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October 02, 2008

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Petzal: Obama and NRA Ads

I pass this bit of news along for what it's worth, being unable to vouch for the accuracy of the source (or lack thereof). You are free to draw your own conclusions.


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This is why you should join us in the rest of the pro-gun blogosphere - we had the actual letters from Obama's campaign last week.


And, if you prefer, there's also the NRA release which also has original documents:


So I don't know whose accuracy is being questioned, NRA, others with the actual letters, or Newsmax, but it should probably be clarified.


I'm very disappointed with the Washington Post's "fact check" here, because they got it wrong. The NRA says Obama supports "a ban on shotguns and rifles most of us use for hunting." WaPo purports to dismiss that as inaccurate by writing that it what Obama wants is a renewal of the assault weapons ban and that the claim "refers to semiautomatic rifles and pistols covered by the assault weapons ban, which expired in March 2004."

Putting aside the fact that an AK has hunting utility, there's a plain error in WaPo's "fact check," which, at least in part, purports to invalidate the NRA's claim because it includes "shotguns" where the assault weapons ban only affected "semiautomatic rifles and pistols." In fact, the ban also made illegal semiautomatic shotguns with a pistol grip, a product that Remington is currently marketing to hunters, as you can see at the link below.



One truly has to wonder; if Obama is taking this action to attempt to silence the basically irrepressable NRA what is he doing to other groups who bring up valid points against him but haven't the resources to fight his attacks? What else is he covering up, lying about?
Have other groups been surpressed or censored by this megalomanic but incompetent politician??

Michael Ejercito

Obama is clearly afraid of the NRA.

He would not have resorted to this action if that was not the case.


The information is accurate. They've also been threatening people at radio stations and other strong-arm tactics. If Obama gets in, the Fairness Doctrine is coming and you can say bye to the pro-gun blogosphere and talk radio.


Obama and his goon squad have been doing this sort of thing for weeks. In Missouri they are filing bogus charges with the State Police to silence critics, while ACORN is stuffing ballot boxes in Ohio. Please check out DonkeySlap.com one of the very first bloggers to push for Sarah Palin. If he is elected the 2nd Amendment is gone and I'm not sure the 1st will survive 4 years.

I'm in school right now

How does Obama think he can use the first amendament to stop the NRA? The first is what gives them the right to put whatever ads they want!!!



You're not wrong, Dave. Here is the link to the NRA's own site that says the same thing.


A wonder that the mainstream media has left this alone. If this is the way Obama behaves as a candidate, imagine what he'll do as president. You guys who are always writing, "I'm a lifelong hunter and shooter, and I'm voting Obama" have to understand that this is NOT just about guns.

Guns are power. Guns mean that you can enforce the law in your own home, no need for lawyers, judges, or congressional oversight complete with blue ribbon panels, when a bad guy breaks down your door. Guns mean that the private citizen has the ability to take direct, independent-of-the-government action when a hurricane knocks the power out and mobs of looters run the streets. This amount of power in the hands of private citizens is impossible for liberals in general to stomach. Obama is just part of the herd there.

This isn't about criminals and it never has been. What gun law ever disarmed a single criminal? Obama doesn't want US to have guns because he doesn't trust US with them. What else doesn't he trust law abiding citizens with? Obama voters, please tell me why I'm wrong, and why Obama's agenda is a good thing in your opinion.


I'm torn on this one. I strongly believe in the right of free speach. However, I think misleading ads do a huge disservice to the voting public. After seeing the NRA ad, I found it hugely misleading and cements why, despite being a fervent gun-owner, I will not donate any money to the NRA.

Can't we get a pro-gun lobby that doesn't resort to half-truths or worse, outright lies?


Bob: You should do some more looking. The NRA advertisements are NOT, as a point in fact, misleading. They are based on Obama's factual actions and statements.

More on that





That first link should be to


I accidentally linked to the comments section instead of the article, though they are on the same page.


I see on your blog roll "say uncle". I saw this when it came out plus the cease and desist letters from Obama campaign to PA radio stations for running the ads.

If your are the gun nut you shold have been more educated on the truth of Obama's system for shutting down dangerous dissent.

Stanley Kurz goes checking out the papers of the Annerberg Challenge. The radio interview was shouted down by Obama supporters. The Missouri goon squads that prosecutors and sheriffs implied prosecution under libel laws for ads.

The Governor of Missouri gave a statement of the police state tactics.


I live in PA - Obama seemed like a nice guys at one time even if I didnt agree - now he makes me sick.

