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October 09, 2008

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Photos: Huge Wild Boar

These come from Tom McIntyre, who writes for Field & Stream but is not related to Reba. The photo was taken in France or Turkey or one of those places. The swine appears to have fainted. In any event, it is a pile of pork and a heap of ham no matter how you slice it. -- DP





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I nominate that porker to be the official mascot of the recently passed financial bailout plan!

Duck Creek Dick

That sucker should be on History Channel's "Monster Quest." Just another reason for you to buy that nice .416 from Cabela's.

Jim in Mo.

I'm not doubting anyone but those pics almost look fake

Del Gue

I'm tired of seeing these creatively posed pictures of huge pigs , deer, fish and whatever.It may be a big pig but how far behind it are the people posed?How about some honest perspective in a shot.
Get real.


The pig does looks a lot bigger in the second two shots than on the top one. Would make an awesome string of sausage anyway. I wonder if he was brought down with a 7x57, an 8 x 68S, a 9.3 x 62, or tough, face-to-face diplomacy?

The Eds.

We just found this report on the beast, which says the boar weighted 335 kilograms (a bit more than 738 pounds).


Texas Hunter

I'd hate to be the one that has to gut and skin that pig.

John from AR

I mean WOW, that thing is huge... HUGE.

Perhaps they showed it a photo of "Hillary for President" and simply frightened it to death. :-)

Blue Ox

That's a lot of bacon...


Where's the lipstick?

Is that the guy from M.A.S.H?


It is said that bear and hogs are related - it would not take much imagination to reshape the head a bit on this beast and call it a brown bear.


the photo does not look real to me. How come you never see any interaction between the people and the critter in these "monster
photos"? I would like to see they guy with his hand on it,grabbing a tusk,etc. Something to make me believe it is real, it looks like two badly 'photo shopped' images.

I'm in school right now

notice in the third picture the guy second from the left does in fact have his hand on the boar.


Dr. Ralph

How did all these supposedly "wild" hogs get hold of the growth hormones? If you look at the porcine's body and reshape the head you can almost see Barry Bonds...


David -

You're not sure if it was taken in France or Turkey.

No guns, so...it must be France!


I see that my ex-wife is no longer alive and well!!!


I see the hand in the photo, I am not convinced, but how about the copy on the truck? "Nature Tours" in English? not france for sure.


These photos are doctored to greatly distort it's size. The men are standing @ 10 ft behind the pig and the photographer shot it "flat". The hand it not touching the pig in pic 3- it's behind it. Great hog but it looks to be 7000 lbs easy, not 700. Reminds me of the way our media is packaging Obama.

Brian in California

Nature Tours is a guiding service with locations in both Europe and Turkey. Here is their website with more pictures of this boar and a lot of other game. The boar can be found in the photo gallery under the "Stalking" section.



"The swine appears to have fainted."



Jim in Mo.

According to the website is was taken in Turkey. Funny they call their hunts 'tours'. Didn't know those turks were so PC.


The hand appears to be on the kneeling man's shoulder.

high plains hunter

how about on a spit at Obama's next outdoor rally? lots of pork there.


In that middle picture the guy appeats to be 20 feet behind the hog. I'm calling BS on this one.

Why is the vegetation around the hog different than the grass around the "hunter"? In every picture.

And if it was that huge, why would they be lugging it around to different locations and positions to take these photos?

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