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September 15, 2008

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Petzal: Our Pal Joey?

A little while ago, I stated that Senator Joe Biden (D-Del) was one of the very worst anti-gun Senators. Now, my fellow Americans, in the waning hours before the Second Great Depression, I think it is time for specifics.

If you go to Senator Biden’s website, you will not find anything about gun control. (At least I could not find anything.) What you will find is a photo of Sen. Biden with Former President Bubba and his then-attorney general, Janet Reno, the nice lady who brought us the Waco massacre.

So what follows is taken from the NRA/ILA website, which has been keeping track of Pal Joey (and if you would like to read more, you can do so by Googling NRA/ILA Joe Biden).  Biden is not merely one of the many-termed hacks who have done their share to make the Senate a joke; he is a true mover and shaker when it comes to chipping away at the Second Amendment. Sen Biden:

*Supports a renewal on the 1994 Clinton gun ban. Sen. Biden’s current bill (S. 2237) includes 200 (more or less) makes and models of semi-auto rifles, shotguns, and handguns.
*Is credited by the Brady campaign as being “…a consistent supporter.”
*Has voted to ban semi-automatic firearms, ban various types of hunting, sporting, and self-defense ammunition, ban magazines holding more than 10 rounds, and impose a waiting period on handgun sales.
*Refused—along with Sen. Obama—to sign the legal brief opposing the D.C. gun ban before Heller went before the Supreme Court. More than 300 members of Congress did sign.
*Proposed in a Senate bill (S. 1970) in 1989 to ban the AR-15 as an “assault weapon,” named eight similar firearms as “assault weapons,” and authorized the BATF to recommend to Congress any other firearms, regardless of type, to be banned as “additional assault weapons.”

A busy fellow, no? You are free to think of him merely as the guy who steps on his crank once a week and gives Rush Limbaugh something to talk about, but if he gets to be Vice President, none of us will find him a bit funny. 


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Biden was in st. louis the other day. He was rallying all his supporters and was telling one gentlemen that to stand up for Obama is to stand up for America. When the gentlemen did not stand, Biden kept on encouraging him, kept on doing so until an aid came to his side as said "The man in the audience is a paraplegic.".


All other issues aside, there is no debate

- Biden and Obama have strong anti-gun records
-McCain has a signifigant but not strong pro-gun record
-Palin has an exteemly strong pro-gun record

Dr. Ralph

2nd Amendment rights aside the sad truth is most Americans are not worried about gun control... They are worried about four dollar a gallon gas and two hundred dollar grocery bills. Obama/Biden represent change and power for minorities so they will draw all the minority vote and those who aren't really interested in politics but want a change. For some reason they think Bush and his Big Oil buddies are still running and see McCain as McSame. He is not and the polls pretty much show a dead heat so get out there and register every like minded individual you can and make sure we all get to the polls. It's going to be another election not decided by the voters but by backroom shenanigans when the results start coming in.


Dr. Ralph, speak for yourself. I worry more about losing my rights than stupid gasoline at $4.00 a gallon. Once we lose a right, how long do you think it'll take before it gets restored, if ever? If gas prices get higher, I could always ride my bike to work.


Donate some venison to an investment banker today.

You guys crack me up. Where's Reeder with his GOP talking points on the economy when I really need a laugh?

WA Mtnhunter

Biden is a bigger idiot than Hussein Obama. Of course Obama picked him. He is the only viable guy dumber than Obama and he makes Obama look like a moderate. He would be making so many headlies, he'll draw the fire from Brother Barack!

If you think the President is in charge of the economy, you too can qualify to be Obama's VP wannabe!


I love it! Today, you're crying for the investment bankers. Yesterday you would've clamored for more regulation for these types. Look at the bright side. Lehman stockholders won't be paying taxes!
Seriously, I hope you muzzleload. That will probably be your only option if BHO is elected.
Also please note the ad that says McCain can't use a computer. The ad doesn't mention that the reason was his war injuries. I guess handicapper jokes are cool again! Maybe we call tell race jokes again.


Yo, Yooper,

I ain't crying for anybody. I was following this circus way back when the finserv guys were trying to get Glass-Steagall repealed. And this is indeed a failure of the regulatory system,like Enron was and like the Telecom Act of 96 ultimately will be.

