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August 19, 2008

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Bourjaily: Go USA!

Can we have a Gun Nut “U.S.A! U.S.A!” please?

Alaskan Corey Cogdell, 21, and competing in her first Olympics, won a four-way shootout to capture a bronze medal in trap in Beijing. Then she told interviewers that moose hunting with her dad helped her win the medal. How great is that?


I met Cogdell briefly at SHOT Show in Las Vegas this year. Like every member of USA shooting I’ve met, she is clean-cut, well-spoken and a fine ambassador for both the United States and the shooting sports. So, congratulations, Corey.

Incidentally, the gold went to Finnish shooter Satu Makela-Nummela. No word on whether she hunts, but Finland, like Alaska, is rich in moose.Coincidence or not? You decide.


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Walt: I too have been quized about the differences of the volleyball uniforms. The best explanation I came up with is that the uniforms are a product of the rules and personal preferences. The rules state that a player's name and number must be clearly visible above the waist. The preference part is that they like 'em like that.

james ti

isn't corey codgell still a teen? just wondering as long as everyone is talking about her wearing a bikini. never saw one bit of the shooting sports on the olympics. that's what happens when the networks are afraid of attacks by liberals and bow down to them. by the way, i hear mccain has a lead on obama lately. hmmm.

mr. smith

I'm glad that we can reduce this Olympic conversation to "hot bods" etc. I think there are more than enough outlets for that aspect of life. Wouldn't it be great if people could elevate themselves (no pun intended) to more lofty thoughts when they see champion athlete who is also a pretty girl??


Way to go! And cute, too :)


I'm with all of you responders who are peeved at the Olympics coverage on network TV. According to Wiki, "the Summer Olympics include 28 sports with 38 disciplines and about 300 events". Of what I've seen, NBC has only aired 4 of the 28 sports, (depending on how you count them...)

I say, "Let's hold Dave Petzal responsible for straightening out NBC and getting coverage at least of the shooting and boxing competitions!" Come on Dave, light an Olympic Torch under their rears!!!


I believe an enterprising person with proper motivation can do anything. Let's see if we as a group of like-minded individuals, can come up with an alternative to "PC" coverage for Olympic events. Infiltrate one of the major networks, win hearts and minds, come on you LRRP/Green Beret/FAC guys, I know you can do it! I'm too old and ugly to do it but some of you younger types might!


I really feel blessed . I live in the mitten and can watch the olympics on the CBC. They covered almost all the events. They covered the trap competition and even though I didn't see the referenced event; IT WAS GREAT. CBC covers events that you would NEVER see on NBC.


Blame the Olympic Committee, they give the network the right to cover the Olympics don't they? They could also tell them it's an all or nothing deal, cover ALL of the Olympics or nothing! I'm sure that at least one of the networks would agree to cover all the events to get the contract to cover it! You can't just blame the networks.

Field Dress

Nice to hear someone not afraid to say the "hunt" to the national media. Congrats to all the Olympians.

Bernie Kuntz

I don't know who to blame for the lack of coverage of shooting events in the Olympics, but it irritates the hell out of me. I just returned from a week in Kentucky where I was visiting my daughter, her Army captain husband, and my new grandson. My son-in-law is an athletics fanatic, recorded all the televised Olympic events and we watched them after hours. Not a single damned shooting event!

Yeah, Ms. Cogdell looks like a sweetheart. Makes an old, broken-down fellow wish he were 18 again.

Dr. Ralph

NBC should be ashamed. Do they really think the majority of Americans would rather watch reruns of synchronized diving and gymnastics than boxing and shooting? What happened to the old days when boxing was a premier event? I'd like to see even a little bit of variation but we get the same old little girls and pretty boys every night... obviously the people in charge of entertainment aren't wired the same as you and I.


C'mon guys...the reason NBC doesn't cover the shooting sports is the same reason they didn't cover a lot of the other events...money.

The coverage is based on the most popular events that are viewed by the largest audiences that generate the most advertising revenue.

