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September 18, 2008

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City Park Gun Ban Struck Down in Ohio

Editor's Note: As the apocalypse looms and we all draw nearer to the edge of The Pit, here's a little bit of good news, and our thanks to blog regular "Jack" for sending it. --DP

David -
BIG NEWS in Ohio this morning.

Ohio Supreme Court strikes down gun ban in city parks. This is a great victory.

This case originated about 40 miles from my home.  The village of Clyde Ohio had passed an ordinance banning dangerous weapons in city parks after Ohio's state legislature adopted our concealed carry law.  The concealed carry law in Ohio included an explicit list of where weapons could be banned in Ohio.  Public parks were not on that list, but cities like Clyde, Toledo and others went ahead and banned them.

The Supreme Court of Ohio said Ohioans For Concealed Carry are correct in their assertions - government may not ban guns in parks.



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Jim in Mo.

Good news, around here there's plenty of banning also but I figure if its concealed then nobody's the wiser. I go by the old saying 'I'd rather be caught with one than without one'.



Now if only NYC would get its act together...


My favorite variation is," I would rather explain my actions to a judge than St. Peter".....

james ti

can you hear the china breaking at the dems headquarters?
what the...........!!!!! someone call barrack and tell him to get his sh*t together!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim in Mo.

james ti,
no the 5 incher to big. 3 inch max for concealed.

Walt Smith

I'd rather have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Yeah its straight out of Preadator 3 , but I like the saying because the gal that said it reminds me of Condelezza Rice, another lady who would have been a good Vice President for John McCain

james ti

gotcha. going to look at a .22 mag revolver for my girl. short barrel and no muzzle rise. 8 shot, da/sa. good concealed carry. just don't have any but know where to get one.

its better t be judged by 12 then carried by 6.


Off topic but no doubt of interest to most of you: Check out the bear attack and result at www.codyenterprise.com, you will see it on the first screen for about 3 days. This is what I was talking about a few weeks ago on this blog. Oddly enough it is also the same drainage my son and I plan on elk hunting in the third week of October. I have hunted the area for over twenty years and never had a close bear encounter there. Ce la vie...


Here is the link to the latest bear attack.


retired waycar rider

My ruger 101--3inch barrel--go everywhere with me---out of sight --out of mind---works for me--regular range work and Hornady's 38 cal. 125 GR. HP/XTP do it for me.



Central Park will be a landfill before NYC has any reasonable gun laws. In NYC to get a 'carry' you need to be ex-lawenforcement, very rich, some kinda security professional,'connected', or have GREAT political connections. The rest need to just prepare to 'take the pipe' .

semp (once from NY)


Always amazed at the how the phrase "shall not be infringed" causes so much confusion. I guess the time will never come when the idiot socialist left will never realize its the criminals they need to worry about, not the law abiding citizen.

Jim in Mo.

Did you notice the very first post in response to the bear attack actually worried more about the bears life than the humans? "If he would have just played dead it might have saved the bears life." Posted by 'justthinkaboutit'.
Oh my God.



Thank you for the hat tip. The glory belongs to a Mr. Bruce Beatty, the original Plaintiff in the suit. He is a retired USAF Sergeant who has organized "Pistol Packin' Picnics" in city parks as a means of forcing the issue into the Courts. He is to commended for putting his money and reputation out there for all of us. He subjected himself to arrest, ridicule and a heap or two of scorn. It took two years of legal wrangling, with setbacks along the way, but he prevailed and all Ohioans are the better for it. Beatty is a patriot.

I'm in school right now

Yes the win is awesome, but what is even more awesome is proof that the supreme court knows what they're talking about. maybe they can beat obama/mccain into shape...........


james ti

it's been said many times here but the next pres gets at least two, if not three or more pics for judges. obama would love that!



Thanks for the link to the bear story! I love it when against all odds men of strength pull through!

My favorite bear story of all time was in one of the hunting mags a few years ago. An older gentleman had to take on a Grizzly with just his skinning knife. By "Round 10" the bear had the knife stuck in its neck and the man was near death and bleeding out. The bear charged once more and with nothing left but fists the hunter took a last and desperate swing. The force of the blow caused the knife to severe the spinal cord and the griz dropped dead! The hunter barely survived but was saved and eventually recovered through the heroic efforts of his friends, family, outfitter, etc. who got him to medical help -- no small feat in itself.

