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September 03, 2008

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More on Sarah Palin, Moose Hunting, and Other Stuff

Pregnancy seems to be a big issue right now, so I would like to state the following for the record:

For all I care, the Palins can breed like rock rabbits and Sarah will still have my vote.

No one quizzed Chelsea Clinton about her reproductive plans when her mom was in the race. How come?

I am not pregnant. Phil Bourjaily is not pregnant (at least, I assume so. We haven't talked in a while.)

As far as I'm concerned, Sarah Palin has only one flaw; she has a worse speaking voice than the aforementioned Hillary, and the tame ravens at the Yellowknife (NT) airport have more mellifluous speaking voices than Senator Clinton.


The media, in its condescending coverage of Sarah Palin's moose hunting, don't give her the credit that she is due. Turning a moose into mooseburger is not like whipping up a souffle. Shooting it is the easy part; getting it out of the bog requires more fortitude than standing up to Vladimir Putin. Actually, field-dressing a moose takes three people: one to do the actual hacking and slashing, one to push, shove, and hold legs, and one to stand there with a serious rifle waiting for a bear to show up. Then you get to packing it out, which takes yet another two people unless one of you is Clark Kent.


And speaking of manhandling moose meat, a while back someone asked about pack frames. The best one I've seen was the one I took to Alaska to pack out my moose--the Bighorn Pack Frame made by Wilderness Pack Specialties. It's made of some kind of super-strong polycarbonate, has an excellent suspension system, and is rated to carry 120 pounds. The price is $139 from Schnees.com.


I would like to add a heartfelt amen to Phil Bourjaily's report on the Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company. It is truly a place of wonders. I think the nicest gun they make is their A.H. Fox reproduction, which is probably better than the original. Also, their wood room requires a whole new set of adjectives to describe. Grown men emerge from it weeping and struck dumb, and some have actually soiled themselves.


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Dr. Ralph

Obama's already reverting to Chicagoland Gangsta tactics... he must be scared too! Called Sarah a "pig with lipstick" and now he's making up excuses which the leftwing media is eating up like a pile of $hit and pretending to like it.


Hey Dr. Ralph-

Click this link and then explain why its ok for McCain to use the phrase, but Obama can't? Seriously...please explain this to me....i'm all liberal and stupid and stuff....


Seriously, where are you people from? Do you just blindly follow what people tell you?

It's freaking mind boggling!

Dr. Ralph

It's just fun to watch a black man justify an allegedly sexist remark... if the President can use sexist remarks can we use racist remarks? Where are the boundaries now?

Besides... everyone knows who the pigs in lipstick are. Lets make a list, shall we? Rosie O'Donnell has to be tops. Barbra, Oprah, Hillary and I'm not even trying.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

Hopefully that Palin will be our next VP and I can get a Freebie Moose hunt from her, maybe she will even guide me, as the guy in the WH now would not know a Moose from a Roadrunner. Talk of change, it will be chagne if OBAMA get to be Pres. It's sad to know what we did to the Indians who owned this land we now claim, and how we have let two other races take control of us. Come Jan. 20, will be a day that History will well remember. Kinda like Dewey did when Truman was sworn in. I yet contend that the persons running for Pres. and VP should come from each's convention and forget the Damn Electroal College and Supreme Court. Let the person with the most votes be elected, after each convention, as well as the VP. We need a new 3rd party in the running, as we have gotten away from the basics. Gonnna vote this year? Not me, I will not give up a day of hunting in the Bitteroots and buy 5dollar gas to go vote for the crumbs running.. One last, OBAMA has wished a zillion times he had chosen Hillary as his running mate. But the Hillary supporters are not all gonna move over to McCain and Palin, but enough that he wins. Nothing more stubburn that a Afro-Amer. and thats a Flop-eared mule, as I had the AA for a Neighbor and I plowed the farm with a MULE.Time to bring out the peace pipe.

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