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October 20, 2008

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Bourjaily: Weird and White

Andy Fielder of Junction City, Oregon sent these pictures in asking for help in ID-ing this white goose. He shot it out of a flock of similar-sized western Canadas during Oregon’s early Canada season. He thinks it’s a pure albino Canada and his taxidermist agrees. Any ideas?  Whatever it turns out to be, at the young age of 19 he’s already bagged the waterfowling trophy of a lifetime.


Me, I have never shot anything all white, although there used to be a white squirrel that lived in a grove across the gravel road from my old house. I figured it had enough problems dodging hawks and other predators without me bothering it, too. My barber has a half-white wild rooster pheasant on the wall of his shop, but I’ve never seen one myself. Anybody out there shoot anything all white, all black or just plain weird? 


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Dr. Ralph

Yeah atmiller White Deer are off limits in Tennessee. A bunch of non-hunting idiot bureaucrats passed the law within the last two or three years and TWRA is pissed. I've had at least two Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agents tell me if I ever see a white deer or turkey shoot it on sight...


If the bill was black like a honker, I would be inclined to believe it was an albino canadian. Hard to tell from the photo. Many years ago on the Rocker B Ranch in Texas I saw an albino pronghorn. His horns were amber colored. Couldn't get close enough for a shot, and never saw him again on the three day hunt.
That's why most hunting stories are about seeing, not shooting.

Why would you say somthing like that? Just because you think your a newcomer to hunting? Sounds to me you got your life in order. You could hunt for a lifetime and not see a freak in nature. I wish I could have a chance at a cougar, I have seen a grey fox which is not supposed to live here, but thats it, no freaks, and like me I love my son as you love your daughter. Lighten up on yourself you are more experienced than you think.

Jim in Mo.

Carney and to all, that was me above.

Del in KS

That definitely is not a Trumpeter Swan. Saw plenty of those in Alaska. Swan is much bigger bird and has a very long neck.



The albino whitetail deer were at Fort Drum in upstate New York, if memory serves. The post is still an active facility where the Army (and other branches) conducts Cold Weather Warfare training. Hunting on active US Military installations is necessarily restricted.

A few years back I came across a road kill albino raccoon up here in New Hampshire. I've also seen a pure, or nearly so, white skunk here recently positively beautiful animal from a safe distance!


As to the goose in the photo above. Not an albino; the feet are not white nor is the bill. Perhaps an escaped domestic (based on size) mixed with the flock of Canadas.


Jim in Mo,

The whole story is true -- but written tongue in cheek... Heck sometimes a less than favorable outcome makes for a much better story! Rodney Dangerfield managed to make a living at it!

So -- I guess I'll have to find a way to clue everybody in on my sense of humor... Maybe I'll throw one of these in " ;-) "


When I was a kid I used to shoot our white faced cow in the a$$ with my BB gun.


saw a piebald, oddly-shaped whitetail once. it was down by all the heavy metal plants in southeast ohio. not surprising.

one time a white guy broke into my house and i shot him. no mount, though.

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