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August 29, 2008

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Petzal on Palin: Who Thought McCain was That Smart?

Governor Palin is almost too good to be true. She is a lifelong hunter, a Life Member of the NRA, a dedicated jock, mother of a soldier who will be deployed to Iraq next month, a person who actually knows something about oil exploration, and perhaps most important, an Alaska Republican who is serious about honesty in public office. The odds on finding one of these are about the same as finding an honest Democratic politician from New Jersey. Her only drawback seems to be her background in journalism, but then no one is perfect.

I know very few people, including Repubicans, who are enthusiastic about John McCain. He seems to be tolerated only as an alternative to Obama*, who is intolerable to gun owners. There I was, prepared to hold back my rising gorge and vote for Old John M. and whatever lame hack he selected as Veep, and here he comes up with someone that I can actually be enthusiastic about from any number of standpoints, never mind guns and hunting. I wish Senator McCain and Governor Palin all success.

*About last night’s speech: I didn’t watch it. I have been leery of speeches since I watched John F. Kennedy’s inaugural in January 1961, when he promised that we would pay any cost, bear any burden, and oppose any foe in the defense of freedom. What we got was Vietnam.  The only truly prophetic part of the Inaugural was when the lectern caught on fire; there was a sign if ever there was one. Speeches are theatre, nothing more. Perhaps the only honest one in history was Lincoln’s Second Inaugural, in which he said, essentially, “You wanted a war and you got it. How do you like it?”


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I was for McCain before but with the pick of Palin I am now excited. Yes she is good looking, but what is more sexy is how tough and smart she is. She also has the feel of a real person, someone you might meet on a caribou hunt in the arctic. I aplaud her for sharing the outdoors with her children and for standing by her pregnant daughter. Some seem to think she should hide her in a closet. As for oil drilling, go to alaska, it is still a beautiful area, caribou calve near the pipeline, We can drill without destroying our hunting lands. This is especially true in alaska, The refuges and wilderness is huge and if done right oil drilling will leave a very small footprint.
Go McCain / Palin!!!!!

Del in KS

Nobama has been running for weeks and spent many millions of $ to get to this point. In six days Sara Palin has achieved as much fame as he has. Next look for Joe Biden to get the boot and Hill'ry or some other lefty to get the call. Latest polls had a dead heat. After tonights speech look for McCain/Palin to take the lead

Steven R. Johnson

Great comments, Dave. I did listen to her and teared up, I was inspired. It was good hearing someone with some sense and some dedication to what a leader should be concerned about in this day and time. I think she's got their attention! Hope all is going well. Still fishing? Nice talking with you!

calvin cole

You aren't the gun nut you are just a nut!!!

Micheal May

I saw a news program about this woman an easy 3 months ago and was impressed and it had nothing but great things to say about her. What nobody knew was that she would end up as McCain's VP pick. Now the media is trying to smear her. Although her name had been on the list the know-it-alls discounted her and now are angry. She absolutely has made more executive decisions than Obama which equates into more experience. A thumbs up for Mac!

Bill Specht

McCann is too old. Period. End of story. I have many friends over 70. Not one of them thinks a contemporary should be President. Secondly, Republicans are what is wrong with this country. Family values my rear. If you are going to continue to have kids into your 40's the least you can do is stay home with them a few years. Palin has been so busy running her little town and Alaska she forgot to instill some morals into he own children. And don't give me that crap that her preganant 17 year old is not to be discussed. I haven't even touched on her pro-life, pro-oil stance. Get with the program--OIL is not the future.


So, if McCain gets elected, since he is against equal pay for equal work for women, does that mean that Caribo Barbie gets half the veep pay?

Dr. Ralph

The Democrat controlled congress is currently sporting a 9% approval rating... nice. Sarah Palin had 58% before her speech. Higher than any other elected official. Wonder what Caribou Barbie is rated at today?


YooperBill, at last you said something I can agree with. "Typically Democrats have tproblems qualifying people." True, we tend to see people as individuals rather that how you do as "blacks" and "whites." I think the description I heard of republicans I heard a long time ago is still true. A republican is someone who enjoys his dinner just a little more if he knows that somewhere, someone is starving to death.


I sure would like to see your source that shows McCain is against equal pay for women. It's easy to throw around that kind of garbage without backing it up.

Dr. Ralph

A liberal is someone who is for killing babies but against killing terrorists. Save children, abort Liberals. Everyone who is for abortion is glad their mother was not.




I'm what many of you would describe as an urban liberal...hope you'll keep reading anyway.

Gangs are an ugly fact of life in the cities and reasonable gun ownership restrictions are a sensible policy to help deal with this serious problem.
That doesn't mean we have an agenda to compromise the legitimate rights of hunters from small towns.

I think Sarah Palin and the GOP would like to polarize the urban and rural voters and make it seem that they don't stand on common ground concerning serious issues that are equally important to rural and urban dwellers:

1) The economy, which hasn't done well under GOP stewardship
2) Affordable health care
3) Affordable college educational opportunities for those who wish to pursue an education

These are just a few issues that are equally important to urban and rural folk. Issues that might trump gun ownership, abortion & other religious agendas.

Sarah Palin and the GOP are hoping the public will be distracted by her "reality show" and hoping voters will begin to ask, "will Bristol and Levi be happy together?"

Unless you're a multi-millionaire, the GOP policies are not designed to help out the average working person.

The recent GOP convention theme was "Country First." John McCain has served his country in a most patriotic way. His patriotism seems to be the main thrust or rationale for why the GOP believes he should be President.

