, if a dead wolf-critter happens to have a transmitter on it, take it off and toss in the back of truck bound out of state.

By the way Yooper Jack, I have friends in the UP; they live near Ishpeming. Is that any way near you?

Paratrooper Dave

Dave Petzal

To Lost My Zero: Thank you for the kind words. Maybe this is the place to add a few things that I couldn't get into Outdoor Life.

In 1976, Jim invited me to go prairie dog hunting. Since then, just about every year, I've gone varmint shooting with him, and on all those hunts he has never taken a shot. Not one. If you are his guest, you get to shoot, not Jim.

Second: There are no schools where you go to be a gun writer (and, thank God, no exams), so you have to do it more or less by feel, and some are more successful than others. Jim got into the business long before I did, and early in my career, I had him as an example. He was a two-legged poster for how much you had to know and what was expected if you wanted to be any good at it.
When the full truth dawned on me, I thought, "Oh boy, I got some work to do." And so that tribute was my way of saying thanks in public, and I owe Todd Smith, who is editor of OL, a big thank you for the opportunity.



I have a lot ot be thankful for. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, My Family, My Work and the opportunity given to hunt,fish and shoot which fully extends the quality of life in general.

BTW just got back from KY, took a heavy deer scoring over 150, the turkey is done upstairs and the sweet potato pie is calling.......time for football today, quail hunt tomorrow and IRON BOWL on Saturday. WAR EAGLE


I agree with all your comments about Jim Carmichael. I first met him in Prescott,AZ in the very early '70s. Dave Wolfe, (Wolfe Publishing) whom I had met when he was still in Illinos, had recently moved to Prescott and was in the process of starting his Publishing Co. At that time Neal Knox was working for Dave and Jim was there, I guess, because Prescott was/is a hotbed for 'gun nuts.' If I remember right that was before he went with O/L but maybe not. Anyway, I then saw him often at major hunt shows, although I rarely see him anymore. He was always kind, helpful and a good guy to know. He never hunted AK with me to my disappointment.
Perhaps the fact that you do not see his name plastered on every publicity media out there, nowadays, tell us all a lot about the REAL JC.


"Chad Love: As a fellow 6.5x55 shooter, I'm curious. Do you handload, or shoot factory ammo? If you go the factory route, what do you shoot? I've found vast differences in performance from one brand of ammo to another."

I know this was not addressed to me but figured I'd respond anyway!

First question is what is "factory ammo" for the 6.5x55?
Just kidding, I got a few rounds of PMC ammo back in 95 or 96, mostly as I couldn't find brass to load, also got some military ammo that I use as primed brass, pull the bullets, load them up and use them for hunting ammo, as the brass is berdain primed it really isn't re-loadable so if you lose it shooting at a deer it's no loss. Just got my hands on a couple hundred rounds of fresh brass a couple of months ago and feel like I'm in heaven now! Especially as that PMC is well used by now and starting to crack quite often. I use the reloadable to work up a load then load up the primed military brass for hunting, only problem is I'm running out of the 200 military rounds now and will have to start keeping track of where the brass falls soon, oh well....

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