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August 19, 2008

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Bourjaily: Go USA!

Can we have a Gun Nut “U.S.A! U.S.A!” please?

Alaskan Corey Cogdell, 21, and competing in her first Olympics, won a four-way shootout to capture a bronze medal in trap in Beijing. Then she told interviewers that moose hunting with her dad helped her win the medal. How great is that?


I met Cogdell briefly at SHOT Show in Las Vegas this year. Like every member of USA shooting I’ve met, she is clean-cut, well-spoken and a fine ambassador for both the United States and the shooting sports. So, congratulations, Corey.

Incidentally, the gold went to Finnish shooter Satu Makela-Nummela. No word on whether she hunts, but Finland, like Alaska, is rich in moose.Coincidence or not? You decide.


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Chad Love

It sure would be nice to actually watch just a tiny bit of coverage of the shooting/archery sports.
Last night I used up an hour of my life I can never get back watching extensive coverage of the...trampoline competition.

WTF does not even begin to convey how I felt...


It was a great pleasure to see Cory Cogdell do well in the Olympics! Hopefully she will continue to be a great ambassador for the shooting sports and hunting.

I would also like to bring another "quality" young person to light. Vincent "Vinnie" Hancock won his shoot off to bring home a GOLD MEDAL for the USA. Vinnie was the youngest of the "shooting" gold medalists. He won the World championship in 2005 at the age of 16, and was named shooter of the year by the International Shooting Sports Federation, as well as USA Shooting. He finished third in last year's world championship.
Vincent got his start in competative shooting through the 4-H SAFE program. He is a wonderful young man, a small town product and another fine ambassador for shooting sports.

Check out the link below:


Canadian Lurker

Good show Corey. She certainly looks older than 2 though.

Clay Cooper

One word,


I find it interesting that those given the opportunity to hunt and fish at an early age, are the ones that will excel when others will fail. The ability not to win a match and to say they didn’t lose. Instead they see it as a learning experience. I remember a Beauty Pageant last year one of the contestants had fallen off the stage and gracefully picked herself up walked past the judges smiled and said I did that so you will remember me then completed her routine. Believe it or not, she won! The Judges said they wanted a person when things are at their worst; they will be at their best!

The ultimate test of Mettle!


Congrats to Corey and all the Olympic athletes!

BTW, I have to agree with Chad. NBC would rather air a trampoline competition than anything "gun" related? WTF indeed!


Clay Cooper

I wonder whatever became of Sandra Warmon?

Back in 85, I was approved by Colonel Warmon and his teenage daughter Sandra at the Holloman AFB Base Stables. She wanted to learn to shoot and wanted to pursue High Power competition. I had better plans for her so I immediately contacted my friend and hunting partner MSgt Mike Woodruff NRA Shooting Coach and Team Captain for the Air Force Small Bore Team. He also ran a small bore junior shooting program downtown Alamogordo NM. Within a month, Mike and I realized we had a real shooter on our hands. Mike contacted one of the NRA Olympic Coaches in Albuquerque. All this started around April or May of 85 and in June of 86 she was at the Whittington Center in Raton New Mexico for the Olympic tryouts! Back in 95 at the at the NRA convention in Phoenix Arizona, I ran into a friend of mine that I worked with while stationed at Eielson AFB Alaska 86-90, Mr. Randy Pitney director of athletics and recreation at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I found out thru him that Sandra became a mega hit with the NRA shooting community and wanted Sandra so bad that the University was offering a free scholarship and wanted to know if I could twist her arm. I haven’t had any contact with Sandra since May of 86.

It’s interesting going out of our way to give a person the chance to do something later to learn they excelled beyond your own wildest expectations!

I’m interested how Mrs. Corey Cogdell got into shooting sports?

Tom Sorenson

How great is it to see a hunter succeed at the highest level - and then to actually mention her hunting heritage as being what helped her...that's awesome!!


Check out Dave Hurteau's Field Notes blog for more information about Corey. For instance, Clay, how she got into shooting sports.


Mike Diehl

Although you won't hear the MSM carrying on about shooting, let's also remember the following American Olympic shooting medalists:

Matthew Simmons, USA, Mens' 50m Free Rifle (prone), Silver Medal.

Jason Turner, USA, Mens' 10m Air Pistol, Bronze Medal.

Walton Eller, USA, Mens' Double Trap, Gold Medal.

Vincent Hancock, USA, Mens' Skeet, Gold Medal.

Kimberly Rhode, USA, Womens' Skeet, Silver Medal.

And of course the aforementioned
Corey Cogdall, USA, Womens' Trap, Bronze Medal.

Mike Diehl

W/ apologies the 50m Free Rifle Silver Medalist was Matt Emmons not "Simmons."

The Trout Underground

You can stream most of the shooting competitions directly from the NBC Web site. The ability to watch the whole finals beats pretty much anything the networks broadcast in past Olympics.

And I think the shooting sports got about as much coverage as anything else that didn't involve Michael Phelps, beach volleyball, tiny pre-teen gymnasts or a few over-hyped track sprint competitions (imagine the love you'd feel for NBC if you were a sailor).

It's a shame Matt Emmons only gets coverage for his once-every-four-year mistakes. He's a class act, and if he and his wife Katerina practiced a popular sport, they'd be getting airtime up the wazoo.


....Have to go with Chad. I found it disgusting not to see any of the shooting and equesteran events. USA kicked butt in both sports!

These are prime time sports in Europe!!!!

However, I must admit I loved watching the women's beach volley ball competition...especially when the girls reach for those tough ones.

USA Shooting Team #1!!!!!!

coach ike

you guys are all forgetting something.......SHE IS HOT!!!!


Once again, I learned alot on this blog but now I am confused. Should the female shooters wear the same outfits as the beach volleyball players and sprinters?

Anyway, kudos to all the Olympians.


While it would be wonderful for ms. Cogdell to wear a bikini while shooting, I don't think you would want to see some of the other female competitors in that sort of thing. She was by far the best looking one out there shooting! USA shooting ROCKS!!!


While it would be wonderful for ms. Cogdell to wear a bikini while shooting, I don't think you would want to see some of the other female competitors in that sort of thing. She was by far the best looking one out there shooting! USA shooting ROCKS!!!


Sorry for the double post! =(


For all the "admirers" of the lovely and talented Ms. Cogdell out there check out this link to the post 4 optics sight. Scroll down the photo page. Sure is a nice shotgun in that field of Daisies...



Sign me up for Chad's Club. I loved to watch the Olympics growing up because of the variety of sports, some of which you only saw every four years. I can only take so much beach volleyball, gymnastics and swimming, and I passed my threshold days ago. Showing more than 2 rounds of any competition while ignoring others is inexcusable. Please forgive my bigotry but 2 guys doing synchronized dives might be a hit in San Francisco but does not deserve to be in the Olympics. Ditto for trampoline.

Cogdell to wear a bikini while shooting?

That be considered psychological warfare!?

Walt Smith

Why do the girl's volleyball teams wear bikinis while their male counterparts wear long shorts and tanktops instead of speedo swimtrunks?? My wife is pissed off about that one.


Congratulations to all of America's Olympic competitors and especially to those who won in the shooting sports. I know several local trap shooters who could not make the regionals for the Olympic team but yet they reign over our little trap shooting kingdom in the northern Rockies. I can only imagine shooting with Cory Cogdell as a member of our squad.


Rhode and now Cogdell. Beautiful woman who love shooting and hunting. Oh but to be young again.

Bill White , ANSWP Commander

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they shoot moose with shotguns in alaska? man, those alaskans are tougher than I thought!


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