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September 23, 2008

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Petzal: Is Joe Biden a Closet Gun Lover?

Former President Bubba did his turn in a duck blind, John Kerry embarrassed himself on a trap field, and Hillary turned into Little Miss Sure Shot, so I guess it was inevitable that Joe Biden would join this farcical parade. This past Saturday, in a speech at Castlewood, Va., according to a report by NBC’s Mike Memoli:

“The Delaware senator predicted that Republicans would seek to sway voters by threatening that Obama would take away guns. Biden, claiming to be a gun owner himself who likes ‘that little over and under,’ called that notion bogus.

“’Barack Obama ain’t* taking my shotguns, so don’t buy that malarkey,’ he said. ‘If he tries to fool with my Beretta, he’s got a problem.’”

Joe Biden has an F rating from the NRA/ILA, and is on the short list of the Senate’s most rabid anti-gunners, so this came as something of a surprise, and raises a number of points:

The Republicans have so far not brought up the Obama/gun issue in a meaningful way. What are they waiting for?

I doubt if President Obama would try to take his Vice President’s shotguns. It doesn’t work that way. Bush did not take away Cheney’s Perazzi after the unpleasantness in Wyoming.

If President Obama does try to fool with Vice President Biden’s Beretta, what is the nature of his “problem?” Is this a “cold, dead hands” sort of thing?

President Obama might not fool with your Beretta, provided that it’s an over/under like Biden’s. If It happens to be a semiauto, however, don’t get too attached to it.

*Biden, like Hillary and Obama, seems compelled to dumb down his speech when he’s before a rural audience. I doubt if he says “ain’t” when he’s on the Senate floor. Hillary (Wellesley, Yale Law) sounds Like Granny Moses on The Beverly Hillbillies when she tries this stunt.


Mr. Tommy MC of Wyoming, a person of the very highest literary and moral worth and possessor of a fund of worthless information as vast as my own or greater, points out that polar bears are not pale yellow. In fact, their fur is translucent, and takes on the color of whatever background the bear is posing against.

It has also been pointed out that the Wretched Cheney Episode took place in Texas, not Wyoming. I regret the errors and apologize to all bloggers and to their progeny six generations removed.


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Just goes to show you how two-faced the politicians can be.


Petzal, I have and will continue to be a fan of yours, but I wouldn't mind you answering one question that constantly nags at me. Why does the issue of guns always boil down to "we'll have them or they'll take them away." It's 2008, and no politician in their right mind would ever take away a constitutional right - that's called "political sucicide. Last time I checked, most every thing in this country is regulated in some way, shape or form. Why would guns be any different? I hunt - own a few guns myself - but I don't go off the deep end when people talk about what I perceive to be regulation. Maybe we need a semantic overhaul - 'gun regulation' instead of 'gun control.'?


"...unpleasantness in Wyoming". If you're referring to Cheney's gun accident, I believe it was in Texas, not Wyoming. Now there is someone who could have used a little "gun control".



"...unpleasantness in Wyoming". If you're referring to Cheney's gun accident, I believe it was in Texas, not Wyoming. Now there is someone who could have used a little "gun control".


Duck Creek Dick

You just don't get it, do you Tony? Just be reasonable about "gun regulation", like you? Of course the politicians would not repeal the 2nd Amendment. But if,over time, they can accomplish the same thing by the "death of a thousand cuts" it will still result in gun control.
You're just trying to stir things up here, right?


I've been criticized in the past for using the word naive, but I feel that I must use it again to describe you.
Barack Obama ran for the Illinois State Senate. When he began his campaign, he filled out a form (in his own handwriting) that asked for his position on handguns. He wrote " I think that they should be banned from public ownership".
While in the State Senate, he introduced a bill that would've banned firearms dealers within 5 radial miles of a school or park. That would eliminate all gun dealers in just about every city, town or village.
If these two events don't describe his policy towards firearms, please enlighten me!


Tony said "...Why does the issue of guns always boil down to 'we'll have them or they'll take them away.' "

It boils down to that because we are circumspect. Look around the world.
The same methods has been used to remove guns all around the world(well except for the Communists who just make a pronouncement.)

Gun legislation only goes one way - towards more restrictions. You dont compromise with someone who would like to restrict you - you say "no."

Steve S

I agree with Tony. With the economy is shambles, Iraq one giant mistake, Galveston destroyed, New Orleans still being rebuilt, A housing Crisis, Afghanistan getting worse, Russia getting all trigger happy, Iran talking hate, do you really think a politician ( obama ) is really going to worry about that? There is so much damage to repair from the last 8 years, I guarantee "taking your guns" is the least of his concern. If you're voting on that one issue, you need your head checked.


They don't have to "take your guns away". The government can tax or ban ammunition and reloading supplies and require a license to buy or possess a weapon. Obama believes you have a Constitutional right to a tax payer funded partial birth abortion, but no right to own a gun.


Hate to write this, but McCain said something that froze my blood.

"60 Minutes” Sunday evening, McCain, said "this may sound a little unusual," but he would like to replace Cox with Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic attorney general of New York. McCain’s rationale is Cuomo has "respect" and "prestige" and could "lend some bipartisanship."

Pro-Gunners have been warned on SCOUS.


