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September 03, 2008

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More on Sarah Palin, Moose Hunting, and Other Stuff

Pregnancy seems to be a big issue right now, so I would like to state the following for the record:

For all I care, the Palins can breed like rock rabbits and Sarah will still have my vote.

No one quizzed Chelsea Clinton about her reproductive plans when her mom was in the race. How come?

I am not pregnant. Phil Bourjaily is not pregnant (at least, I assume so. We haven't talked in a while.)

As far as I'm concerned, Sarah Palin has only one flaw; she has a worse speaking voice than the aforementioned Hillary, and the tame ravens at the Yellowknife (NT) airport have more mellifluous speaking voices than Senator Clinton.


The media, in its condescending coverage of Sarah Palin's moose hunting, don't give her the credit that she is due. Turning a moose into mooseburger is not like whipping up a souffle. Shooting it is the easy part; getting it out of the bog requires more fortitude than standing up to Vladimir Putin. Actually, field-dressing a moose takes three people: one to do the actual hacking and slashing, one to push, shove, and hold legs, and one to stand there with a serious rifle waiting for a bear to show up. Then you get to packing it out, which takes yet another two people unless one of you is Clark Kent.


And speaking of manhandling moose meat, a while back someone asked about pack frames. The best one I've seen was the one I took to Alaska to pack out my moose--the Bighorn Pack Frame made by Wilderness Pack Specialties. It's made of some kind of super-strong polycarbonate, has an excellent suspension system, and is rated to carry 120 pounds. The price is $139 from Schnees.com.


I would like to add a heartfelt amen to Phil Bourjaily's report on the Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company. It is truly a place of wonders. I think the nicest gun they make is their A.H. Fox reproduction, which is probably better than the original. Also, their wood room requires a whole new set of adjectives to describe. Grown men emerge from it weeping and struck dumb, and some have actually soiled themselves.


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Hello Clay and Mike, been a while since I blogged with you guys missed it its alot of fun. A Woman that has a family such as hers(which pretty much seems to be the AMERICAN way)and hunts and fishes, damn thats just about enough for me! When she get in up on the hill it will screw her life up. Cant kill a moose in D.C. LOL.


Greg; the VP doesn't stay in D.C. all the time. The present V.P. had time to shoot his quail hunting partner. As D.E.P. already said, SCARY.

O Garcia

I didn't find anything wrong with Sarah Palin's voice. I think she looks nice, too. (And so do her daughters - OMG, I will be damned to hell!)

She's the Republican "rock star."

As has been noted by the media, Palin can continue with her speech even if the teleprompter goes past. She can ad lib, while the Dems' rock star (Obama) cannot.

Obama has a great voice, and he sounds, and looks right when making a "prepared" speech, reading the teleprompter. Has anybody in the starstruck media actually listened to him or watched him when he's answering interviews? when he hasn't had time to pre-read the questions?

Has anybody ever heard Obama answer an 'impromptu' question? make an 'impromptu' speech? is he still eloquent?

He's a phony, IMO.


Sounds like old Sally Lou would fit right in the Bush White House.


Dr. Ralph

Wow Gman, that Anne's one jealous small town loser... amazing that she didn't mention Sarah has the highest approval rating of any Governor in America. And I'm sure no one in Chicago has a bad word to say about the Obamessiah.

Mr. Creosote

Can you guys not see the obvious? Forget all the debate about Sarah Palin will do this and Sarah Palin won't do that.

Instead, you should be asking yourself "Who IS Sarah Palin?"

Is she truly the female governor of Alaska and John McCain's running mate, or is she a really funny British dude who looks good in drag?

FACT: Sarah Palin shares the same last name with Michael Palin of Monty Python fame.

FACT: Of all the Python members who portrayed female characters, only Michael Palin's were truly "womanly."

FACT: Some of Sarah Palin's earlier photographs showing her with short hair bear a striking resemblance to Michael Palin publicity stills of the same era.

FACT: "Sarah Palin" or whoever she is, is the governor of Alaska.

FACT: Alaska has lots of lumberjacks.

FACT: Michael Palin sang the Lumberjack song.

Coincidence? I think not.

I think we as a nation need to take a good, long look at "Sarah Palin" before we wake up on November 5, 2008 to find our Vice-President Elect fish-dancing through the Rose Garden.


Sarah looking very hot!http://nimbusters.org/forum/forum.php?board=8

Dr. Ralph

I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK, I sleep all night and I work all day. Good detective work Creosote... Now I finally understand the "I cut down trees I wear high heels, suspenders and a bra" lyric!

Where you been Buddy/HAIRY? I was beginning to think you didn't like us anymore.


I hunted in Alaska last october for caribou and anyone who wants to shoot a moose in the tundra or bogy bottoms and get the meat out is tough! Caribou was hard enough.
I'd be more dissapointed in her if she hadn't tried to get that trooper fired, He admits to illegaly shooting a moose while a wildlife officer, but claims he didn't know it was wrong. What? and he didn't get throwed out then, and the department concluded he was drinking on duty and he only got 5 day susspension. She should be praised for firing the commissioner if that kind of abuses were being tollorated. As for her daughter, what is she supposed to do lock her in a closet at least she is not hiding her, she is standing by her durring a difficult situation, I'm very sure she wishes it didn't happen, but I think she is handling it correctly.
By the way, I liked her voice fine.