With passion and enthusiasm I read the story at the dinner table only to look up and have my wife dead pan, "and I'm supposed to be excited about you bear hunting?"

Dr. Ralph

james ti get your girlfriend a Lady Smith .38 special. That's what my wife carries. It's so light she'll never know it's there until she needs it. Plus a .22 will just piss most people off... A cop in my home town was writing a guy a ticket and he had just robbed a bank. The dude was sitting in the police car right beside the cop and shot him six times in the face with a .22 point blank range, got out and started walking back to his car. The cop who was a good 6'3" and 250 fell out of his car door and shot and killed the perp with one shot from a .357 Mag. This cop is now sheriff and with the scars all over his face could ugly you to death... nobody even thinks about messing with him now.


Jim in Mo:
Obviously "Justthinkaboutit" has never ever been in any situation like the Leming pair. You don't even have time to think about it. The elder Leming is a tough old fart like some of us and did what he had to do to save his son. Ron would have done the same for his dad.
I remember reading the same story you refered to and believe that the guy actually had a folding Buck skinning knife.
There will be no doubt be more bear stories this hunting season. Sure hope I am not personally a part of any of them.


George Soros,(who jerks Obama's puppet strings) Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, and a host of others just pissed down both legs....
Maybe people are starting to wake up.


We can only hope that the masses are starting to realize that giving up your best means of defense to protect yourself from violent and deadly attacks does not stop those attacks from happening.

I carry a 1911A1 almost everywhere, also have a 380 and a 25 loaded with Glasers (sp?) for when I need easier to conceal weaponry. Never had to draw on a person yet but if I ever need it it's there. Have dispatched a couple of skunks, rats, a deer I hit with the truck, and a few other assorted critters but no 2 legged varmints!

Pray and vote for McCain to win this election or I'm afraid the house to house searches will be starting soon after!

Bernie Kuntz

I just read the interviews of Obama and McCain in the new Field & Stream. Obama danced like a ballerina, and the interviewer was very easy on him. Interestingly, there were two full-page ads in the same issue, one paid for by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, pointing to Obama's anti-gun voting record and urging readers not to vote for him.

It astonishes me that I still see letters-to-the-editor from supposed hunters, supporting Obama. One moron recently wrote in a local paper that Obama would be "better for access." What?! Obama is a big city boy and probably doesn't even know what the term means. (I am trying to envision Barack Obama or one of his lackeys coming out to Montana and knocking on doors to gain access for this guy.)

In any case, Obama's voting record on Second Amendment issues stands as is, and it is abysmal.

Vote for Obama if you wish, but don't try to blow smoke up my ass that he is pro-Second Amendment!


I understand that Barack's recent trip to Billings was rather unimpressive to anyone who has at least enough brain cells to create any amount of reasonable thought process. Of course some liberals there are greatly in favor of him and appear to not even be knowledgeable enough to accurately verbalize the cause for their stand on this "empty suit" candidate.
Next weekend Obama and McCain will debate at by alma mater, Ole Miss", in Oxford. That should tie up several channels on DISH with each group of commentators telling us what we just heard. I think I will just continue my elk hunting rather than fight the traffic in Oxford to visit my relatives and friends next week.

Bernie Kuntz


Barack Obama had several "love-fests" here and is very popular in Missoula, Helena and Bozeman. Our brain-dead Governor, Brian Schweitzer said, "He (Obama) ain't gonna take your guns!" None of these Democrats wishes to admit to the insidious legislation championed by Democrats that is designed to chip away at the Second Amendment. Go back to the Clinton Adminstration as an example--onerous anti-gun legislation was on the table every three months during that administration. Remember Andrew Cuomo, head of Clinton's HUD? He tried to ban firearms ownership in federal housing! People forget this and they should not.

Good luck with your elk hunting. Arthritis is keeping me in the house this fall for the first time since 1971--my last year in the Marine Corps. It breaks my heart.

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