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October 09, 2008

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Photos: Huge Wild Boar

These come from Tom McIntyre, who writes for Field & Stream but is not related to Reba. The photo was taken in France or Turkey or one of those places. The swine appears to have fainted. In any event, it is a pile of pork and a heap of ham no matter how you slice it. -- DP





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VaTx Hunter

The vegitation looks the same in picture 2 and 3. Look at Pic 3 and see the grass at the hogs neck, then look at Pic 2. Same clump of grass at his neck.
But Pic 1. Looks like it is laying in a dirt ditch, not anywhere near the same amount of vegitation.


Its Reba McEntire, not McIntire. I know she's my cousin. I'll have my bacon thick sliced please.


I call Bullshit!


I believe the top picture to be of a different animal than the other two.

If you go to the web site, click the "photography" link and then "stalking" you can see these pictures. There are three pictures in a row of this boar, two of which are posted above, then a fourth picture of one of the same people, but with what appears to be a completely different boar.

I believe that Mr. Petzal mistakenly thought that the three pictures were of the same boar, but I doubt that it was done with the intention of being misleading.

Look closely at the top picture. The animal in that picture is definitely smaller, and has a longer and coarser coat than the the animal in the bottom two. These are not pictures of the same animal in different locations, they are of completely different boars.

I downloaded the original photographs, zoomed in and used some tricks in varying white balance, contrast and other parameters that generally help identify a photoshop job. I saw no indications that these pictures are fake.

They may very well be posed in such a way to skew perspective to make the animal appear larger, but I do not believe them to be blatantly faked. They are, of course, PR pictures for the guide company so they would, of course, try to make them as dramatic and impactful as possible, but they are not photoshopped as far as I can tell...FWIW


Where's Ned Beatty and da Banjo guy?


Do they sling chitlin's in France?

Walt Smith

holy pork loin!!


Excuse the correction dickgun, but hogs have hooves (of a sort) while bears have claws and toes with pads. Bears are more closely related to canids (dogs) and mustilids (weasles, wolverines). There was a giant bear-dog in the "age of giant mammals" perhaps 20 thousand years ago. Pigs are more closely related to elephants, I think. Both pigs and bears are omnivores but the similarities stop there. I do wonder what they shot that monster with, I don't think they did it the old way...with spears and dogs. That was the sport of nobility in the middle ages, hunting boar on horseback with boar spears and hunting swords. It kinda evens the playing field.
Massachusetts archery season starts in the morning, I plan to be up in my treestand with a broadhead ready to go. Wish me luck, I'll need it. Bella

Del in KS


I don't know what broadhead you use but today I bagged my 4th deer with the Rage 2 blade mechanical. So far none have made more than 60 yds after being hit. All left bloodtrails Stevy Wonder could follow. Two fell in sight of my stand. The 2 blade makes a huge wound going in and coming out and a deer bleeds out fast. They shoot like field points too. This was my 7th WT with a bow in the last 2.5 seasons.

Del in KS

While this pic may be fake. When I was in HS down in Sumter CO Florida (40 yr ago) a classmate shot a wild hog that went over 500 lb. He was a black and white feral boar.

Jim in Mo.

I can attest for the Rage, my stepson shot a doe last week as she stood head-on. Rage/arrow went thru neck, out neck, into spine and fast drop. They may have something.
I'm going to start practicing with my son's new bow and see if my shoulders can hold up.

Clay Cooper

There is a joke in Alaska about knowing what kind of bear would get’ya if you climbed a tree. If it climbs up and get’ ya, it’s a black bear. If it knocks it down and gets’ya, it’s a Grizz. Old porky just needs to take one bite out of the tree and its down with you along with it!


I puposely did not bother to get into the finer details - left it for the imagination. I do know the obvious difference between the two. Fed a whole bunch of hogs as a kid and skinned a whole bunch of big old brown bears as a guide.

Dr. Ralph

First time I saw a wild boar in Catoosa WMA it damn sure reminded me of a Black Bear... it's all in the coat. Not a feral pig for sure, but a thick black furry creature. Cloven hoof is what it is and maybe the clove is the evolution of claws.

The truth is bears, dogs and pigs all share a common ancestor. Probably why they all have so much intelligence...


Forgive my pedantry, Dickgun. I don't doubt that you may have far more experience than I. I was amused to read that pigs and Whales have a common ancestor.
As far as my broadheads go I ain't exactly certain what the brand is on mine, they are 4 blade razor heads with this bone piercing point. I got 'em at the waldomart, what can I say...The decent archery shop is 45 miles away.
At anyrate I got to my stand about 5:30am (about 1/2 hour too early to see well enough to shoot anything). I encountered only a raccoon although I could hear all kinds of critters gamboling in the bushes. I think I have to do something to get their interest in order to get em to come a little closer. Baiting is right out, which is better the Buck Pee or the Doe estrus oderant. I didn't get a doe tag so I need one with horns. I ain't greedy, a spike buck will do for me, we want the venison.
On another note, some here have faulted me for my liberal political views. I want it noted that I do work to preserve our 2nd amendment rights and I also attempt to beguile my liberal friends into getting over their fears of firearms with my Sheutzenfests and I also do my best to teach kids firearms history, safety and marksmanship. I also take my friends to gun shows, I convinced my buddy Lyle to get his first gun. He got hisself a nice 20 gauge Mossberg 500 for a good price. Nice figure in the stock too. He wants to hunt birds and small game. Add one more convert! We took it out and shot it a few times Sunday afternoon on my range, then I gifted him with a cleaning kit and we made it nice and sparkley again. On the 2nd amendment, we are all on the same team, even if we have disagreements on unrelated policy issues. Bella


To clarify I meant that the foliage around the hog does not match the grass around the hunters.

james ti

my exwife...just can't take her anywhere!!! it's good to see she's lost a few though.


The top picture shows a pig with a fur ridgeline across the back and a bushy coat. The middle picture shows a pig with no ridgeline and a slick coat. What gives?

David kimble call me 8872581


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