All because someone can haul a moose out of the backcountry does not make this person (man or woman) presidential timber. Nor should being an NRA member grant an individual a vote automatically.

A person that talks about book banning,no sex ed,supporting the bridge to no where (and taking the money even when it was eliminated) is no hero to the American citizen. Although she supports the second admendmant, I see signs that she would toss out the first at a whim. There is also an air of croneyism that is disconcerting at best.

I fear that both sides are dangerously incompetant. Neither side is to be trusted. EVER.


Macain made a great choose for VP. i aready wanted him to win and i hope this will convince otheres to vote for him and not THE ANTI-CHRIST OBAMA


As for the last 8 yrs under Bush, it seems to me the economy didn't go south until the Dumbocrats(thanks Ralph) took over Congress.

If I recall also, Clintons economy didn't do so well until Mr. Newt and the boys took over.

Fact is, when it comes to the economy it is EASIER for the President and Congress to mess it up than help it. It's the hardworking American people who actually make it work. When the lawmakers pander to a special interest be that a particular industry or to the handout crowd they screw up everytime. Such as opening up credit to risky or unqualified individuals, hence a CREDIT CRISIS. We would do better to actually teach young people how to balance a checkbook instead of applying for PELL GRANTS and mortgages they cannot pay.

Walt Smith

Buckstopper, I totaly agree with your statement, BRAVO!. I cannot believe that any AMERICAN democrat or republican could possibly fathom the thought of voting for obama when the man refuses to say the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, or sing the STAR SPANGLED BANNER!! And to top that off his wife states to the decomacratic convention that "for the first time in my life I love my country". ARRRGHHH!!! How can you vote for people who don't love our country? How did they even make it to where they are feeling that way and who helped them get there?? Thank GOD for John McCain and Sara Palin!! COUNTRY FIRST!!!


Buckstopper, you said it "when a lawmaker panders to a special interest be that a particular industry or handout crowd they screw up every time". I can also see the same thing happening when people vote for a president because they pander specifically to one thing [i.e. 2A] we're going to elect the wrong person every time and "screw it up".


I don't understand how the media can attack the 17 year old daughter. David Letterman attacked her, yet he has a child outside of marriage. At least the 17 year old is getting married to the baby's father! But I guess it's okay for him because he's a Dem. Do as I say and not as I do.

Clinton was banging interns in the Oval Office, and Obama was conceived out of wedlock. I think all of these hypocritical Liberals need to back off, because it's going to come back to bite them.

Rob in Minnesota

Is there even any evidence that Palin ever shot a moose, or even shot at a moose? For that matter, has she ever hunted apart from a political photo-op? From what I can tell, there's no verification. It seems like people just want a new Teddy Roosevelt (in high heels), they don't care if the reality matches up with the rhetoric.


Walt Smith-

Where are you from? Because apparently the news is a bit delayed. Those "doesn't say the pledge' crap has been proven to be false.

See video...of Barack saying the pledge:

And " how did they even make it to where they are feeling that way..."

They got to where they are because those aren't true. Its mind bogglling how slow so many Americans can be.

Get your facts straight, and then make a decision.

Don't just follow like a mindless sheep.

Freaking Amazing...


Adding fuel to the fire; Obama's muslim faith interview:



The Pledge of Allegiance is pure theater.

Defending an unpopular cause or person because it's a Constitutional right is another.

Give me a public defender over a Plegde freak any day.

Dr. Ralph

Primitive... no coherent thought process involved, and one would think anyone that makes money writing leftwingsocialist propaganda would at least know how to spell and use proper capitalization. But then again I'm sure your usual audience doesn't notice.

Dr. Ralph

Here's your hero spindoctor Gman... how good are you? Punch my name and start explaining.


You're really grasping at straws now, Ralphie boy, harping on a typo. I actually started to do it in ALL CAPS to pay homage to Walt Smith, but it wasn't worth the effort.

BTW, my audience is a global community of electrical engineers, mostly the guys doing theoretical networking research, so they do notice typos; they're a far tougher audience than the bozos who haven't done their follow-ups on Sally Lou Palin and her false "reforms" up in Alaska. She's just another Republican roundheel, suckling at the Federal trough. You really have to lighten up and stop taking all this stuff so seriously. You'll have a coronary before deer season.

I wouldn't punch your name or your nose; for all I know, you're Buddy Hinton and you want to show me a disgusting picture. I'm a peaceful man, like Gary Cooper in High Noon.

Scott, after reading your post, you would probably be mad at me because my best friend shoots a .270 but you like a 7MM....

Dr. Ralph

Are you scared? My name was a link to Osama I mean Obama talking about his Muslim faith... ooooops (I think he meant Christian). Freudian slip?

Joe Ray

Before everyone gets too carried away, could we find out a little more about Sarah's moose hunting experience. A moose hunter hunts every season as much as he possibly can. How many times has Sarah gone moose hunting? How many shots has she taken and how many moose has she killed? Did she gut it and quarter it herself?
Going moose hunting once does not make one a moose hunter just as fishing once does not make one a fisherman.
Lets get the whole story before we fall all over the VP candidate.

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