Obamas voting history is as anti-gun as can be. He doesnt renounce it either.

His campaign in is based primarily on hiding the truth about himself.

John Hardin

eyeball sez:

> A wonder that the mainstream media has left this alone.

No, it's not a wonder at all.



I'm curious Mr. Petzal, do you still believe (as you did in 1994) that the American public in general, and the gun-owning public specifically, would be better off without my AR-15?

How about my Garand? (Or if I buff and oil the Garand's walnut stock real purty, does that render it no longer a "hardcore military arm"?) http://waronguns.blogspot.com/2007/02/writer-of-his-stature.html

How many types of guns are you willing to throw from the sleigh to keep Ruger No.1's and Perazzi doubles legal? Where do you draw the line?

Scott in Southern Illinois

This is why we should always take anything a liberal has to say with a grain of salt. Speaking with a forked tongue is a liberal pastime. If we are united toward a secure, vibrant, world-leading nation...vote conservative.
As a side note: did anyone hear the new grumblings from the military possibly ditching the M4? Here's a link to follow. http://military.einnews.com/news/m4-carbine
I can't get in because I don't have a user ID, but it seems at least on it's face that we're finally getting to get rid of that mouse gun.


Bob: based on a reading of the Kennedy amendment that Obama voted for, ammunition that can pierce the minimum standard for law enforcement body armor would be classified as 'armor piercing'. That's 30-30ville.


And another thing: Factcheck trusts Kennedy's explanation that the ammunition be 'marketed or designed' to be armor piercing. OK, makes sense, good enough for me. "Tough enough for a moose, gentle enough on a flimsy vest"


I live in Illinois and can tell you the Chicago machine's position on private ownership of guns is zero tolerance. Obama is a product of that machine and has toed the Illinois Democrat party line on banning private ownership of guns, period. For him to come out now as supporting any gun rights at all is BS. I get to read Chicago Mayor Richard Daley's anti-gun rants all the time, at least he is honest about his position.

Clay Cooper

“As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there's a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged, and it is in such twilight that we must be aware of change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.”
-Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas

“Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.”
-Joseph Stalin

“People only see what they are prepared to see.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”
-Richard Salant, former President of CBS News


John Hardin:

When I said, 'A wonder that the mainstream media has left this alone' about Obama's attempt to shut down the NRA ads, it was because the first amendment is the one thing the media universally bands together to protect. For example, when an effort was made to put obscenity warnings on the package of some filthy mouthed rapper's work some years back, to listen to the press you would have thought that the USA was becoming the USSR. The press has always watched its own back, and its own privileges, first.

Now, the press is deciding to keep mum, even though they are helping elect a man who may one day muzzle them, too.

Now I can say I've seen everything. I didn't know they were that far in the tank for Obama. They've lost their minds. I bow, John.

the fontuckian

It will be interesting to see how many of the Liberal blowhards who appear on this site will defend NObama Hussein now. Watch and see how fast the environmental Nazis reinstate the ban on offshore drilling if they win the election. Next in line will be to install bleeding heart judges on the Supreme Court to reinterpret the recent ruling on the 2nd ammendment.For gun owners to think otherwise is sheer folly !Dont forget conservative talk radio has to go also and last but not least THIS FORUM.!


The push to silence your opponents comments is as old as Cain and Abel. Instead of cutting off their heads they just cut of your ability to put your message out. The Wash Poo will not accept ads from any firearms supporting orginization and has a long history of supporting a total gun ban. The thing is Facsism is alive and well practiced strongly by the Democratic Party and supported by the NEA, Wall street and the American Library Assoc.
Yet what kills me is as voters we support these people and then wonder why our rights are disapppearing. You tube even got in the act when it started removing videos showing how the DEms with the aid of Fannie and Freddie got us into this financial meltdown. Go check out "Burning Down the House" or the other posts about the economic mess. There was a thing the other day where in Cal. a teacher recruited a bunch of kids in a local school to sing a song about Obama and hope. Supposedly imprompto but it was staged with a dem production crew on hand to film it. Now if that is shades of the Hitler youth or Castro or Mao I don't know what else you can say to point out how dangerous this guy is. He is a hitler type who will destroy the country. If he gets elected many of us may face the same choice our FOUNDING FATHERS faced.


An Obama administration with Sens. Schumer, Durbin, Kennedy and Feinstein in the majority is quite scary. They have expanded their ridiculous definition of assault rifles to include an incredible number of hunting rifles, many of which I have used to take deer.



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