Steve S.
While the war might have been a mistake, it was extremely popular at the onset. We're winning that war now, and that will do a lot for stability in that region. Afganistan is certainly a tough nut to crack but we're a lot further ahead than the Russians ever were. In either case, surrender is not an option!
You cited New Orleans and Galveston. Do you really believe that Obama, as POTUS, will outlaw hurricanes? I guess I've got to use that word "naive" again.
As for housing, ninety plus per cent of Americans are paying their mortgages on time. Ninety-four per cent of Americans are working. The Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae situation was begun in the Clinton Era when the gov't mandated that lenders give mortgages to "disadvantaged folks" In other words, people who couldn't pay them back. BHO is very close to several of the people who were involved in that train wreck. Do the names Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson ring a bell? Raines took 90 million, Johnson took 25 million. These are the guys that BHO will use to solve the problems!
If I were a one-issue voter, trying to find a reason to vote for Obama, I'd be stumped!


I have been to Castlewood,VA on several occasions and the current democratic ticket has about as much chance in that town as a snowball in hell. Also thats more of a Stevens 311 town than a beretta o/u.

Steve S


I didn't say the Hurricane's were anyone's fault. Don't put words in my mouth. I'm simply saying there are a lot bigger fish to fry then outlawing certain types of ammo, or making people get a gun license.

Does the Keating 5 ring a bell? McCain ain't no saint either.

Jason Norris

Would Biden have said that if he had a Benelli or a 11-87.

Bernie Kuntz

Joe Biden, the late Abner Mikva, and the late Sen. Dodd (Chris Dodd's father) were among the "who's who" of anti-gun legislators in the 1970s. My memory is good, so don't let Biden B.S. you. He is anti-gun to the core.

Doesn't it make you want to puke down the front of your shirt when you get these anti-gunners like Biden, Hillary or Kerry putting on the "hunter act"? They suddenly start dropping their "g"s and oh, yes, their fathers all took them hunting and shooting, and they are "old hands" with firearms. More B.S. That is one point I'll have to concede to Obama--at least he hasn't tried to come across as a hunter. Dave had it right--Hillary talks like Grandma Moses when the subject comes to guns and shooting. It makes me lurch for my barf bucket.


Did you read the headlines today, Obama is scaling back his socalistic plans, blaming the Wall St. bailout, but it sounds like to me that someone finally told him his numbers don't add up. He is totaly overwelmed and under qualified to deal with international issues, so of course he going to focus on protecting us from ourselves, that is what he does best. So he might not take away your guns next year, but he will push to raise taxes on ammo, guns and hunting permits, tags etc.Then they wiil ban lead, large clips, "assault weapons",etc. the schools will continue to inducrinate children against hunting until we will die out.


forgot to spell check before posting, very sorry.

Mr. X

Cheney's gun accident was at a quail plantation north of Tallahassee, FL. Or at least that is what the man on the grassy knoll told me.


There are distinctions of class here, guys. To this day, even a liberal can get away with donning tweeds, lighting his Meerschaum pipe, putting on his deerstalker, taking up his Purdey, and downing a few quail over pointers. Hey, it's European, it's cultured, and it's too expensive for 99% of us. When I see Biden wearing a T-shirt and shooting an AR or a S&W model 29, I'll believe he's on our side.

Tony: I remember when you could buy guns by mail. I remember when Sears sold rifles and shotguns. I remember when every hardware store sold guns and ammo. I remember when shooting was a Boy Scout merit badge. Lest this all terrify you, I also remember when it was a whole lot safer to walk the streets than it is today. Never believe that they won't get your guns if you let them.

tsov tom


Mess with Texas all you want, but lay off Wildoming! Our kids way out here play football under the Friday night lights on "Cheney Alumni Field." And Dick tips his fishing guides on the Snake very, very well.

Happy Myles


I remember when you could sell your muskrat, coyote, and bobcat pelts through Sears or Monkey Ward, I can"t remember which. Then read the catalog while freezing in the outhouse. As my Great, Grandfather a nefarious frontiersman and an eclectic horse thief used to say "if politicians were not a necessay evil there'd be a bounty on em".

Happy Myles

That should have been necessary not necessay. Always said if I could read or write, I would have had a legitimate job.


His "little over-and-under...?" There's nothing little about over-and-unders, unless he took a hacksaw to one. In which case, that would make him a felon in possession of a sawed-off shotgun.


I remember when at my expensive English Boarding school a friend of mine stole his father’s shotgun and some shells and brought them to school and started pointing it around the gym at folks. My Mate’s dad was a local Politician and he did not receive any punishment. The Government only allowed farmers and/or rural folks with livestock gun permits in those days and everything had to be locked up in different rooms/safes. The Moral of this story is: don't think for one second that can't happen here. All these guys want is to bring the same crap European philosophies I grew up with into this country. They are afraid of and don’t understand you hence “Hanging on Guns and Religion” comments that they spew out in their dinner parties. England was my birthplace and I miss it sometimes but God Bless America and the NRA. $35 a year is so little to protect the freedoms I was wasn't born with.



Check out this site:
someone has supposedly developed a primer that "utilizes an explosive that can be designed to
become inactive in a predetermined period of time: a limited-life primer."

Anyone else heard of this? Is this for real?
Supposedly this has been patented, if it's for real I wonder how long it will be until all us civilians have to use them?
Any info Dave???

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