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October 22, 2008

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Bourjaily: Browning Maxus

Browning recently unveiled its new autoloader, the Maxus, at its annual sales meeting. They just now posted this video on Youtube as their way of announcing the gun to the world:

Some of the footage was taken last September in South Dakota, where I shot pheasants and targets with the Maxus for three days. I make a cameo appearance in there somewhere – shooting the gun, and carrying a dead rooster

Overall, my impression of the Maxus was positive. Essentially, it’s a Gold 2.0, at least in terms of the gas system, and the Gold was already one of my favorite gas autoloaders. The gas system has been redesigned to work better with light and heavy loads, and to shoot cleaner. Only time and a lot of trigger pulls can deliver a final verdict, but so far it seems to work fine.

The forearm latch, borrowed from O/U guns, replaces the magazine cap. I am still trying to decide whether it’s cool or gimmicky, but I’m leaning towards “cool.” The “turnkey” magazine plug can be removed easily with a vehicle key without danger of launching the magazine tube spring. I suppose it’s cool, too, if you are always plugging and unplugging your gun. I leave the plugs in my guns so I never have to worry about whether they’re legal, so I could take the “turnkey” or leave it alone.

The Maxus is very light weight, probably just under 7 pounds. My contacts at Browning say that’s what hunters are demanding these days. Me, I prefer some heft to my autoloaders, because I primarily shoot them for targets and waterfowl.  Gas operation or no, if you shoot 3.5 inch shells or even a lot of target loads out of a sub-seven pound gun, you’ll get kicked.

The Maxus will list for $1199 in basic black, 3-inch, with camo and 3.5-inch models costing more. They should be available by the second quarter of next year. Anybody lining up to buy one?


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Pumps always work unless you break something doing something stupid. Yes I did that once many moons ago......

I personally don't see a need for an auto shotgun, I can pump 3 shells thru my Savage plenty fast, and I don't have to worry about whether it will "like" the shells I'm feeding it. Even the over used reloaded hulls that can barely hold the shot in long enough to be fired feed thru it everytime.
Now if they had a Auto Shotgun with a 20+ round clip that would be worthwhile to buy. I might even be able to hit Doves and Grouse with that!

Peter H.

Hey this is kind of off subject...but i just go my absantee ballot....guess who im votin for:-)

Peter H.

to zermoid

actually they do have an auto shotgun with a 20 plus round clip...full auto at that...its called the AA 12 look it up on youtube. pretty cool.

Peter H.

they do have a full auto shotgun...its called the AA12. pretty cool.


I write from Italy I have a beretta urika a benelli S90 and a browning gold and I can assure you that much more reliable browning of the other two
Best regards


I wonder if Browning is planning on coming out with a Turkey version of this gun- say with a 24" barrel and maybe obsession or breakup camo?

Gold Fan

I have owned several 870s, three 11-87s in 3 and 3 1/2 inch chambers, an 835, a model 500 Mossberg, and one Browning Gold in 3 1/2 inch. I would not trade the Gold for all of the others combined. I suffer from bicepital tendenitis and the Gold has been less painful to shoot even with heavy goose loads and slugs. If the Maxus can be what it claims, I will look to get one after they have been on the market a while. The claims for 18% less recoil and 44% faster cycling may only be marketing, but if it can be as solid as a Gold, it would be a sweet bang stick.

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