I didn't say anything about McCain and computers and I haven't seen any commercial. I don't get my political info from commercials. But I do know that he is not conversant in tech matters at the policy level...I will guarantee you this; the GOP will do everything it can to tell you BHO is going after your guns and your religion, because they sure as heckski don't wanna talk about the last 8 years now.


But they do want to take our guns, it is part of their protecting us from ourselves agenda. the next president will appoint a supreme court justice. that will effect us. As to the economy, both parties are to blame if you are going to blame anyone, since i last checked the Democrats control the house, and I have not seen any impressive legisation come from the hill in the last two years.
what a president can do is create a real energy policy, and that has to contain a nucular program. Other than forign policy that is the limit to what a president can do for the economy. so back to the original thread, Joe Biden is not our friend,and will not be in the future.


You guys go on and on about how liberals are out to take your rights away yet have you been blind? What about the freedoms we have already lost? What about your right to privacy? what about your right to a fair trial by a jury of your peers when accused? How about Habeas Corpus and the posse commetatus act? We used to live in a free country but now we imprison more people than any other nation on earth. We have become a police state with every little cow county having a SWAT team, For what? I don't want to see more thieves and liars in power, I'm fed up with the bozos who stole the last two elections by manipulating the voting process and disenfranchising hundreds of thousands for the sillyest of reasons. Would you like it if your grandad found he was being denied his right to vote because he had the same last name as a felon in another state? How about if it was you? I see no evidence that Mcain Palin is offering anything but more of the same cupidity and class warfare. Yes! class warfare! I tend to figure that whoever the readers of this blog and Field & Stream are they are not representative of the 1% of wealthy Americans who now control more than 70% of all American assets, to the detriment of the middle class. The same patriots that deindustrialized America and sent our jobs to Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, Bangla desh and the PRC. Why? so they could make better profits and impoverish their fellow citizens. Trickle down theory only works when the money corporations save in taxes are reinvested here in America, not when they are given out as rediculous salaries and golden parachuts for that ever greedy corporate class. You say Joe B. isn't your friend? Maybe so, but he has the interests of your kids more in mind that all Mcain's lobbyists do.


Trust me on that ad. Its running now on MSM. I saw it while watching the 6:00P.M. local news. It shows Sen. McCain as a rookie politician, then jumps to now, then derides him for not knowing how to use a computer. Fact is, his injuries won't allow him to type on a keyboard.
Its kind of like Joe Biden telling the guy in the wheelchair to stand up and show himself.

Sounds like you really miss the good old days; specifically 9/11/01. You must have been really entertained, watching your television that day. I, for one, ask; "What more can we do to insure that we're not attacked again"? Maybe I'm paranoid!


I find it strange that you do not list China as the country that has the most people inprisoned, or how about North Korea, where ALL OF ITS' PEOPLE are prsioners of the state!


I was in horror and shock that day, likely the same as you. However I refuse to think that a bunch of towelheads killing a few thousand people justifies trashing our constitution and our civil rights. The Neocons used the tragidy to leverage their plans for war and the empoverishment of us all...and now their house of cards is falling. As far as the good old days go, you are living about 7 years past the end of em.
As far as the North Koreans go I served with the 8th TAC in S. Korea and was lucky to get out of there just b4 Park got shot by his own security chief. Yes the North Koreans are prisoners of their Stalinist state but why should we have to go that way, we just had nearly 8 years of a one party state.Oh and in China they don't imprison as many people as they execute with placards on their backs. Funny how all the "conservatives" are all for capital punishment, perhaps they want us to be more like their Chinese role models (the Chinese call themselves communists but that is just window dressing, tjhey are really very very conservative).


We have killed the golden goose with our overindulgence. All of Obama's voodoo won't fix nothing. This is definitely not the time for someone with so little COMMON sense as obama to take over as captain of our ship..At least Mac has common sense and is clearly the better choice. People! the days of easystreet are gone.


I guess I had you pegged a bit different.
What's worse, depriving someone of the right to vote, or paying people to vote many times in one election. I know that two wrongs don't make a right. We solved that problem in Michigan by requiring a picture ID when you vote. Why do Democrats oppose this? Photo ID's are available to anyone who doesn't have a drivers license, free of charge.

As far as the citizens who are in jail, who and where are these Americans? Granted, I live in smalltown, USA, and no one I know has been unlawfully incarcerated. Even the NY Times can't name any American citizens who are being held in the USA, or abroad by American officials, without trial. There have been plenty held by Iran, Iraq,etc. I remember a couple, notably of Jewish heritage, who were beheaded in foreign countries. I think that McCain would be much more able to protect American citizens than Obama.
That, plus gun rights, plus right to life equals my vote.