I hate to burst anyone's bubble, but it is also true that John McCain has hired the Karl Rove stable of political operatives to run his campaign. Why is that wrong or un-patriotic?
I seem to recall that it was Rove's politically inspired strategy to out CIA undercover agent Valerie Plame. Not only is that not putting "Country First" but it is treasonous.

Shame on McCain for handing over his election campaign strategy to the Rove shop.

While McCain hires treasonous political operatives to run his campaign, they try to portray Obama as unpatriotic and as lacking substance because they claim Obama is merely symbolic.

It seems to me McCain is practicing symbolism by choosing Palin (a woman who most women won't vote for) to take on the role of Ann Coulter.

Return to the issues that will have most impact on you and your family's well-being (economy, health care, educational opportunity) and it becomes clear that although Obama can't guarantee success, his chances of making a positive difference in your life are much better than McCain / Palin.

He's not trying to distract you by creating divisive issues between urban and rural folk.

Ed J

Valerie Plaume is/was not an under cover agent. She was an anaylist working in the CIA office. that is why that goes no place.

What do you Steve, define the words 'reasonable' and "sensible'? Let's hear your definition.


A religious gun nut. Wow! Palin is just what America needs more of. What is it about America mixing guns and religion? I can't think of any other people who do it ... except Muslims terrorists.

Dr. Ralph

Just think guys, two more months and we might actually be talking hunting. Or not...


Ed J

If Valerie Plame was merely an analyst, which according to you is "why that doesn't go anywhere," then please tell me why Scooter Libby was sentenced to jail for leaking her identity (i.e. "blowing her cover") ??

As for reasonable and sensible gun ownership regulation:

It seams reasonable to me that restricting ownership of attack weapons such as AK 47's is not an infringement on the rights of sensible law abiding sportsmen.

It also seems sensible that stringent background checks should be standard procedure for purchase of guns.

I totally understand that it is good politics for the NRA and their major constituent contributors (gun manufacturers)
to arouse anger & fear among their rank & file members that any attempt to regulate gun ownership is a threat to 2nd Amendment rights.

I have more trouble understanding how any reasonable & sensible law abiding sportsman / sportswoman (Sarah) would object to the limitation of assault weapon ownership and prudent background checks.

On a much larger and more serious scale, the efforts to stop nuclear proliferation and the acquisition of nuclear weapons capability by people like Iran is another form of weapons regulation.
Surely people like Ed J understand that is a "reasonable" and "sensible" policy objective.

Ed J, any need for further explanation or definition of what I consider to be "reasonable" and "sensible?"

Dr. Ralph

Steve, if by "positive difference" you mean taxing the hell out of me to grow Big Brother and give to those who refuse to help themselves I would agree. By the way Ann Coulter's just doing a poor imitation of James Carville. Hussein has less than four years on the national political scene and you think he's ready to become the leader of the free world? Next you'll be telling us Sarah Palin was the operative behind the 911 attacks everyone knows the GOP planned so they could go to Iraq... drink some more of that Commie News Network Kool-Aid.

Dr. Ralph

P.S. Guns aren't for sportsmen... they're to protect against oppressive and intrusive governments.


Read, or re-read Adoph Hiter's proud announcement in 1936 extolling the virtues of how nation wide gun control would make the country a safer and better place.


Iran is not a person it's a nation, led by hate minded individuals. Comparing Iran's nuclear ambitions to someone having an AK-47 shows you lack the ability to reason.

Dr. Ralph

By the way I do have the right to an AK-47 but fees, licenses, and the ability of the BATFE to rip my house apart warrant less anytime they want pretty much is a major roadblock which should not exist. You've been a peasant so long you don't even understand the meaning of freedom.


Well put...Dr Ralph, I'd like to see when exactly our congress shared an approval rating as low as our moron president. (9% as you put it?) When Mccain is roaming the white house halls in his PJs muttering to himself in a few years I could give a **** that our new president likes moose. Are you kidding me? One of the posts above states "I would like to know what caliber rifle she likes the most" That pretty much sums it up for me concerning alot of the readers here. Myself, I'm more concerned about the next president giving tax breaks to American companies sending jobs oversees.


I guess I'm surprized that more sportsman don't see the connection between the maintance of habitat vs. those who aim to exploit and destroy it. Afterall, what is more conservative that conservation? Without habitat there are no fish to fish or game to hunt. In Colorado, Trout Unlimited and other sporting groups have become increasingly active in suing (succesfully) the Bush administration to obey the law and prevent the unlawful destruction of habitat. The entire State is fighting to prevent gas drilling on the Roan Plateau. But the greed of the extraction industries has no bounds and they will resort to any means to dig, drill, or deforrest anywhere they want. It's no surprize that Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska is charged of bribery from the oil industry. These guys are on the take, yet portray themselves as "conservative" and "friends of sportsman" while selling our national resources to the highest bidder.
We're talking about protecting a small fraction of land that remains wild. There is more than enough available land to drill. No one is "locking up" anything. Once the habitat is gone, it's gone forever.


Hey Dr Ralph, How do you figure that liberals are against killing terrorists? Obama, for instance, is for sending troops to Afganistan, and getting the terrorists responsible for 9/11. A conservative, Bush, is for having a war in Iraq, to take the focus off Afganistan, so he can get Sadam and show mommy he's a better man than his dad. There's a complex named for this type of behavior.

And anyway, I thought conservatives were for less government not more, smaller government, not bigger. But we have a administration making excuses to tap our phones and invade a woman's body. Doesn't make sense.

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