I watched all the shooting events on NBC's websight, and to be honest, with the exception of the shotgun events, particularly the skeet final, it was boring.

Shortly before the Olympics, Corey was on with Jay Leno which is on what network? Oh that's right, NBC.

I do think however, the women's volleyball bikini bottoms could get a little smaller.

Dr. Ralph

And if I see another subpar Chinese gymnast win a medal after falling on his/her face I will just give up. Talk about home field advantage! This is what the world is facing... children taken from their parents at three and turned into slaves competing against children whose parents mortgaged their house three times to pay for training.

james ti

do the chinese take these 10 or 12 year old girls out and flog them if they lose? i don't even want to hear about them being 16! were there any chinese in the shooting events? do they have guns in china? is there a pattern here?

Jim in Mo.

These are the most PC olympics ever. I have hardly watched.


Does anyone know what happened to Haley Dunn (I think that's the way it's spelled)? I thought she was a champion shooter as well and I also thought she was on the Olympic team but she wasn't in Bejing. Thanks.

Clay Cooper

Mrs. Corey Cogdell reminds me one of my Saturdays at the range for the Holloman AFB High Power Team. We were having team tryouts and they must bring their own 22 rifles and ammo. As the guys were shooting at 50 feet, Mrs. Sandra Warmon was in training session With MSgt. Mike Woodruff shooting 50 meters. All but two of those trying out boasted that they can outshoot this sweet looking teenage girl. None of them even shot even sharpshooter scores at 50 feet yet alone put 40% of the rounds in the black. As for Sandra with a strong cross wind she had a nice dime size group at 50 meters, not 50 feet. Only two made the cut, the ones that didn’t boast! We didn’t care about the ability to shoot. We were looking for those with the ability to learn.

Mrs. Corey Cogdell, “YOUNG LADY GO GETEM!”

“Armed women equals polite men.”
-Charles Curley

Clay Cooper

Speaking of boasting
The other day getting my hunting license, I ran into a clown in the gun section at China-Mart. That’s Wal-Mart for you liberals! The fella bragged that he owned 29 horses! I replied, man that’s a lot of frogs to clean!! He replied, we don’t have frogs out there!!


you guys who are cussing about NBC olympic coverage should probably a) call your cable company and upgrade your service and b) stay up later.


Edward J. Palumbo

I remarked to my wife about my disappointment over not having seen more coverage of the shooting sports or focus on the personalities, as there has been with other sports. She commented that there isn't enough movement or action in the shooting venues to make it interesting to the (non-shooting) public. I wonder, if the Bianchi Steel Challenge was an Olympic event or if it were televised, would that draw an interested audience?


I watched Walton (Glen) Eller shoot sporting clays when he was in his early teens. Even then, you knew you were watching something special. He not only won the gold in double trap but set a new world record doing it. I think it is pathetic that the news and sports stations never mention much less show the shooting events. Must not be politically correct to do so. Congratulations to the United States shooting team. I am the prouod possessor of the world's most expensive shooting shirt. (obtained by donating to the shooting team; money well spent!)

Clay Cooper

I wonder what Mrs. Corey Cogdell is really like on and off the range? During my High Power Competition years, I’ve repeatedly run across 2 National Champions that were different as night and day. One always liked to be right in the middle of us Air Force guys and you wouldn’t know she was a NRA celebrity. Always a pleasure to work with, cool headed and you will learn a lot from her just watching. I remember she was from Tucson AZ. The other Mr. Strange Fellow will always be down on target two, not even say excuse me yet alone say “good morning”.

Dr. Ralph

Punch my name and it will take you to the Olympic shooting sports videos... pretty cool.

Dr. Ralph



Pretty pathetic olympics- synchronized swimming, trampoline, gymnastics, diving, rythmic gymnastics. What a bunch of horse excrement! These non-sports receive a lot more coverage than shooting, wrestling, pentathalon, etc. What is even worse is events like team handball have a lot more coverage with no American presence. Makes me sick...

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