You could not be more right! The vast majority in the US, this audience not withstanding, are not going to be voting on a gun rights position. Ergo, the wellfare rolls, the unions, the rest who live off the teat of the govt. Even joe-sixpack and his gunboot, who favors himself a hunter, with the biggest, baddest, fastest, most prowerful 4wh, will not spend a dime to support our (his) cause, cuzz it might be the price of his next sixpack or gallon of gas for the 4wh. The big picture of the coming vote is not in the image of us bloggers, although we can and must continue to 'hold fast' and sell our message."


A a Life Member of the NRA. The economy is too bad for me to turn a blind eye. I'll risk my gun rights this go around and worry about fighting for them back later (if they even get taken). There's too much at stake this time.

Beside, at best all they can do is prevent me from buying more. Their darn sure not getting what I already have.

I'll take my chances.

Gman;Bella; you speak rather fluently of the American jobs being shipped overseas by the GOP, but whom do you suppose, actually founded the North American Trade Agreement, and started the actual migration of our jobs out of America?
The high price of crude, you also lay squarely at G. W. B.'s charge, yet whom, do you suppose placed a presidential ban on drilling for oil? Yet, when Bush rescinded that stupid executive order, your own Nanny P. made a joke of it saying it would be 10yrs. before such action could have any effect on the pump price of gas. Big surprize! 2wks. later our gasoline pump price had fallen .20 and hasn't stopped going down yet. In fact, from our highest of 4.479 per gallon, today I filled my tank at the same station at 3.699. Now tell me that was just accidental. Or maybe Bush shook up some ragheads.
Working with a liberal congress and accomplishing anything of value for the American citizen has been nearly impossible, but I for one am very thankful that we didn't have a OHB or a Joe Biden in the oval office to perform the same miracles that the peanut farmer performed. Remember home loans @21%? I do.

the fontuckian

bella...you liberals with your homosexual lifestyles and abortion agendas are the ulitmate hypocrites. My brother was a sheriff at Lake Tahoe when Al Gore came to the lake with a huge boat that got 1 mpg and drove it all over the lake at 80 mph while Tipper was complaining that her massuse wasnt in their entourage.
As for stealing elections, Barrack Hussein did his community organizing with ACORN who specializes in fradulent voter registration.Look it up.
Dont forget how the Dems tried to steal the presidential election by attempting to get the Florida supreme court which was stacked with 7 or 8 Democrats to give it to Big AL. When the Republicans appealed to the US Supreme Court and won, the Dems have never stopped whining and crying about it. They got beat at their own game.
The only thing bigger than your mouth is Barrack's ears.

Dr. Ralph

Seven weeks from today... will 219 years of white male presidential rule end? I don't see Barack a junior Senator being the one, but if he is I'll bet the changes he brings will not make any of us better off.


I don't recall saying anything at all about jobs being shipped overseas.

You fellers must be smoking something funny to keep thinking I say all these things. You musta been smoking it in economics class, too.


Dave, I like it when you stick your neck out and discuss politics: It makes me realize you are more conservative than I previously recognized, especially after that unfortunate characterization of Dick Cheney...


Biden, Clinton,Feinstein, Kennedy,Leahy(I'm from Vermont),Shummer etc. ... they all just BLOW! They will do or say just about anything to stay in office. If it wasn't guns it'd be hair gel or Ky Jelly or PrepH or food or water or fire or air or ?????????????? We need to map the gene that generates our current political crew and DELETE IT!


I'm not sure why the Bush administration is being blamed for the economy. The economy always is cyclical no matter if there is a Dem or Rep in charge; I guess folks think that the economy should steadily grow forever. Fact is, gas is expensive because demand exceeds supply; not Bush's fault. Folks taking out mortgages that they couldn't afford and then defaulting is not Bush's fault. Blaming bush for every bad thing that happens is just plain foolish. Put blame where blame belongs.


Guess Who

I am under 45 years old
I love the outdoors
I hunt
I am a Republican reformer
I have taken on the Republican Party establishment
I have many children
I have a spot on the national ticket as VP with less than two years in the governor's office

Have you ever heard of me before now?

Answer: Teddy Roosevelt

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